Friday 23 December 2016


NOEL Edmonds revealed that he still loves coming to Scotland - even though he got married to his second ex wife here.
The Deal or No Deal presenter has family from Scotland and married his ex wife Helen Soby in Luss Parish Church.
The two divorced in 2004 after having four daughters together.
The presenter who is now happily married to wife number three and make up artist Liz Davies and hosted a festive edition of Deal or No Deal at Kelvingrove Art Galleries laughed: "I've had family living in Glasgow for three generations. In fact for my second marriage I got married in Luss in Loch Lomond. Well yes it was lovely , er at the time, but with Liz it's great. "

He said of his trip to Glasgow: "It's wet and cold but it is also down south."
Noel, who loved the architecture of the museum, is still keen to bring light entertainment to the nation.
He told the about his new station Positively Pets: "We play music for pets. I don't think there's anything particularly funny about that. I just think of daft ideas. You've got to have a laugh haven't you. Everybody's doing the same things. They are sheeple.

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Sunday 18 December 2016


BEING handcuffed and locked in a room with five other people might be the stuff of nightmares- but for it was the essence of our dreams.
Not that we're into bondage orgies or anything too sinister, but the thrill seeker in us absolutely loved every minute of our hour long ordeal at Glasgow's Escape Reality.
Situated in the bowels of the Merchant city - across 4,000 square feet of the underground vaults of the city’s Merchant Square to be precise - the premium escape experience offers punters something a bit different from the usual pre-club activity.

Open from 12pm during the week and 10:30am weekends until 10:30pm the experience boasts several themed rooms, with varying levels of difficulty, to choose from.
Daredevils can attempt to escape from the tremendously tricky Alcatraz, face Jack the Ripper in Murder in Whitechapel, or work out the mind-boggling puzzles in the Jumanji-inspired Jungala. We ended up in the scary Enigmista room which in told is like the horror film Saw, with its blood stained walls and other delights and our hearts raced as we tried to solve a variety of puzzles to escape from a potential death (obviously they don't actually kill you).

It's scary stuff that makes your brain work that wee bit harder and once you've tried it you won't be able to stop returning. It's just as well they have around 60 different games for you and your pals to try...
They've also got a private bar if you need some Dutch courage before or after.

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Friday 16 December 2016


ALL Nicholas McDonald wants for Christmas is his straight front teeth.
The former X Factor singer has had a special brace fitted to his mouth in a bid to straighten up his front teeth - and he says he's doing his best not to get food stuck in it.
Motherwell lad Nicholas, who entertained at the Sun Pop Up Christmas shop earlier this week, revealed: "For Christmas, the teeth are getting done. I'm not getting veneers. I was going to get them. Vitality Edinburgh are doing the teeth and they are getting fixed. I just don't like them. The thing I've got in is like a see through brace and I need to take them out when I'm singing and eating which is a bit disgusting. I was initially meant to get train tracks but I said no. They're meant to be sore and it gives you a wee bit of a lisp which I've got so we've played it safe with the Invisalign. You need to keep it in for twenty two hours a day.
He laughed: "I feel like I'm about to go into a boxing match a wee bit. My teeth will ready in May next year so put it in the calendar."
Nicky has had a busy run up to the festive season and host his own party on Sunday.
He said: "I've been busy. I've got my own event that comes up this Sunday at Dalziel Park and I'm playing with a band and have a Take That tribute and Eddie Reid who is hosting it. Some of the proceeds go to Yorkhill Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity and Alzheimer's Scotland. It's just been rehearsals and everything this week so it's been busy."

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Wednesday 14 December 2016


MARTI Pellow made his Scots panto debut in Aladdin - and despite being serious baddie Abanazer - couldn't hold back the laughter as he mispronounced a rude word or two.
The Wet Wet Wet star took on a more sombre role as he showed off his bad boy vocals and evil laugh in the brilliant SECC panto which also included an incredible flying carpet, 3D creatures, giggles galore audience interaction and plenty of laughs from hilarious Wishee Washee character Johnny Mac who is a real star.
His improvised comedy  on stage with young children from the audience was a real highlight of the night.
There was even an elephant in the room - and it wasn't The Krankies and John Barrowman who for the first time in years were sadly missing from this year's panto.

At one point Marti was trying to pronounce the word Situation and ended up adding in an extra H after the S making the audience who included weatherman Sean Batty and footballer Ally McCoist  roar with laughter.
Marti himself burst into giggles.
The Wet Wet Wet singer had previously said he wasn't playing for laughs, adding: "Its so easy to be seduced by the sound of laughter but my comedy is in not acknowledging the comedy."
Clearly no one could resist in that particular s*ituation.
The panto is on until December 31 at the Clyde Auditorium.

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Tuesday 13 December 2016


ROD Stewart might be Celtic daft as he screens some victory matches tonight at his live show in Glasgow but he keeps in touch with the competition just to see how they are doing.
As he prepared for his gigs at the Hydro tonight and Friday he said: "I bumpfded into one of the hierarchy at Rangers and they did say it would take a couple of years and it may take a couple of years but I get up here as many times as I can. I'm coming up for the Hearts game and I'm coming to watch them playing Albion for The Scottish cup and that's about that this year." Speaking of his drinking time in the Rogano he added: "Usually before England Scotland matches it's almost obligatory to get slightly plastered so I can't remember much about it or about the game either."
Rod also revealed he'd installed a football pitch in his new home in Essex for his boys to enjoy.
He said: "I've just had a pitch put in for my boys. It's a seven aside AstroTurf and is absolutely beautiful. I was speaking to my two boys and I was trying to tell them 'Do you know how lucky you are?' .
When I was their age - Aiden is five or six - my football was mums stocking stuffed with newspaper and you had to play out in the street and if it went under a lorry that was the end of it so they don't know how lucky they are."
Rod also revealed how he keeps fresh faced. He said: "I have facials every week and it obviously seems to be paying off."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in The Sun.

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Jakey puppets, dragged up mothers, a real life Apple Siri, a pop star Snow White, and hilarious audience interaction are all on offer at this latest production from Inside Out.
Snow White and The Seven Wee Muppets is a refreshing change to the traditional pantos which can often be complacent and rely on hackneyed cliches to keep them going.
You won't find big budget lasers and special effects here but what lacks in the technical department is more than made up for by the talent and the giggles on offer.
You can see that artistic director Paul Harper Swan and his team have worked hard to bring this unique production to the stage.
There are laughs and songs galore from the larger than life characters and the colourful costumes could give any of the bigger pantos a run for their money.
Neil Thomas is a real star as the instantly likeable bubbly panto dame who can sing, dance and has costumes to die for.
Splitting his outfit mid show caused even more laughs.
Alison Rona Cleland also brings a charming humour and cheekiness to her role as computer program and intelligent personal assistant Siri in an innovative twist to the show.
Jamie McKillop adds evil, glamour and plenty of Glasgow style cackles to the cocktail as the badd while Joanne McGuinness proves to be a very modern Snow White who can sing dance and has a bit more attitude than your average panto female.
And smiley Lee Reynolds is everybody's best pal - including Snow White's in the show.
The production which is less 'Disney' and more 'does so' is on until the end of December at Websters Theatre and is definitely worth a stroll to the wild West End.

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Friday 9 December 2016


MARTI Pellow has revealed he has plans for a Scottish Riverdance, allowing him to tell the story of our ancestry in a similar way to the Michael Flatley production - with a bit less dancing.
Marti who stars in The SECC panto Aladdin until December 31 revealed: "I've been working on my own musical theatre projects for a number of years now. There are a few ideas. One of the ones is very much based on Scots and Scottish folklore. There's a wee bit more going on in our culture than Brigadoon.
These are things I've been working on. Growing up and getting told all those old folklore stories by my grandfather and the stories of old Scotland and the mysticism of it all really intrigued me.
"The Irish really do it so well with projects like Riverdance and we have an enormous amount of culture in here which can be made accessible to people. I wouldn't go so far as to say it will be full on dancing but I think we can embrace our own culture like Riverdance."
He added: "I'm on my third draft of the script. To get to this point it's taken about four years."
Marti is also working on a musical set in the twenties.
He enthused: "There's another one called Scarlett which is more based and set in the twenties. I love that whole time because women were more androgynous and mysterious. The women looked like men and there was a masculinity and the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movement was coming and there was a whole sensuality and the men dressed impeccably. It was great. There's a great romanticism about that and a sensuality. These are projects and a labour of love I've been working on for a while now. They will see the light of day at some point. That's my hopes and my aspirations. These are my go to projects. My labours of love."

Excerpt of this article have appeared in The Sun.

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Tuesday 6 December 2016


HE might be an unlikely sex symbol but Still Game's Tam Mullen has appeared on dating site Plenty Of Fish.
The Criaglang pensioner might be attached to librarian Francis but that hasn't apparently stopped him advertising his wares online.
We're not sure if the cheeky punter who put up his pic on their profile has had much success in the pulling stakes yet but at 70 Tam who is a hospital DJ isn't exactly the ideal date material as his miserly ways mean you'll be the one paying for the drinks.
One time he even pretended he had bad arthritis which prevented him getting his hand into his pocket.
As a pal of Jack, Victor and of course Winston he has a solid group of pals but don't expect big night out - he likes to spend time in the pub and the bookies.
Actor Mark Cox who plays the character claims he had nothing to do with the dating profile but he joked: "Smashing-Get him Pumped!"

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Wednesday 30 November 2016


X FACTOR contestants Caitlyn Van Beck and Nate Simpson have formed their own group called The Underdogs - and are going up against the X Factor winner for a Christmas Number One.
Tranent gal Caitlyn who reached the judges houses stage of the competition and Nate who was described as having a voice like Jesus by Nicole Scherzinger got together with eighties music legend Pete Hammond to write the new track Retro Soul (So Hot).
Pete did all the programming for Stock Aitken and Waterman on hits for Kylie, Rick Ashley and Bananarama and is nicknamed Pete 100 hits.
Caitlyn and Nate plan to release their single on Friday December 9.
Caitlyn said: "Coming off the X Factor was quite a blow but having the opportunity to work with the legendary Pete Hammond and of course Nate has just been incredible."

Excerpts of this article appeared in the Scottish Sun

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Sunday 27 November 2016


FORGET personalised cupcakes, the ultimate Christmas gift has to be your very own customised Moët bottle. was thrilled to be given our very own mini Moët with our very own pic of us and diva Mariah Carey by the famed House of champagne.
The new product is available to anyone who books a Christmas party at Glasgow's Corinthian club this Christmas during their twelve days of Christmas promotion.

The celebration marks the opening of the new Boutique by Moët bar within The Corinthian Club, which launched recently with a DJ set by Goddess of Groove Sharon Unger.
Revellers who want an extra special Christmas can also win their very own
Moët Christmas Party.

Buy a glass or bottle of Moët Impérial from now until 4th December, take a selfie using hashtags #MoetMoment and #thecorinthianclub, and a Moët Party Selfie Kit and Magnum of Moet could be yours.
The champagne is hosting a whole load of parties this Christmas time including the Little Black Dress night in conjunction with the Scottish Style Awards.

After popping along to indulge in some amazing Chambord cocktails and a few glasses of Moët as well as some canapés including smoked salmon blinis we eyed up the fashion.

There were plenty of new outfit ideas for the festive season including elegant dresses from John Lewis, Reiss, Lipsy, Wish and more as I-on magazine editor Susie Cormack Bruce proved to be hostess with the mostess.

To celebrate Black Friday on Friday 25th November, Boutique by Moët officially launched the inaugural Taste of Moët, presenting Moët Impérial as the first showcase.
And the Moët Christmas Champagne Afternoon Tea on Saturday proved to be a real winner.
Now the parties continue as Boutique by Moët presents the second bubbly Taste of Moët showcase on Thursday 1st December, offering an opportunity to enjoy Moët Rosé Impérial sampling and complimentary canapes between 6pm – 8pm and Rosé replenishments by the glass (£11.95).

Seize your #MoëtMoment on Friday 2nd December with the launch of the Moët 12 Days of Christmas raspberry flavoured Fortune Cookie promotion.
Completing the Taste of Moët trilogy, this year’s must-try champagne, Moët Ice Impérial, also known as ‘La Piscine’ – champagne served on the rocks – is showcased in the Boutique on Saturday 3rd December between 6pm-8pm,again with sampling and complimentary canapes. Moët Ice Impérial is served at £11.95 per glass.
Sunday 4th December presents an unmissable date for the diary as Moët 12 Days of Christmas invites you to a very special one-off screening of It’s a Wonderful Life for £20 and include a glass of Moët Imperial and snack on arrival in the Boutique followed by the screening upstairs in Hempel at 3pm.
The evening of Friday 9th December invites you to toast prospective success as The Cotton Club Casino unveils Moët Impérial Vintage 2008. Epitomising the glamour of a bygone era, The Cotton Club is the perfect backdrop against which the maturity, complexity and charisma of this Champagne can be enjoyed.
As Christmas passes and 2016 draws to a conclusion, keep the festive fizz flowing on Tuesday 27th December, 3pm-7pm as Sharon Unger counts down the final days of this year by taking control of the decks for another unmissable Boutique by Moët Afternoon Session. Early arrival is recommended.
And come Hogmanay there's a huge Moët party to make sure you have a bubbly bells.

Prepare for a memorable New Year’s Eve by securing your Boutique by Moët VIP Hogmanay Experience.
Enjoy fast track entry queue jump, exclusive VIP room access, a glass of Moët Impérial on arrival and the finest soundtrack as Moët’s resident DJ Sharon Unger returns one final time to unleash a serious level of turntable magic to welcome in 2017! Tickets cost £40 and are limited to 80 places, sold on a first come first served basis.

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Thursday 24 November 2016


BLACKADDER and Time Team star Sir Tony Robinson couldn't believe it when fans showered him with macaroni cheese on his trip to Scotland.
The actor and presenter who is best known as Baldrick and his famous phrases like 'I have a cunning plan' was appearing in Glasgow and Edinburgh for his No Cunning Plan book signing.
He told his online followers he was
'Looking forward to lashings of Macaroni cheese pie' but never expected them to take him up on his suggestion.

Tony who was in Scotland with his wife said: "I said I fancied macaroni cheese. The next thing I knew they were suggesting all sorts of macaroni cheese to me including deep fried pies. Someone even brought one to the book signing."
Phil from Falkirk was amongst those who made the extra effort,
He said: "I took diplomatic responsibility to welcome Tony Robinson to Glasgow with a formal presentation."

Tony was also collecting donations for Movember as he sports a moustache for the first time in ages but he admitted he couldn't wait to get rid of it.

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Tuesday 22 November 2016


RYAN Lawrie was given a heroes welcome by his friends as he made a low key return to Scotland following his X Factor exit.
Ryan who left the competition on Sunday night after a sing off with rapper Honey G decided not to stick around in London after leaving the house he shared with contestants including his girlfriend Emily Middlemas.
Following his exit interviews he hopped on a plane back to Glasgow to catch up with family and friends before deciding on the next step of his career.
He arrived in Glasgow around eight pm to be met by a posse of pals at the airport.

Annabelle Seeth was amongst those who welcomed the singer and carried him for a photo at the airport.
Ryan said: "It's great to be back. The hard work starts now."

Excerpts of this article appeared in the Scottish Sun

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Thursday 17 November 2016


Beverley Lyons
HOLLYWOOD hunk Leo Dicaprio jetted into Edinburgh a day ahead of his Scottish sandwich chain visit to stay at the site of a former monastery.
Despite his reputed love of the ladies and hard partying, Leo chose to get some chill out time at the opulent Prestonfield House hotel which was built on the site of a wealthy monastery, founded in 1150 by Henry, Earl of Northumbria.

The hotel at the bottom of Arthur's Seat was formerly called Priestfield House and since it was converted in the 60s has played host to Sandie Shaw, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Sean Connery. Elton John, Catherine Zeta Jones and Oliver Reed.
Great Gatsby actor Leo was keen to get some downtime with his posse and checked into the stunning historical venue which boasts tapestries and antiques in every room to enjoy some traditional Scots hospitality.

He and his posse of around twelve asked to look round the hotel with its eighteen bedrooms and five suites and it's grounds including its specialised Whisky Room with its velvet wallpaper, antler chairs and drinks cabinet boasting hugely expensive malts.

They also visited the Tapestry room with its curios from around the world and Leather room which features leather wallpaper.
Leo was surrounded by a team of security as he sat down to dinner in one of the swish oval shaped rooms of the Rhubarb Restaurant.

As eager staff members kept a watchful eye on his table the tension was palpable.
Leo who was sporting a hat and dressed casually for the occasion appeared to be in a jovial mood while his security team scanned the room.
The restaurant offers an array of fine foods including celery soup with summer truffle foam, Perthshire rabbit, cured Shetland salmon, Roast roe deer loin, Angus beef and Peterhead hake.
After dinner Leo and his team were asking hotel staff about where to go in Edinburgh as his chauffeur driven fleet of cars awaited instruction outside.
As his team waited in the cold to see if

Leo was in the mood to party, it appears that the rain put him off and he decided to have an early night to prepare for his big day today. The star visited Home restaurant before appearing at the Scottish Business Awards tonight.
Home is the new venture from Josh Littlejohn and Dean Gassabi, who own the Maison Bleue restaurants, and is a part of Social Bite.
Located on Queensferry Street in the west end of Edinburgh, Home not only offers suspended food and drinks, but it also provides training and employment for members of the Social Bite Academy, a four-year paid course for homeless people.
The Scottish Business Awards take place tonight at the EICC and costs £1000 for a table of ten.

Segments of this article have now appeared in the Scottish Sun

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Tuesday 15 November 2016


JUSTIN Bieber's dog Esther has become an even bigger favourite with Scots fans after she posted that she was 'missing Scotland' on her own Instagram account.
Esther the pup accompanied Justin on his visit to Scotland and was seen roamin in the gloamin as he spent time at his Perthshire residence.
Esther is a smaller black and brown Yorkshire terrier who is Justin's newest puppy.
She has more than 730,000 followers online on her account estherthecutie and has only posted 83 times since April 2015.
Last night around eleven pm, just after Justin came off stage in Germany, the cute little doggy who tends to reflect what Justin thinks admitted she would love to return to Scotland.
As she posted up a pic of herself with her famous daddy taken at the walls of Kinross House she wrote: "Missing Scotland."
Fans have gone wild following her latest comment.
Samya said: "And we miss you Justin, come back."
Natalie Rosie added: "Scotland misses you!!."
And Scottishbelieber1994 said: "Your more than welcome to come back Esther."

Excerpts of this article appeared in The Sun

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Friday 11 November 2016


Beloved Scots You Tube star pensioner Grannie Annie has passed away - leaving hundreds of thousands of fans of her comedy devastated.
The news was broken online by her grandson Tommy Ga-Ken Wan who lovingly called her the funniest woman in the west.
Grannie Annie, was often referred to as the Swearing Granny and passed away in Ayr Hospice leaving behind her husband of 50 years Trevor.

She accumulated thousands of hits on You Tube and her Facebook video commanded an impressive amount of likes and shares after she first appeared online in 2011.
Her videos were even subtitled for those who didn't live in Scotland and she became famous for her rants beyond her neighbourhood as a result. Grandson Tommy who posted her many videos online said: "She had a foul mouth and a heart of gold. To me she was Nana Ann, to get fans she was Grannie Annie. Rest in piece ya auld bugger. Hearing the news Dang Mcwhinnie from Coatbridge said: "That's heartbreaking. Wee Grannie Annie."
Natalie Ellen Allan added: "RIP grannie Annie We all love you. You will be so sadly missed. You gave us comedy and never failed to make us laugh. Thoughts are with the family." Jo Donaldson from Springburn was also upset and said: "Ah man, genuinely sad to hear about Grannie Annie passing away. One of my favourite YouTube videos of all time that I came across by accident years ago. RIP Grannie Annie." And Craig McClurkin even said: "Am gonna email ma lecturer saying am no coming in because of this."

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Monday 7 November 2016


RIVER City star Johnny Beattie is hoping for the best birthday present ever for his ninetieth - for Donald Trump to fail in the US election.
Johnny, who was given a special luncheon by the Showbiz Benevolent Fund to celebrate his ninetieth and many years in Showbiz said: "I'm nearly ninety. I'm nearly as old as my gags and that's saying something. I turn ninety on November 9. It's the day after the big election between the two funny people over in America. He would have done well over here in our variety business - Donald Trump. By god what a turn he'd have been - Donald Chump. Is that going in cause he'll sue me. He's sued everybody else so he might as well sue me. Nice to sue you to sue you nice.
He added: "The best present for my ninetieth would be for Donald Trump to not be president of the United States because let's face it, we're all doomed if he is."

Johnny, who left River City last year, has been enjoying time away from our screens .
He said: "The reason I had to stop was I had had vertigo and it was a balance thing but quite honestly I'd have carried on - even now. I really miss it but I keep in touch with all the cast like Eileen McCallum and Una Maclean. I loved River City and was thirteen years in there.

He reminisced about Jack Milroy, Anne Fields who just passed away, Jimmy Logan and Peter Duranz.
He says he used to do a sketch that is like a Strictly take off - 'We did Wilson Keppel and Beattie.'..
He says his ears are not so good but in fine fettle apart from that. I've still got a jig or two in me - it's just my hearing."
He told stories and so did Maureen Beattie, Alasdair Gillies, Dean Park and Alastair Mcdonald -

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Sunday Express and Sunday Post.

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Sunday 6 November 2016


CAITRIONA Balfe reckons there will be many more seasons of Outlander if the books are anything to go by.
Catriona who was in Glasgow's Radisson hotel for BAFTA Scotland where she won a Best Actress award said: "We're definitely finishing season three and filming season four and Diana has said book ten will be her last so there's six potential seasons in there.
I think everyone, we love this show, we love this job.
As long as the story is interesting and the writing is good, I'm up for continuing so we'll see how long it goes for."
Caitriona said of her award: "We've won things before and we have an amazing Scottish crew and most of our team is Scottish and it's really nice to get recognised here in Scotland cause everyone puts their heart and soul into the job and I think it's important for everyone who works on the show so that's cool."

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Friday 4 November 2016

TINIE TEMPAH has cited music industry politics as his reason for pulling out of tonight's MOBO Awards.
With just hours to go before the show at the SSE Hydro to celebrate the event’s 21st birthday, Tinie posted a message on Instagram.
His handwritten note read: “I will not be performing at this year’s MOBOs for reasons that are outside mine and the MOBO’s control. The MOBOs is a ceremony I have grown up watching and take pride in. It’s given a platform for so many artists who have inspired me. So I always go above and beyond to attend.
I am gutted to not be performing. I didn’t go into this much detail because I want to have a moan.I wrote this because my music and my culture are very important to me and this has been the same issue year after year. It is frustrating when music industry politics dictate my ability to celebrate either. It’s been a great year for British music, especially the underground.
MOBO organisers posted up his message on Twitter with a note saying: “Message from @TinieTempah regarding his performance tonight. We appreciate the kind words and we will always support #MOBOAwards”
Professor Green announced he will be appearing at the ceremony just a few hours ago.

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PROFESSOR Green is confirmed to attend the MOBOS in Glasgow tonight for his third time ever.
The UK born Prof won his first MOBO Award in 2010 for Best Hip Hop Act and has achieved two Top 3 albums and over 2.5 million combined sales in the UK alone.
He has just returned with a brand new single One Eye on The Door – produced by Diztortion.
Over the past year, Professor Green (aka Stephen Manderson) has presented three critically acclaimed BBC documentaries, and published his autobiography.
He said: "Gassed to be back performing at the MOBO Awards for a third time and looking forward to enjoying Glasgow afterwards"
The 21st annual MOBO Awards, hosted by Rickie & Melvin, will be broadcast live from Glasgow on ITV2 at 8pm. Highlights in this year’s nominations include Mercury Prize winner Skepta picking three nominations for Best Male, Best Album and Best Grime Act.
Grime king Kano and Birmingham soul singer LAura Mvula lead the pack with four nominations each.
Three-time MOBO Award winner Craig David will also return to the stage, marking his first solo MOBO Award performance since his unforgettable debut back in 2000. Craig is nominated for Best Male and Best Song for ‘When The Bassline Drops’ (featuring Big Narstie).
Making their MOBO debut is Grammy Award-winning British electronic music group Clean Bandit who will be joined on stage with our 2016 Best Newcomer nominee Anne-Marie, performing their latest smash: ‘Rockabye’. This will be the classical dance-pop band’s first performance since violinist Neil Milan left the band.
One of the UK’s brightest music stars Lady Leshurr is set for a powerhouse performance. The Birmingham MC who counts US comic Dave Chappelle and Estelle as fans is universally known for her viral ‘Queen’s Speech’ freestyle series and this year she is up for the prestigious MOBO Award for Best Female Act. Leshurr is also fronting a new campaign with NHS Blood and Transplant and MOBO called Represent, raising awareness for the lack of blood donors within the black and Asian communities. The focus of the campaign is a compeling 1’44” film featuring Paving The Way winner Nicola Adams MBE, Chuka Umunna MP, Ade Adepitan MBE and MOBO founder and CEO Kanya King.
Jamaican dancehall king Popcaan will also be making his MOBO stage debut this year, in one of the rare few UK performances thus far in his impressive career. The 2015 MOBO Award winner for Best Reggae Act – who counts Drake as a fan – is guaranteed to raise the roof in Glasgow. Popcaan is once again up for Best Reggae Act this year.
For over two decades, the MOBO Awards have been shining the light on fresh urban music talent in the UK. Household names who have gone on to top charts and tour around the world like Rita Ora, Craig David, Tinie Tempah and countless others have all received their first major awards show performance opportunity at the MOBO Awards. The show continues its proud tradition this Friday with spotlights primed on four talented emerging British urban music acts: Fekky, Section Boyz, Izzy Bizu and WSTRN.
Award-winning artist, songwriter and producer Ms. Dynamite and record-breaking multiple Olympic gold medalist Nicola Adams will also be honoured with Paving The Way awards, acknowledging their status as trailblazers in their field who are paving the way for future generations of talent.
Arena and VIP tickets for the MOBO Awards are available at:

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Wednesday 2 November 2016


RIVER City star Johnny Beattie is hoping for the best birthday present ever for his ninetieth - for Donald Trump to fail in the US election.
Johnny, who was given a special luncheon by the Scottish Showbiz Benevolent Fund to celebrate his 63 years in showbiz and ninetieth birthday said: "I turn ninety on November 9. It's the day after the big election between the two funny people over in America. He would have done well over here in our variety business - Donald Trump. By god what a turn he'd have been - Donald Chump. Is that going in cause he'll sue me? He's sued everybody else so he might as well sue me. Nice to sue
you to sue you nice.

He added: "The best present for my ninetieth would be for Donald Trump to not be president of the United States because let's face it, we're all doomed if he is."

Excerpts of this article appeared in the Sunday Express

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R&B group WSTRN are flying in to Glasgow to perform at the MOBO awards this Friday.
The trio from West London are best known for their infectious UK hit ‘In2’, which spent 11 weeks in the UK Top 20 last winter and was, just as recently as last month, certified platinum sales.
They are up for two nominations: Best Video for ‘In2’ and Best Newcomer, alongside outstanding emerging talents like 67, AJ Tracey, Anne-Marie, Avelino, Izzy Bizu, Kojey Radical, Mostack, Nadia Rose and Ray BLK.
The lads join other performers Craig David, Tinie Tempah, Laura Mvula, Lady Leshurr, Chase&Status, Clean Bandit,
Anne Marie -and new additions Fekky, Section Boyz, and Izzy Bizu at the bash in the city's SSE Hydro.
Award-winning artist, songwriter and producer Ms Dynsmite and record-breaking multiple Olympic gold medalist NIcola Adams will also be honoured with Paving The Way awards, acknowledging their status as trailblazers in their field who are paving the way for future generations of talent.
Arena and VIP tickets for the MOBO Awards are available at:

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Tuesday 1 November 2016


HARRY Styles has made a dying four year old girl's wish come true by contacting her family to chat about her after hearing how much she loves him.
Fans pleaded with the One Direction star and his mum to contact Lancashire'a Jessica Whelan whose severe stage of neuroblastoma has ravaged her body.
After doctors gave her just a few more weeks to live, Jessica's family and friends are trying to make her remaining time the best possible and after Nicki Jessica's mum revealed she was a huge fan of Harry's they appealed to him to help out.
Family friend Chelsea Conlon from Oswaldtwistles said: "I was looking at doing something different. I asked Jessica's mum if there was anyone she likes or an idol. And the response was Harry Styles. It is a big ask, but it would be nice if he could. It'd put a smile on her face briefly, at least for a little while."

After Directioners and Harry Styles fans asked the star to help out, Jessica's mum received a call out of the blue from the man himself late last night at just before 9pm. She revealed last night (Tuesday) : "Well that was a surreal phone call. An unknown number I answered for it to only be Harry Styles ringing from the USA!!!
He wants to do a FaceTime or video recording for Jessica! The way she is at the moment I've told him that she would benefit more from a recording which he has said he will do for her and email to us."

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Friday 28 October 2016


VEUVE Clicquot is expected to rise from the dead tonight during an elaborate Scots Halloween party.
The Grande Dame of Champagne passed away 150 years ago and is planning to stir things up tonight at Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, the award-winning venue in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City, for a spookily stylish night of mystery, indulgence and nocturnal fun.
Hutchesons Meet The Widow party this evening takes place in the lavish Grade A-listed landmark as it is transformed into a gloriously dark and twisted haunted mansion to mark the 150 years since the passing of Madame Clicquot.
The famed French businesswoman who took on her husbands wine business when she was widowed at 27, was a true visionary, developing crucial innovations that would shape the future of the Champagne industry.
The ticketed black tie Masquerade party at Hutchesons, set against the theme of ‘A Beautiful Darkness’, presents two alluring options for the evening; the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Dinner commencing 7pm, with season-inspired courses created by Rusk & Rusk Executive Head Chef, John Molloy, followed by the striking reveal at 8.30pm of the Veuve Clicquot Meet The Widow Halloween Party, hosted in The 158 Champagne & Oyster.
Gemma Leisegang, Moët Hennessy said, “Veuve Clicquot Meet The Widow Halloween Party at Hutchesons will be an unmissablecelebration of magical mystère; dark, indulgent and utterly enthralling. The most spellbinding Halloween party awaits.”
Rusk & Rusk co-owner, Louise Rusk added: “We have a real passion for throwing innovative and unique events here at Hutchesons, and Halloween is one of those occasions when we get to really open up our imaginations. We’ve built an incredibly strong relationship with Veuve Clicquot over the last twelve months, so getting to toast and raise a glass to the Grande Dame of Champagne herself is very exciting!”
Tickets available from

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Thursday 27 October 2016


JUSTIN Bieber shunned top hotels to rent out a luxury mansion once known as 'Scotland's coldest house' in the heart of Perthshire for his four day visit to Scotland.
The singing star who plays the SSE Hydro tonight, Saturday and Sunday, is staying in the exquisite Kinross House, a late 17th century country house overlooking Loch Leven near Kinross - where T in The Park festival used to be held.
A tired Justin arrived at the house shortly before 3am this morning after his private Citation Jet landed at Glasgow airport at around one thirty am.
He was met by a fleet of people carriers and his own vehicle was kitted out with a large screen tv to allow him to relax after playing a show in Sheffield Arena.
The screen could be seen flickering as he made his journey to the house where he was met by a team of security who let him in though the huge electric gates.

The house boasts the first grand designed landscape in Scotland with Loch Leven Castle at its centre, a castle steeped in history having played host to Robert the Bruce, Sir William Wallace, John Knox and where Mary Queen of Scots was both imprisoned and abdicated in favour of her son James VI.
The fourteen bedroom house which also has an adjoining coach house with ten ensuite bedrooms and private spa was built in 1686, by the architect Sir William Bruce and is regarded as one of his finest works.
It hosts a formal dining room for up to 32 people - which would suit Justin's sizeable entourage - as well as an extensive whisky library with plenty of spirits on offer.
The house also has The Grand Salon, Garden Room, Gentlemen’s Drawing Room, Ladies' Drawing Room and Library and was called by Robinson Crusoe author Daniel Defoe "the most beautiful and regular piece of Architecture in Scotland".
As undoubtedly the most important early classical mansion in Scotland, it retains most of its original internal decoration and was occupied for 200 years as the home of the Montgomery family, who purchased the property in the late 18th century.
Despite its grandeur, it has been described as "the coldest house in Scotland", as until it was sold by the Montgomery family, it had only four radiators.
In 2010, it was sold for £4.25 million to Donald Fothergill, an English businessman, who thoroughly refurbished the house.
Some reckon it's haunted which would make it the ideal location for a Bieber Halloween party.

Excerpts of this original article exclusively appeared in the Sun

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Wednesday 26 October 2016


LEO DiCaprio has agreed to have a lunch date with one very special person in Scotland - and it could be you!
For a £5 donation that will go to feed the homeless at Edinburgh’s Home, a new restaurant from the teams behind Social Bite and Maison Bleue – , you will have a chance to attend a VIP lunch with Sir Tom Hunter, Chairman of the Scottish Business Awards, and this year’s keynote speaker Leonardo DiCaprio.
Last year, one very lucky gal got the chance to cosy up to George Clooney over grub in Edinburgh after over £400,000 was donated through website Itison to Social Bite, allowing them to feed the homeless for an entire year throughout Scotland.
This year all you need to do to enter is head to, donate a fiver and you could be in for a chance of lunch with Leo.
The cause makes a big difference in the lives of so many people, and will allow homeless people to dine with dignity in the amazing new restaurant - Home. So dig deep and donate multiple times.
Your donation will buy a meal for a homeless person at Home in Edinburgh, a brand new restaurant pairing incredible cuisine with a charitable heart.
Home is a partnership with Social Bite and Edinburgh Restaurant group Maison Bleue, with renowned chef Martin Wishart dreaming up monthly specials, and even donning the Home apron and cooking several times each year.
As well as serving great food to the public, the restaurant provides those in need with free meals, as well as giving homeless people jobs and the training they need to get back on their feet and really break the cycle.
For more info on Home visit: or phone 0131 220 0773 to book.
The winner will be selected and informed on Friday 11 November and will also receive:
An overnight stay for two with dinner at The George Hotel (only you will attend the lunch)
1st class travel within Scotland to Edinburgh with ScotRail (where available)
A £1,000 Champagne and shopping experience at ROX, George Street

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Wednesday 19 October 2016


NEW Glasgow reality series Glow hits our computer screens tonight and the tension is mounting to see if it's worth the hype.
There's a lot of expectation to meet.
It promises 'a bit of glamma, a bit of drama' and having watched a preview, remains optimistic it will flourish as time goes on.
We want it to work - and yes, it needs a bit of work - but commendably, ambitious producer Stephanie Docherty has made something from nothing - so we hope GRTV take any early criticisms on board for the following five shows.

In episode one, we meet the eleven protagonists including honours graduate Joanne, club promoter Tommy, smiling nightclub boss Brian, fitness trainer James E, nurse Stephanie, roofer James D, boxer Paddy, bar manager Denise and ex wag Lauren.
They all have the blingy aspirational look we so love our reality characters to have - as well as a more vulnerable side to their personalities.
Having established what everyone does for a job through opening visuals, the main scenes take place at a boxing event, a black tie dinner, a dress shop and in one of the lads houses.

The show is currently unscripted, unlike TOWIE, and Made in Chelsea which means conversations are kept au naturel.
On occasion this makes them difficult to decipher, and not always particularly gripping but again, it's early doors.
There's the battle in the ring and then the real fight at the ringside.
The cat fight between two female cast members - Denise and model Jemma over some unnecessary flirting is definitely more intriguing than the battling semi pros and Denise is knockout.

James E also comes across well as a cheeky sort of chappy with his quips and laddish moves on the dance floor, but other characters don't get much screen time yet - apart from shy Paddy.
There are definitely other personalities in there - and some future pin ups- so we're looking forward to seeing them get their spotlight.
There is romance, albeit slightly cringe, and there is friction - and the gowns are fabulous.

There are also some nice shots of Glasgow's squinty bridge.
The Scots created soundtrack, with upcoming bands, which we enjoyed propels the action nicely.
Glow may not quite be beaming as brightly as some of its characters fake tans but a few tweaks here and there, some polish, and a bit of Botox, and any wrinkles could soon be ironed out.

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