Tuesday 21 July 2020


PENNY Lancaster literally brought home the bacon to Rod Stewart after borrowing two miniature pigs from a friend. 
The model and Loose Woman panellist has recently been showing off her wild garden in the Essex home she shares with Rod and their two children. 
Penny, 49,  who has just returned from a holiday in Croatia with Rod was keen to see if micro pigs as they are known would fit in with the rest of their menagerie including their Labradoodle Blondie who she and Rod adopted from Battersea Dogs home, other Labradoodle Lily and two free range hens she was given by a friend in February ahead of lockdown. 
So Penny asked one of her friends if she could try them out to see how easily they would adapt to their lifestyle at the £4.65 million home. 
As she was pictured feeding one alongside her youngest son Aidan she told fans: “We have borrowed two miniature pigs for a trial date.”

After giving the ‘thirsty boys’ some drinking water and letting them forage in the garden, she decided it was time to let them inside the house.  
She invited one of the pigs to try out her living room where it appeared to enjoy a pile of Homes and Gardens magazines alongside a caption saying: “It’s a pigs life.”
Micro Pigs are incredibly intelligent and are considered the fourth most intelligent animal in the world. They are quick and willing to learn and are said to be less expensive to keep than cars or dogs. They are also considered to be hypoallergenic meaning they are less likely to cause animal related allergies.
Rocker Rod, 75, whose songs include First Cut Is The Deepest, and once sang about having it off with the farmer’s daughter in the track Almost Illegal, was nowhere to be seen during the trial but he is partial to a bacon sandwich so who knows if they will stay Forever Young. 
One things for sure, if they do decide to stay they will have to become Celtic fans like the rest of his pets. 

Four Rod songs that pigs might enjoy 
Hot Trotters (legs) 
Do Ya think I’m Sow-xy 
Some Swines Have All The Luck
I don’t want to Grunt/ Snout about it. 


RANGERS icon Ally McCoist gave singer Amy Macdonald his stamp of approval after she bought a bright true blue £165,000 Lamborgini.
This Is The Life chatttopper Amy, who is a staunch Rangers fan, couldn’t wait to show off her brand new purchase for fans as she made her way to the recording studio to lay down tracks for her forthcoming album. 
And the singer, who is married to Partick Thistle player Richard Foster who also used to play for Rangers and fellow blues St Johnstone, received a special message from Coisty after she posted a picture of it on Instagram. 
He wrote: “Beautiful car and superb choice of colour.”
Fans agreed it was the perfect colour and Amy then admitted she’d entrusted Richard Foster to pick up her new baby - because she was too busy in the studio. 
She said: “My new car has arrived. For people who are not into cars you don’t get it I understand but for people, and I know I have got loads of followers who love cars and are pure petrolheads this is for you. My new car a beautiful beautiful Lamborgini Urius has arrived and I’m in the studio all well. I’ve got to do the work to pay for the rewards. I am trusting my husband to go and pick my car up. I have lost the plot.”