Thursday 19 October 2017


RADIO DJ Suzie McGuire ended up making a real dogs dinner of things after announcing on social media that she was going to appear on Come Dine With Me - and got over 480 messages of congratulations.
The former Clyde 1 presenter's news received hundreds of replies on Facebook and beyond after she announced "Whoop whoop I've just been accepted on Come Dine With Me."
Suzie's post was so popular that a Glasgow evening paper even covered it as a legitimate story.
She also received messages from as far afield as South Africa and Florida asking her when the transmission date was.
But the announcement was a fake - and Suzie has now revealed to The Showbiz Lion that she was just doing her bit for an autism charity - and shared the post in a bid to raise awareness for the cause.
Suzie said: "I don't normally entertain or agree these chainmail messages but a friend of mine who has a wee boy with autism sent it after I commented on his post and I felt I couldn't ignore it.
"The message I received back said I had to 'pick from one of the sentences below and post it as your status. This is the 2017 Autism Awareness game. Don't be a spoil sport. Pick your poison from one of these and post it as your status.'
Suzie had options to choose sentences like 'Just found a squirrel in my car!', 'Just agreed to a sexual favour to get out of a speeding ticket.', 'I've no clean pants for tomorrow, so just going to turn them inside out!' and 'My haemorrhoids are playing up like crazy tonight!'
She said: "I wasn't going to tell people that I was pregnant or that I'd p**d myself which were other options so I thought I'd put up the status about being chosen to go on come dine with me which was the last option in the list, but I never expected all this carry on."
As soon as she posted the status, Suzie's timeline was flooded with messages of congratulations from people like Stephen Hamilton who said: "Brilliant, Suzie. I've never seen toast and beans washed doon wi a boattle of Scotmid's special offer on TV"
Nadine Hawkins said: "Better get the Indian on standby!"
Other suggestions of food included bangers and mash, Fray bentos pies, and boxed cheesy pasta.
A hopeful Graham Ray added: "Well done. What's for dinner then? Let's us know when you are due to be on. Two people I know have won this."
Naked Butler Paul Lawlor even volunteered to strip for the occasion.
He offered: "Brilliant! If you would like someone to greet your guests i'd be happy to come along and surprise them. Obviously at no expense.x"
Suzie said: "Everyone got so involved and came up with ideas of the menu including Buckfast and Fray Bentos. When I went to a pub quiz that night people were congratulating me and asking when I was going to be on telly and I got numerous or page messages from people too."
When Suzie saw her announcement had been picked up by a local rag she knew she had to private message people to come clean.
She said: "When it turned up as an article in the evening paper I was speechless. It was only meant to be a giggle and now I have repetitive strain injury in my hand from sending private messages to people telling them it was for autism awareness."
The reaction to her post has however made Suzie think about doing the show for real and she says she'd be game for a laugh next time the telly show is looking for Scots contestants.
She said: "It might actually maybe lead to me being on Come Dine With Me.
"I am a good cook and have become a domestic goddess while I've taken a break with the kids. I really enjoy cooking now and there's six of us and a slow cooker. I love to make a curry or a nice fillet of steak and I love a wee dinner party so I'd be up for going on the show for real. Nigella and Jamie eat your heart out."
This article has since appeared in the Scottish Sun.
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