Friday 23 December 2016


NOEL Edmonds revealed that he still loves coming to Scotland - even though he got married to his second ex wife here.
The Deal or No Deal presenter has family from Scotland and married his ex wife Helen Soby in Luss Parish Church.
The two divorced in 2004 after having four daughters together.
The presenter who is now happily married to wife number three and make up artist Liz Davies and hosted a festive edition of Deal or No Deal at Kelvingrove Art Galleries laughed: "I've had family living in Glasgow for three generations. In fact for my second marriage I got married in Luss in Loch Lomond. Well yes it was lovely , er at the time, but with Liz it's great. "

He said of his trip to Glasgow: "It's wet and cold but it is also down south."
Noel, who loved the architecture of the museum, is still keen to bring light entertainment to the nation.
He told the about his new station Positively Pets: "We play music for pets. I don't think there's anything particularly funny about that. I just think of daft ideas. You've got to have a laugh haven't you. Everybody's doing the same things. They are sheeple.

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Sunday 18 December 2016


BEING handcuffed and locked in a room with five other people might be the stuff of nightmares- but for it was the essence of our dreams.
Not that we're into bondage orgies or anything too sinister, but the thrill seeker in us absolutely loved every minute of our hour long ordeal at Glasgow's Escape Reality.
Situated in the bowels of the Merchant city - across 4,000 square feet of the underground vaults of the city’s Merchant Square to be precise - the premium escape experience offers punters something a bit different from the usual pre-club activity.

Open from 12pm during the week and 10:30am weekends until 10:30pm the experience boasts several themed rooms, with varying levels of difficulty, to choose from.
Daredevils can attempt to escape from the tremendously tricky Alcatraz, face Jack the Ripper in Murder in Whitechapel, or work out the mind-boggling puzzles in the Jumanji-inspired Jungala. We ended up in the scary Enigmista room which in told is like the horror film Saw, with its blood stained walls and other delights and our hearts raced as we tried to solve a variety of puzzles to escape from a potential death (obviously they don't actually kill you).

It's scary stuff that makes your brain work that wee bit harder and once you've tried it you won't be able to stop returning. It's just as well they have around 60 different games for you and your pals to try...
They've also got a private bar if you need some Dutch courage before or after.

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Friday 16 December 2016


ALL Nicholas McDonald wants for Christmas is his straight front teeth.
The former X Factor singer has had a special brace fitted to his mouth in a bid to straighten up his front teeth - and he says he's doing his best not to get food stuck in it.
Motherwell lad Nicholas, who entertained at the Sun Pop Up Christmas shop earlier this week, revealed: "For Christmas, the teeth are getting done. I'm not getting veneers. I was going to get them. Vitality Edinburgh are doing the teeth and they are getting fixed. I just don't like them. The thing I've got in is like a see through brace and I need to take them out when I'm singing and eating which is a bit disgusting. I was initially meant to get train tracks but I said no. They're meant to be sore and it gives you a wee bit of a lisp which I've got so we've played it safe with the Invisalign. You need to keep it in for twenty two hours a day.
He laughed: "I feel like I'm about to go into a boxing match a wee bit. My teeth will ready in May next year so put it in the calendar."
Nicky has had a busy run up to the festive season and host his own party on Sunday.
He said: "I've been busy. I've got my own event that comes up this Sunday at Dalziel Park and I'm playing with a band and have a Take That tribute and Eddie Reid who is hosting it. Some of the proceeds go to Yorkhill Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity and Alzheimer's Scotland. It's just been rehearsals and everything this week so it's been busy."

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Wednesday 14 December 2016


MARTI Pellow made his Scots panto debut in Aladdin - and despite being serious baddie Abanazer - couldn't hold back the laughter as he mispronounced a rude word or two.
The Wet Wet Wet star took on a more sombre role as he showed off his bad boy vocals and evil laugh in the brilliant SECC panto which also included an incredible flying carpet, 3D creatures, giggles galore audience interaction and plenty of laughs from hilarious Wishee Washee character Johnny Mac who is a real star.
His improvised comedy  on stage with young children from the audience was a real highlight of the night.
There was even an elephant in the room - and it wasn't The Krankies and John Barrowman who for the first time in years were sadly missing from this year's panto.

At one point Marti was trying to pronounce the word Situation and ended up adding in an extra H after the S making the audience who included weatherman Sean Batty and footballer Ally McCoist  roar with laughter.
Marti himself burst into giggles.
The Wet Wet Wet singer had previously said he wasn't playing for laughs, adding: "Its so easy to be seduced by the sound of laughter but my comedy is in not acknowledging the comedy."
Clearly no one could resist in that particular s*ituation.
The panto is on until December 31 at the Clyde Auditorium.

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Tuesday 13 December 2016


ROD Stewart might be Celtic daft as he screens some victory matches tonight at his live show in Glasgow but he keeps in touch with the competition just to see how they are doing.
As he prepared for his gigs at the Hydro tonight and Friday he said: "I bumpfded into one of the hierarchy at Rangers and they did say it would take a couple of years and it may take a couple of years but I get up here as many times as I can. I'm coming up for the Hearts game and I'm coming to watch them playing Albion for The Scottish cup and that's about that this year." Speaking of his drinking time in the Rogano he added: "Usually before England Scotland matches it's almost obligatory to get slightly plastered so I can't remember much about it or about the game either."
Rod also revealed he'd installed a football pitch in his new home in Essex for his boys to enjoy.
He said: "I've just had a pitch put in for my boys. It's a seven aside AstroTurf and is absolutely beautiful. I was speaking to my two boys and I was trying to tell them 'Do you know how lucky you are?' .
When I was their age - Aiden is five or six - my football was mums stocking stuffed with newspaper and you had to play out in the street and if it went under a lorry that was the end of it so they don't know how lucky they are."
Rod also revealed how he keeps fresh faced. He said: "I have facials every week and it obviously seems to be paying off."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in The Sun.

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Jakey puppets, dragged up mothers, a real life Apple Siri, a pop star Snow White, and hilarious audience interaction are all on offer at this latest production from Inside Out.
Snow White and The Seven Wee Muppets is a refreshing change to the traditional pantos which can often be complacent and rely on hackneyed cliches to keep them going.
You won't find big budget lasers and special effects here but what lacks in the technical department is more than made up for by the talent and the giggles on offer.
You can see that artistic director Paul Harper Swan and his team have worked hard to bring this unique production to the stage.
There are laughs and songs galore from the larger than life characters and the colourful costumes could give any of the bigger pantos a run for their money.
Neil Thomas is a real star as the instantly likeable bubbly panto dame who can sing, dance and has costumes to die for.
Splitting his outfit mid show caused even more laughs.
Alison Rona Cleland also brings a charming humour and cheekiness to her role as computer program and intelligent personal assistant Siri in an innovative twist to the show.
Jamie McKillop adds evil, glamour and plenty of Glasgow style cackles to the cocktail as the badd while Joanne McGuinness proves to be a very modern Snow White who can sing dance and has a bit more attitude than your average panto female.
And smiley Lee Reynolds is everybody's best pal - including Snow White's in the show.
The production which is less 'Disney' and more 'does so' is on until the end of December at Websters Theatre and is definitely worth a stroll to the wild West End.

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Friday 9 December 2016


MARTI Pellow has revealed he has plans for a Scottish Riverdance, allowing him to tell the story of our ancestry in a similar way to the Michael Flatley production - with a bit less dancing.
Marti who stars in The SECC panto Aladdin until December 31 revealed: "I've been working on my own musical theatre projects for a number of years now. There are a few ideas. One of the ones is very much based on Scots and Scottish folklore. There's a wee bit more going on in our culture than Brigadoon.
These are things I've been working on. Growing up and getting told all those old folklore stories by my grandfather and the stories of old Scotland and the mysticism of it all really intrigued me.
"The Irish really do it so well with projects like Riverdance and we have an enormous amount of culture in here which can be made accessible to people. I wouldn't go so far as to say it will be full on dancing but I think we can embrace our own culture like Riverdance."
He added: "I'm on my third draft of the script. To get to this point it's taken about four years."
Marti is also working on a musical set in the twenties.
He enthused: "There's another one called Scarlett which is more based and set in the twenties. I love that whole time because women were more androgynous and mysterious. The women looked like men and there was a masculinity and the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movement was coming and there was a whole sensuality and the men dressed impeccably. It was great. There's a great romanticism about that and a sensuality. These are projects and a labour of love I've been working on for a while now. They will see the light of day at some point. That's my hopes and my aspirations. These are my go to projects. My labours of love."

Excerpt of this article have appeared in The Sun.

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Tuesday 6 December 2016


HE might be an unlikely sex symbol but Still Game's Tam Mullen has appeared on dating site Plenty Of Fish.
The Criaglang pensioner might be attached to librarian Francis but that hasn't apparently stopped him advertising his wares online.
We're not sure if the cheeky punter who put up his pic on their profile has had much success in the pulling stakes yet but at 70 Tam who is a hospital DJ isn't exactly the ideal date material as his miserly ways mean you'll be the one paying for the drinks.
One time he even pretended he had bad arthritis which prevented him getting his hand into his pocket.
As a pal of Jack, Victor and of course Winston he has a solid group of pals but don't expect big night out - he likes to spend time in the pub and the bookies.
Actor Mark Cox who plays the character claims he had nothing to do with the dating profile but he joked: "Smashing-Get him Pumped!"

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