Monday 18 March 2019


Beverley Lyons
LEWIS Capaldi has already got the bosses of Capital Radio worried about his forthcoming appearance on the new station.
Breakfast show presenters Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay revealed that Lewis is one of the first big names lined up for when they take over the Scottish airwaves on April 8 - and they admitted they’re already worried about what he might say.
Ronan who was in the city’s Malmaison to launch the new national takeover of the Breakfast show previously presented by Des Clarke and Jennie Cook claimed: “When we do go national one of our first live guests is Lewis Capadli and when he is on the show I’ve got to have the quickest hands in radio to reach for my bleep button.”
Lewis is known for uttering the odd expletive and recently did so at the Brits. He also likes to talk about toilet functions a lot.
Ronan, whose father is Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet and Eastenders game added:  “When you bring a real artist like that, someone who people have literally seen from start to finish or to where he is now it’s more interesting to have that than a robotic voice that has said stuff a million times.”
Sonny admitted that the station were concerned. He added: “I’m going to call it now. He’s going to get us in a lot of trouble. It’s not a challenge though Lewis.”
The trio believe that Lewis night even give former guests Miley Cyrus and Love Islands Chris Hughes a run for their money.
Miley got her bum slapped on Capital and talked about finishing a joint at the MTV awards as well as playing a dodgy game of Mr and Mrs with Mark Ronson.
Love Islands Chris Hughes revealed he’d sent some dodgy DMs live on the breakfast show.
Vicky said: “The two biggest bits of trouble we’ve got in from artists that have said something on air they shouldn’t have done when we were going live could not be further apart. Miley Cyrus got us into trouble and Chris Hughes from Love Island got us into trouble. Those two between them have done the worst. Lewis Capaldi may very well top them.”
The presenters enjoyed their flying visit to Scotland to meet up with Drivetime presenter Garry Spence. They say they can’t wait to return, join in with some more Scots hospitality and bring some of their celebrity friends with them next time they are up.
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