Wednesday 9 September 2020


TYSON Fury and his brother and fellow boxer  Love Island Star brother Tommy Fury are in Scotland after coming on a road trip here.
The lads started their day early so they could drive down to Edinburgh in Tyson’s Rolls Royce as he pretended to seek out WWE heavyweight Drew McIntryre who is actually from Ayrshire. 
The lads checked in at the luxury Waldorf Astoria Caledonian Hotel where they were staying in a plush three bedroom suite. 
Tyson said: “We’ve got a lovely suite here, a three bedroom suite, pimping, living it up.”
Tyson then compared the corridors to those of The Shining films Overlook Hotel while Tommy tried to give him a fright and said: “Here’s Johnny.”

During a walk on the Royal Mile, Tyson got a sole piper to escort him while he played the bagpipes. With Edinburgh Castle in the background Tyson shouted over the pipes for the Ayrshire boxer to ‘come out and fight like a proper man’  and accused him of hiding from him. He said: “Been looking all over Edinburgh for you. Drew McIntryre come out and fight the Gypsy King.”
Later he and Tommy and their friends were suited and booted by local suppliers and Tyson got a hot towel head shave so he could be ‘smooth as a baby’s bum’  as they all drank bubbly ahead of a night out for dinner and drinking. 
Tommy even did an impression of James Bond as he said: “The names James, James Bond.”