Friday 30 June 2017


JAPANESE food lovers will be in their element with the brand new flagship YO! restaurant in Glsgow City Centre - and Scottish salmon suppliers will be thrilled to bits too.
With 72-covers in a historic listed building at 85 West George Street the Yo! Glasgow Central restaurant will serve a perfect mix of YO! classics and newly curated dishes including hot favourites Katsu Curry, Ramen & Miso, Yakisoba, Chahan, Teriyaki, Gyoza and Tempura, and delicious hand made cold Nigiri, Temaki, Sashimi, Rolls and Fresh Salads.
The restaurant which has just opened its doors this week also serves up a brilliant 16 vegan and 33 vegetarian dishes. has always loved a bit of the exotic and we will be first in line to try the amazing range of grub on offer.

Is it just us who gets excited at watching the endless conveyor belt of food? We feel like we're playing a game we always win when we eat at YO!
We'll let you know how we get on with the latest dishes shortly.  We've always loved the salmon sushi dishes but can't wait to try out some of the new hot food on offer.
 To demonstrate its commitment to Scotland, the restaurant is working with Scottish suppliers to source the best quality salmon fresh from the country’s shores.
In fact from July 2017 only Scottish salmon will be served in YO!’s 78 restaurants across the UK.
YO! is one of the only high street restaurants that freshly prepares its dishes on site, and this year is celebrating twenty years of being in business.
 Set within a prominent historic listed building, the new Yo! retains, and indeed showcases, much of the original cast iron frames, both internally and externally.
A striking new glass facade will overlook the bustling hub of Nelson Mandela Place along with a further glass impression running the length of the building on the West George Street adjacency, and leading to a bright welcoming main entrance.
We managed to spot some of the original signage for the place while it was being refurbished.

Inside, YO!’s legendary Kaiten belt will frame the central theatre kitchen and snake around the entire restaurant, allowing customers to grab the fresh dishes from every seat.
Elsewhere, standout design features carrying distinct Japanese references include a stunning Origami-inspired ceiling as well as ‘Shoji’ screen-inspired cladding to the internally illuminated belt.
A new To Go menu will also be available across both hot and cold dishes.
YO! CEO, Robin Rowland OBE said: “We are thrilled to confirm YO! is returning to Glasgow city centre. YO! fans can expect to enjoy exciting new food offerings, as well as all their popular favourites, enjoyed off YO!’s legendary signature conveyor belt, and set against a cutting-edge restaurant interior.
“YO! Glasgow Central will be a fitting statement for a city we have a fantastic history with.