Tuesday 8 August 2017


SCOTS singer Annie Lennox has sent out a cry to help fellow singer Sinead O Connor after watching a video of her having a public breakdown in a US motel.
The Irish songwriter who rose it fame with the hit Nothing Compares To You posted a 12-minute video on her Facebook page tearfully explaining she has been “fighting for her life” and living in a Travelodge motel in New Jersey.
Eurythmics singer Annie has admitted she was distressed by the video and has now appealed to fans to come to Sinead's aid.
In a post on her Facebook she said: "I just watched this truly distressing call for help by Sinead O'Connor, from a motel room in New Jersey, where she says there's no one there to help her, with the exception of a psychiatrist and a doctor.
The Sweet Dreams singer added: "I realise that Sinead has some serious mental health issues, but she appears to be completely out on a limb and I'm concerned for her safety.
Are there no close friends or family who could be with her to give her some loving support? It's terrible to see her in such a vulnerable state."
Sinead sparked a police investigation and search last June after she disappeared after going on a bike ride with friends in Chicago

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