Tuesday 25 August 2020


BBC Scotland Drivetime host John Beattie  was stopped in his car after someone reported him to the police - because they though he was drink driving. 
But John,62, revealed he had been driving from a lookalike bottle of alcohol free beer.
Former rugby union player John, who lives in Glasgow’s west end, had been in holiday in Islay and was making his way back to the city when he was stopped en route at Loch Lomonside by a police car.
The health conscious presenter who also hosts BBC Scotland telly news show The Nine told fans that he’d been seen by someone jumping into his car in Inveraray after being spotted drinking from a beer bottle alongside his fish and chips last night. 
He explained he was driving non alcoholic beer to the two officers who stopped his car but was breathalysed during the incident. 
Posting up pictures of himself getting breathalysed and questioned by the police John said: “After an amazing holiday on Islay. Someone in Inveraray told the police I’d been drinking beer at the harbour last night before jumping back in my car again. They pulled me over blue lights etc on Loch Lomondside..... The reading was zero. I was using up an alcohol free bottle with excellent fish and chips. The lads were ok with me taking the picture. So, back to work today.”

Followers online were quick to reply to John with Jim Newlands saying: “ No big deal having to do a breath test......better safe than sorry. I take it from your tweet you have assumed it was a malicious phone call?”
Indy Oilman added:” U now might feel 1% of what Alex Salmond felt , mind if we call u a drink driver for the rest of your life even if u got off ?”
In 2003 John was chairman of the Scottish government physical activity taskforce to improve the health of the nation through exercise and oversaw a review in 2008, 'Let's Make Scotland More Active'.
Two years ago he was involved in a road accident after being knocked off his bike by a driver who was blinded by sunlight. At the time John feared he had a broken rib and lamented that he should have had a camera on him to capture the accident.
The legal drink drive limit in Scotland is lower than anywhere else in the U.K.
The legal alcohol limit is 50g in every 109ml of blood, and the breath limit is 22mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.