Wednesday 19 October 2016


NEW Glasgow reality series Glow hits our computer screens tonight and the tension is mounting to see if it's worth the hype.
There's a lot of expectation to meet.
It promises 'a bit of glamma, a bit of drama' and having watched a preview, remains optimistic it will flourish as time goes on.
We want it to work - and yes, it needs a bit of work - but commendably, ambitious producer Stephanie Docherty has made something from nothing - so we hope GRTV take any early criticisms on board for the following five shows.

In episode one, we meet the eleven protagonists including honours graduate Joanne, club promoter Tommy, smiling nightclub boss Brian, fitness trainer James E, nurse Stephanie, roofer James D, boxer Paddy, bar manager Denise and ex wag Lauren.
They all have the blingy aspirational look we so love our reality characters to have - as well as a more vulnerable side to their personalities.
Having established what everyone does for a job through opening visuals, the main scenes take place at a boxing event, a black tie dinner, a dress shop and in one of the lads houses.

The show is currently unscripted, unlike TOWIE, and Made in Chelsea which means conversations are kept au naturel.
On occasion this makes them difficult to decipher, and not always particularly gripping but again, it's early doors.
There's the battle in the ring and then the real fight at the ringside.
The cat fight between two female cast members - Denise and model Jemma over some unnecessary flirting is definitely more intriguing than the battling semi pros and Denise is knockout.

James E also comes across well as a cheeky sort of chappy with his quips and laddish moves on the dance floor, but other characters don't get much screen time yet - apart from shy Paddy.
There are definitely other personalities in there - and some future pin ups- so we're looking forward to seeing them get their spotlight.
There is romance, albeit slightly cringe, and there is friction - and the gowns are fabulous.

There are also some nice shots of Glasgow's squinty bridge.
The Scots created soundtrack, with upcoming bands, which we enjoyed propels the action nicely.
Glow may not quite be beaming as brightly as some of its characters fake tans but a few tweaks here and there, some polish, and a bit of Botox, and any wrinkles could soon be ironed out.

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