Friday 17 July 2020


LOVE Island winner Paige Turley has revealed that telly bosses had to cover up her bruises when she posed in a bikini for the show - at the same time as her famous ex Lewis Capaldi released a celebrity sing along video for his own song Bruises.  
The Fauldhouse born singer is flying high on the top ten on iTunes after releasing her first single on Thursday night - a dance cover of Artful Dodger’s track Movin Too Fast. 
She revealed that she was making her own bruises like ex Capaldi in December when she was heading to South Africa for Winter Love Island. 
She said: “Funny story - it was my works night out in December  and we ended up going to Subby after it. I was pished by the time I was heading in. So I fell and had a huge bruise on the side of my leg on my arse and I had my Love Island shoot three days later. They had to put make up on this massive bruise on the side of my arse.” 
Paige added: “I saw that about the Sub club maybe closing  - that’s a shame if it does shut.”
During a chat to promote her new song Paige also revealed why she and Finn moved to a Manchester rather than London to share a house together. 
She said: “Finn is from Milton Keynes so it was either London or Manchester just for work stuff but I think London was just a bit too far. And the prices in London and stuff are just shocking comparison to Scotland. Manchester is like a mini London with all the bars and a lot of the fashion brands are Manchester based. To be fair Callum who was in the villa with us sold us the dream.”
As well as making him watch Scottish viral videos and Still Game she has also been schooling Finn on the GBX dance show. 
She said: “I’ve been teaching Finn the ways of like GBX so come Friday you hear him.He’s loving it he’s like come on Georgie boy give us a shout out in his English accent.”