Friday 29 September 2017


CRUMBS!  The worlds biggest empire biscuit met with an early demise when wee Bob the Shetland pony demolished it during a live TV show. STV2 presenters Ewen Cameron and Jennifer Reoch couldn't believe it when four legged studio guest Bob, who thinks he's a dog, began chomping away at the giant golden crumbly version of one of Scotland's most popular teatime treats.
It was made specially by Carluke's Clark The Bakers who were intending to display it at the towns popular Jam and Ham festival.
The biscuit measured in at 36 inches in diameter and 18 kilos in weight and took eight bags of flour, three bags of sugar, 16 blocks of butter, ten jars of raspberry jam and 50 eggs before being topped with 2kg of fondant icing.
Live at Five TV hosts Jennifer and Ewan were in the middle of a cookery segment at the other side of the studio when the incident happened.
Just as they were asking Chinese cookery chef Jimmy Lee to describe his dish, Jennifer noticed out the corner of her eye that inquisitive Bob was scoffing the biscuit.
She yelled: "Oh no" as she spotted Bob having his first bite.
Ewen when shouted: "Wait" and made his way over to Bob.
An exasperated Jennifer then laughed: "Ok so we have one of Scotland's smallest ponies eating the world's largest biscuit currently. Oh for goodness sake. There we go. We were going to eat that but it's ok we have food in our kitchen."
Ewen then asks: "Are we just leaving Bob to it?"
After the show, the telly hosts had to explain to the biscuit makers and their PR what had happened.
Ewen told the "Seriously, that biscuit was to be transported back to Carluke as it was going to be shown off at the Jam & Ham festival event. Wee Bob was stood in the performance area and wandered over and took a bloody bite out the biscuit.
I was in shock as a wee pony had just taken a bite out of the biggest empire biscuit in the world that had been in the press all day and then comes to us and gets broken by a pony."
"The bakers will have to bake a new one."
Brian Clark, of Clarks the Bakers in Carluke, creator of the world's largest empire biscuit, said:
"I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that somebody who literally has the appetite of a horse couldn't help themselves when they saw our biscuit.
"He might have enjoyed it, but Bob has done us no favours; making another biscuit for the festival on such a tight deadline will be a tall order.
"But we don't want to let anyone down. R&W Scott has already dropped off the jam today and we'll be pulling out all the stops to get another one, just as tasty and maybe even a tiny bit bigger, finished in time.
"And we'll not be letting it anywhere near any ponies."
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record
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