Wednesday 30 August 2017


SIR Alex Ferguson might be known for his famed hairdryer treatment but he ended up giving Hilton staff in Glasgow more of a gentle blow dry as he held an impromptu coaching session with them after a big night out.
It was like a scene from the half time dressing room as the former Manchester United manager volunteered to give one of his famous motivational sessions to staff at the city centre hotel the morning after he had hosted a charity dinner there.
And managers and front of house staff couldn't believe it as the famous Scot sat down with them at their breakfast debrief meeting to talk about teamwork.
The Glasgow Hilton which celebrates 25 years of being in business this year had donated its services to host a charity night for Street Soccer with Sir Alex.
The charity provide a range of football-related development and training programmes to socially disadvantaged people, including the homeless.
The following morning he was chatting at breakfast with management who told him they were about to have a debrief from the night before.
Sir Alex, who was officially off duty, then offered to attend the meeting so he could give staff some extra motivation.
William Hume Restaurant Manager said: " I have met Sir Alex on many occasions and he is indeed a great friend of Hilton, Glasgow. After breakfast Sir Alex joined the breakfast team for the debrief. He felt it very important the stance we were taking in listening to the guests and staff.”
An insider added: "He might be famed for his Hairdryer treatment with players like Rooney and Rio but underneath the scary demeanour is a golden heart who wanted to take some time out to help and support young kids."
Sir Alex spent an hour with the hard working staff and gave them advice they'll never forget.
The insider continued: "During Sir Alex's chat he talked about the importance of strong leadership. He said we are all leaders and each and every one of you has a role to play. He also talked about the importance of teamwork, listening and sharing information and having an appreciation of each individuals contribution. He told us that when we are leaders in an organisation we should get to know everyone’s name and make them feel valued, irrespective of station or rank.
Sir Alex also talked about the proud history of Glasgow and especially his love of Govan, and the legacy of Jimmy Reed in the political life of Glasgow.
The insider added: "Sir Alex spoke of the famous “Rat Race” speech made by Jimmy Reed when he was made Rector of Glasgow University in 1972. He then answered questions from the breakfast team and talked about his love of tattie scones."
New GM, Calum Ross, who has made a series of changes and is really behind the positive changes to install “teamwork” across the whole hotel both front of house and behind the scene said: "Sir Alex talked about the importance of 'TEAM' - that’s something we are also passionate about. He was here for the Street Soccer event and then surprised us all by coming to our staff meeting."
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