Sunday 25 August 2019


Beverley Lyons
KAREN Gillan is in talks about a new secret project with Doctor Who and Sherlock writer producer and showrunner Steven Moffat.
Scots born Steven, who appeared at Edinburgh TV Festival this week, is currently working on Dracula for Netflix and Time Travellers Wife for HBO and recently met with Karen at his home down south.
He said: “It’s always great to see her. I’ve seen Karen quite often since she left Doctor Who. It’s great. She came round to the local pub and caused a mild sensation as people started to realise a film star had arrived.  I’d forgotten that would happen. Mostly we talked about if we had seen Matt recently. There’s a thing we’re talking about doing. It’s so secret I’m calling it ‘There might be a thing.’ I’ve got a weeping angel in my garden and when folk come round they like to take selfies with it. I couldn’t resist getting a picture of it with Karen - and Matt and Peter have been round too.”
Karen is currently in Italy where she has been sunning herself aboard private yachts in between projects.
Karen just finished filming Gunpowder Milkshake which sees her play a female assassin with Lena Headley, Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett. 


Beverley Lyons
AMY MacDonald celebrated her birthday with a designer cake in the shape of a poo, toilet paper and a bottle of poo pourri.
The This Is Your Life singer turned 32 on Sunday (yesterday) and couldn’t wait to party with friends.
She showed off the cake she’d been given by one of her friends on her Instagram story, revealing the cheeky creation.
The confectionary was emblazoned with the words: “Holy S***, you’re getting old.”
She said: “If ever there was a cake that summed me up, everybody that knows me... it’s three different types of cake. The poo is peanut butter and chocolate. How good is that? I’m so excited.”

Cake designer Linda Daly who owns Daly Delight Cakes revealed: “The happiest of birthdays to my lovely friend Amy Macdonald. Next years cake will have to be extra special to top this. Apologies for the profanity this early on a Sunday.”
Amy was also presented with a golden Tennents can for her birthday.