Tuesday 20 October 2020


THE nominations for The British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Scotland (BAFTA Scotland) are in and Guilt is leading the way with five nominations alongside Elizabeth Is Missing with four nominations.  

We always love a red carpet at theshowbizlion.com and we will be sure to get our sequins on for the big event this year - even if it is virtual. 

The very best talent in film, games and television produced in Scotland will be celebrated this year on Tuesday December 8. over the last year.

 First time nominees this year include Lois Chimimba (Group) Mirren Mack (The Nest) and Jamie Sives (Guilt) 

There’s also a new Audience Award in  

conjunction with Screen Scotland which sees productions including Black and Scottish, Guilt, 

Murder Trial: The Disappearance of Margaret Fleming, The Nest, Outlander and River City In the running, 

The Awards, which include two Outstanding Contribution Awards and the new Audience Awardwill be presented at the digital ceremony by Edith Bowman who tells us she will miss the heckles this year, but not the cold of the red carpet. 

Edith will host a socially distant, closed-studio show alongside Sanjeev Kohli and other guest presenters. 

The ceremony will be live streamed from 19.00 GMT on BAFTA’Facebook and YouTubechannels and followed by a highlights show on BBC Scotland at 22.00 GMT.  

Members of the public can cast their vote for the Audience Award from 10.00 GMT on 21 October until 17.00 GMT on 18 November on the BAFTA Scotland website (www.bafta.org/scotland).

Jude MacLaverty, Director of BAFTA Scotland, said: We are absolutely delighted to be announcing our British Academy Scotland Award nominations, which highlight the phenomenal level of talent and creativity in the film, game and television industries within Scotland. We are also thrilled to welcome EE back as the Official Network Partner to the Awards this year and to be working in partnership with Screen Scotland on a brand new Audience Award. During these challenging times, TV has both entertained and informed the public, and it seems only fitting that the viewing public is given the chance to have their say. Although our Awards format is different this year, our passion for and commitment to recognising talent and celebrating achievement remains, and we are really looking forward to celebrating all of our nominees on 8 December.”

Edith Bowman, returning host of the ceremony, added: I am very excited to be returning to host the British Academy Scotland Awards, albeit for a slightly different show this year. Now, more than ever, it is vital that we celebrate and recognise the achievements of the country’s film, games and television industries, reminding everyone of the importance and enjoyment of the arts.  This year’s list of nominees highlight yet again the wealth of creative talent and craft that exists in Scotland. I can’t wait to announce this year's winners on 8 December.” 






ACTOR TELEVISION sponsored by Audi UK


NCUTI GATWA Sex Education





GLENDA JACKSON Elizabeth is Missing




STEWART KYASIMIRE - Black and Scottish

JOHN MACLAVERTY - The Battle of Skye Bridge

MATT PINDER - Murder Trial: The Disappearance of Margaret Fleming


DIRECTOR - FICTION sponsored by Champagne Taittinger


LYNSEY MILLER Deadwater Fell

AISLING WALSH Elizabeth is Missing  



SCOT SQUAD: THE CHIEF’S ELECTION INTERVIEWS Jack Docherty, Joe Hullait, Iain Davidson, Marie McDonald - The Comedy Unit/BBC Scotland 

SELLING SCOTLAND Jack Docherty, Mark Downie, Liam McArdle, Julyan Sinclair - IWC Media/BBC Scotland

TEST DRIVE Derek McLean, Daniel Nettleton, Lynsey Wylie, Katy Smith – Bandicoot Scotland/BBC Scotland



DARREN MCGARVEY'S SCOTLAND Harry Bell, Stephen Bennett, Darren McGarvey, Ceara East - Tern Television/BBC Scotland 

FRANKIE BOYLE'S TOUR OF SCOTLAND Mick McAvoy, Nicky Waltham, Graeme Hart, Frankie Boyle -Two Rivers Media/BBC Two

MURDER TRIAL: THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MARGARET FLEMING Matt Pinder, Audrey McColligan, Iain Scollay, Lorraine McKechnie – Firecrest Films/BBC Scotland



A COUNTRY LIFE FOR HALF THE PRICE Kate Humble, Andrew Jackson, Louise Scrivens, Iain Robson – Raise the Roof Productions/Channel 5

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Production Team - IWC Media/Channel 4

SCOTLAND'S HOME OF THE YEAR Production Team – IWC Media/BBC Scotland



AUTONAUTS Aaron Puzey, Gary Penn - Denki

CLOUDPUNK Marko Dieckmann, Thomas Welsh, Rebecca Roe, Roman Agapov - Ion Lands

DEAD END JOB Production Team - Ant Workshop



THE NINE Production Team - BBC Scotland

SCOTLAND'S LOCKDOWN (DISCLOSURE)Production Team - BBC Scotland/BBC One Scotland

THE WAR NEXT DOOR: SCOTLAND AND THE TROUBLES Brendan Hughes, Harry Bell, Morag Tinto, Andrew Chambers – Tern Television/BBC Scotland 



BETTY Will Anderson - Autoproduction

THE LAST TRAIN Ross Hogg, Sean Mulvenna – LUX Scotland/BBC

THE MOTORIST Ciaran Lyons, Beth Allan, David Liddell, Chris Lyons - Forest of Black



THE BATTLE OF SKYE BRIDGE Harry Bell, John MacLaverty, Noel Nelis, Cara Maclean – Tern Television Productions/BBC Scotland
BEING GAIL PORTER Harry Bell, Anne-Claire Pilley – Tern Television Productions/BBC Scotland
DOOMAN Darren Hercher, Dave Arthur, Karen Emsley – CTVC/BBC Scotland


SPECIALIST FACTUAL sponsored by Deloitte

CLIMATEGATE: SCIENCE OF A SCANDALProduction Team - Red Sky Productions/BBC Four

GREG DAVIES: LOOKING FOR KES Jenny Dames, Richard Bright, David Arthur, Fran Kilgour – BBC Studios/BBC Four

MISS WORLD 1970: BEAUTY QUEENS AND BEDLAM Hannah Berryman, Lizzie Webster, Patrick Smith, Richard Bright - BBC Studios/BBC Two



DEADWATER FELL Production Team – Kudos/Channel 4

ELIZABETH IS MISSING Andrea Gibb, Aisling Walsh, Sarah Brown, Chrissy Skinns – STV Productions/BBC One
GUILT Production Team - Expectation/Happy Tramp North/BBC Scotland


WRITER FILM/TELEVISION supported by Screen Scotland

ANDREA GIBB Elizabeth is Missing


PAUL LAVERTY Sorry We Missed You


THE BAFTA SCOTLAND AUDIENCE AWARD in partnership with Screen Scotland








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