Thursday 27 June 2019


Beverley Lyons
KICK Ass and Kingsman writer Mark Millar claims he’s working on a new superhero drama based on The Kardashian’s.  
The Coatbridge born comic book king says he will start shooting the project in just one weeks time - and that it will last over a six year period. 
Mark, 49, who was a first at the relaunch of Kebabish in Glasgow said: “We start a thing in a weeks time - a six year shoot in Canada. It’s a superhero show. It’s big family drama with superheroes.”
He explained: “Imagine you were the children of Superman and Wonder Woman but you just want to be Kardashian’s and want to love the life. You don’t want to be superheroes. That is what the show is about. “Imagine the Kardashians with superpowers.”
Mark who is an executive for Netflix after his  publishing company Millarworld was acquired by them for £25 million in 2017 said he was making the most of the free food on offer at the restaurant launch. 
He laughed: “I’ve been eating as much free stuff as possible and have just been filling my pockets. I’m starving. I’ve actually eaten nothing all day so this place will be bankrupt by the end of the week.”
Despite his wealth he said he prefers to spend time in shabby drinking haunts rather than living it up. 
He said: “I spend a lot of time in Glasgow but I drink in dingy pubs, the sort where you wouldn’t go in. I like old man pubs and anything trendy you won’t see me there. This is the coolest event you’ll probably see me at.”
Mark has finished working on the next Kingsman films and has committed to Netflix until 2027. 
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Sun on Sunday - From Scotland with Love 

Sunday 23 June 2019


Beverley Lyons
A ‘moonie’, a talking dj and a plastic cup of warm punch in the dusty old assembly room at school used to mark the end of secondary school in Scotland, but now the all American prom has taken over.
The seed might have been planted by Grease in the late seventies, but since shows like High School Musical,  Glee, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians properly invaded these shores over the last fifteen years, the once humble school dance has turned into a multimillion pound business where parents can pay as much as £1000 for a dress, before splashing even more on tan, professional make up, hair, nails, swish transport  and then a five star venue.
Where once a random assortment of sad mouth blown balloons, tables laden with limp cold sausage rolls and a dance with the art teacher were de rigeur at any self respecting end of term bash, now the trend is to go all out - LA style.
Blame the internet if you will, but kids these days are more sophisticated than we ever were.
Limos, air conditioned coaches and even helicopters are hired in while the school gym hall has been swapped for five star hotels with red carpets, flower walls, photo booths and special guest appearances.
Forget Sandy’s innocent A line frock as she got down to the Hand Jive, now embroidered designer gowns are in demand for the coming of age celebration while little Danny's choose the latest suits and shirts from Milan.
Sarah Wilson, proprietor of Lilian Rose Boutique on a farm in the outskirts of Irvine, has over the past ten years, become the largest stockist of prom dresses in the West Of Scotland. She sees thousands of teens and their anxious mums come through her doors each season.
A chandelier hangs from the ceiling while intertwining roses adorn the Instagramable walls and three floors of prom dresses provide a fairytale fashionista experience for discerning clientele who are willing to pay from £200 to £700 for a dress they may only wear once.
Sarah said: “We start our social media for the year ahead in August and take most orders over September to Christmas for the following June or July. Most people know what they are wearing by March but some girls send away for a dress from abroad online and come to is in a panic in March when it arrives and it’s wrong.  
Mums sometimes give them a budget and a dress that looks amazing online for a hundred pounds can sometimes be unwearable when it comes .
We have an amazing array of dresses for two hundred pounds but some girls look for a dress at eight or nine hundred pounds.
Every year we reduce some dresses to ninety nine pounds for one day without an appointment and it’s first come first served and we get queues of forty people round the door.
“We offer something totally exclusive, a private one hour long appointment with each girl and only one dress of each style and colour.
We have a very strict diary system and only sell one style of a dress to a particular event. I travel the world to  hand pick couture dresses and meet with a lot of designers from as far afield as Australia where they really are at the top of their game.”
Sarah, a former teacher, initially offered cocktail and Saturday night glam style dresses but three years ago concentrated on more full length Prom style and award ceremony gowns when she realised not enough retailers had quality offerings
She said: “Prom dresses are totally unique and different from graduation dresses. They tend to be more fairytale style dream dresses and 2019 has seen a lot of tuile, vintage tones, blush nudes and rose violets or silver pewter. Red dresses are also popular and the cut is definitely backless with a plunging neckline, not cleavage, but with perhaps crystals coming down and  a very fitted bodice. The occasion warrants full length and there is lots of detail like handstiched appliqué flowers this year.”
Sarah says teens don’t even ask if they will wear the dress again.
She said: “They just want a wow dress that will work for them and they are influenced by what Kylie Jenner and Kardashians wear or what they might see on programmes like Love Island or on local fashion bloggers.”
“Some might wear them again if they can cut them up or make them into a top.”
Mum’s and dads are often anxious when they visit the boutique.
Sarah said: “Mum’s have heard their kids talking about the boutique and I talk them through it and how it works. When you are spending that amount of money you want an experience and girls often bring their gran and mum.  When daughters step out from the screen and see themselves in the mirror they are so surprised.  Even the dads see their wee girls transformed. We go through so many hankies. People can choose their dress in September and for a minimum deposit we hold it over eight or nine months free of charge. The dress is the starting block and then come shoes and accessories, hairstyles and nails.”
Sarah has been asked to supply Prom dresses for primary sevens recently but says that is not currently her market.
She explained: “Our full length dresses are age appropriate for sixteen year olds and are not suitable for primary sevens who are better in knee length dresses.”
Things can get emotional as dresses are chosen and tears of joy can turn to tears of sadness as young promzillas may find their dream dress has already been picked.
She added:”Generally people are well behaved but you might get the odd ‘promzilla’ who might not be happy that the dress they want has been sold and may have to go away and come back for another appointment after exploring the options.
Some mums have a definite style they want and that can be at odds with what their daughters want. It can be a mother of the bride scenario and sometimes they need to eat and sleep on it.
“We remain calm because it’s an experience we want everyone to enjoy.
We also have a strict no photograph policy unless someone is purchasing a gown because some people don’t want others to see their dress until the day.
There can be tears but mostly of joy when mum’s  dads see their children dressed up. We’ve heard of people getting sports cars and tractors to proms and going all out to make it a night to remember:”
Clyde 1 DJ Cassi was booked to provide entertainment at a prom and couldn’t believe the extravagance of it all.
She said: “Just this week I was asked to present awards at a swanky Prom in Glasgow’s Oran Mor. I was booked for half an hour just to hand out some awards. The guys were suited and booted from Slaters and there were giant lit up letters spelling Prom and helium balloons from the Thrill of It All. There were linen table cloths, singing waiters and waitresses and a lit up dance floor and it looked more like a wedding or red carpet bash.”
Olivia Bishop From Giffnock had her end of term Prom on Tuesday.
Olivia, 17, and her pals from Mearns Castle school booked the city’s Hilton hotel by committee at £50 a head.
They also ensured no girl bought the same dress as their peers by having an online group chat where each student posted the outfit they were wearing in advance.
Olivia said: “The s6 committee chose a hotel because it had a better feel to it.  We had a dance floor, flower wall and photo booth with balloons and a dj. Everyone was happy to pay the £50 and around fifty of my friends and I met at a house for pre drinks then got an air conditioned bus with party music on it. The dresses were all long and different  colours and we started getting them from August. We had a Facebook chat and had to post pictures of our dresses on it so none of us had same dresses on it. There were a lot of red dresses and darker colours,  baby pinks and a lot of sparkle. Some people spent up to eight hundred pounds on a dress but others got seventy quid dresses from the high street which looked equally as good.
Everyone wanted to have their own individual styles. I didn’t want a puffy or sparkly dress. I wanted something more simple and got matching nails with love hearts on them. I got make up at Lux Glasgow because they are good at prom make up and I  got my Penny Levy jewellery from my mum Phil’s Boutique . We were all really excited and had been forward planning for months and mum and dad thought I looked really grown up. I felt that I was moving onto the next chapter and I’m going to do fashion marketing at university in Nottingham now.”
Olivia’s mum Philippa, 53, a personal  shopper, stylist and proprietor of home atelier Phil’s Boutique is a mother of three girls.  
She says it’s been all change since her oldest Gaby, now 26, first attended her prom ten years ago.
She said: “When it started with Gaby, who is now 26, people certainly weren’t spending as much on dresses. Now it’s more competitive and everyone has to go through the whole shebang of hair, make up and nails.
Gaby will never forgive me. I sent her in an old bridesmaid dress to the Prom. She still talks about it to this day whereas Cara and Gaby got proper Prom dresses. The boys make such a big effort too.
“The growth of the internet means kids  have become more aware about what A-listers are wearing. Some go very glam and OTT while some are more understated. It has grown into a real business.”
Philippa believes there is a way to do Prom on a budget and still look good.
She said: “You can buy dresses from Boohoo and ASOS, and Top Shop and then add little clips from places like Primark to  customise them.
“There are lots of vintage and second hand shops now too and you’d never know the dresses had been worn before. Kids can look just as good if not better because it’s all about style and that is not always something that can be bought.”
Phil has been asked to supply prom dresses and accessories by some of her clientele and is considering expanding her business.
She said: “At the boutique in my house I specialise in everyday wear for women of all ages although we have had a few enquiries into Prom wear. It’s certainly given me food for thought. Young people today are a lot more sophisticated. They are more interested in fashion than when we were younger. I quite like the quirky fashions. It’s an emotional final ending to mark the end of school and it makes you really proud as a parent to see your kids going onto the next step.”
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Scottish Mail on Sunday 
From Scotland with Love

Saturday 22 June 2019


 1743 is a huge date in the Moët & Chandon calendar because that’s when the House first introduced its champagne to the world. 

So it made sense that we celebrated that fact by having a ‘grand pour’ of the sparkling and elegant elixir at 17:43 exactly in Glasgow’s October Cafe. 

 As a guest of Moet Chandon, was treated to an array of entertainment from the fab saxophonist Trav SAXingh who gave Cafe Del Mar a run for its money with his funked up melodies and DJ Kyle Brawley who kept the beats going strong all afternoon. 

It was a civilised affair as Moët Rosé Impérial with its pink summery hues was served up on arrival in bespoke glasses to Glasgow’s style crowd. 

Amongst them were our fellow bloggers Everyday Man, Gentleman Select and Blu Blazer Guy, STV’s Laura Boyd and The Evening Times Aftab Ali. 

The ‘grand pour’ was a sight to behold as the Moët Rosé Champagne pyramid fountain was poured to breathtaking effect in the centre of October with complimentary toasts for revellers. 

Fruity yet mature, it means that Summer has now officially arrived and we were thrilled to be part of a #MoetMoment. 


Thursday 20 June 2019


Beverley Lyons 
A Glasgow club is so underground that punters are asked not to take pictures. 
Rost in Glasgow at 49 Bell Street has already been running for three months and those in the know have already partied till the wee small hours in its bunker like space. 
The club which has a capacity of 270 has already played host to art school degree show bashes as well as some big name private parties but you’d never know unless you’d been. 
Director Paul Sweeney said: “We opened for three months without being on social media. We wanted to drive things underground and provide a safe space for the city’s creative and leftfield crowd.”
The club is so underground that guests are asked to adhere to a no photos policy.
 Paul said: “We request that people take no photographs and ask them if we can put a sticker on their camera phone before they come in. Everyone is always receptive to that. 
“If we are hosting a gig that is a bit different, but with regards to our clubnights we like of give people the anonymity they deserve. 
We’ve been opened a few months and have a  capacity of 270 in our main room. We also have an application pending to introduce a new cafe bar offering for Glasgow’s Merchant City within the premises.”
The interior of Rost, which means rust in German, has walls that oxidise over time. 
It’s very industrial and stripped back so that art students and club promoters can provide their own colour if need be. 
The club is fully operational every Friday and Saturday but has been hosting events on Thursday and Sundays as part of the art school degree programme. 
This Sunday it plays host to a founding member of the famous Acid Jazz label who is who playing a special DJ set. 
Eddie Piller is not only one of the founding members of the famed Acid Jazz label (along with Gilles Peterson), he’s also a founder of the legendary Blue Note club.
Acid Jazz started off the careers of The James Taylor Quartet, JamiroquaiBrand New Heavies and many more.
He’s a man who brings serious clout with him and the Merchant City club  are thrilled to have been able to secure him for a four hour long DJ set from 10:30pm.
Eddie, who recently performed a set for Lauren Laverne on Radio Six music who will also be featuring the event, is just part of Rost’s celebrations for the Glasgow Jazz Festival.
The club also celebrated with an official after party for Mulatu Astatke at the fest on Friday.
Paul said: “This is our first year of involvement with the Jazz Festival. For a jazz based event the club has the atmosphere anyone would look for - a low ceiling basement with great acoustics. Our  live content is based on us providing a place for mostly electronic and visual performance.
On Sunday we welcome The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra at 7:30pm for a full show before Eddie Pillar takes over for his set. 

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in Glasgow Live 
From Scotland with Love 

Monday 17 June 2019


A Scots Indian restaurant is the first to go completely nut free in its dishes.
The Dhabba in Glasgow’s merchant city has become the first Indian restaurant in Scotland to offer people with nut allergies a kitchen where no nut dishes are manufactured.
Owner Navdeep Basi and his staff at the North Indian restaurant have ensured that no nuts will be used in their kitchen.
They have also contacted their suppliers to check how they process food in a bid to eradicate nuts in the ingredients they receive from elsewhere.
And whilst they cannot guarantee 100 per cent that some foods have not been packaged in facilities where nuts exist, they have tried to minimise the risk of this.
Navdeep said: “We are very conscious about the needs of our customers and the growing demand for nut free meals. At The Dhabba our chefs have found another way of making quality dishes that taste a lot better and have a similar texture.
We have even contacted our suppliers to check how they process food in a bid to eradicate nuts in the ingredients. We have tried out utmost to minimise the risks of having any nuts in our food and our kitchen process has been rigorous. There will no nuts or even mustard seeds used in our kitchens at all.
The only allergens on our menu now are a small bit of gluten, dairy and egg and we have recently launched a separate brand new vegan menu which has a wider choice.
A note on the restaurants menu now reads: “All the foods on our menu are prepared without using nuts, peanuts, sesame, mustard, celery, lupin and sulphites. Our standard operating procedure ensures that all the ingredients we use in our kitchen are free from these allergens. However, please note that some of the products we procure may have been packaged in facilities that also handle some of these allergens.”

From Scotland with Love

Saturday 15 June 2019


SCOTS singer Darius Campbell is marking Fathers Day by changing his surname back to Danesh.
The former Pop Idol, who played Billy Flynn in Chicago and Sky Masterton in Guys and Dolls, also revealed he has plans to spend more time in Scotland as he jets between his other home of LA where he is also working in the movie business.
Darius, who was married to Species actress Natasha Henstridge in 2011 before filing for divorce in 2013 and finalising paperwork in 2018, exclusively told the Scottish Sun: “I’m coming home to give back and acknowledge the wisdom of my ancestors. Part of that includes celebrating with mum and dad and that they have both managed to defeat a diagnosis of terminal cancer and the fact that between them they have given more than eighty years of service to the NHS and philanthropy.
I’m also changing my surname back to Danesh, my father’s Persian name.”
He explained:”When Simon Cowell first offered me a record deal he told me: ‘Mr Danesh I’m going to send you in the studio with Pete Waterman’. People called me Darius after that in the music industry and it was only when I started acting that I needed my surname.”
He added: “My father is my number one hero. Danesh means wisdom and I keep coming back to it through the world of film producing and technology that I am now working in. We have a new world of wisdom to tap into and it’s based on the quality of relationships we have. For Father’s Day it’s also the perfect timing. My father was very generous when I changed my name to Campbell in memory of my maternal grandfather after I buried him a few years ago. At that time, I wanted people around the world to know I was proud of my Scottish roots and still am, but it’s time to change back again.”
Darius, who has just announced that he will be strategic advisor of the George and Annette Bell Foundation and spoke of his role at a swish ceremony in Glasgow’s Bute Hall yesterday, explained that wisdom and building relationships are at the heart of his business.
The Colourblind singer, who first shot to fame with his memorable performance of Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time in 18 years ago, produced Daniel Radcliffe thriller Imperium which saw the Harry Potter Star shave his head as an undercover FBI agent  and infiltrate a white supremacist group in 2016.
He revealed that he and his business partner  now have an LA office sandwiched in between Vin Diesel and La La Land producers.
He said: “I told my mum and dad I am going to split time between Scotland and LA offices.
“The minute the plane touches down here my breathing changes and everything feels just better.  The drinking water is better - you can drink it out of the tap and the people are amazing.”
Darius also paid tribute to his Funny Girl stage pal Sheridan Smith on Fathers Day after she lost her dad in 2016 to cancer.
The 37 year old star only just returned to Instagram this week after finding it hard to cope with the passing of 80 year old Colin whose birthday would have been on June 13.
Darius said: “Sheridan has done an amazing job to be able to do what she loves and it was an honour to meet her father and mother.
“Her mum and dad are beautiful people and I feel for her on the loss of her dear dad and a great soul.  I only work with people I care about and I care about her.”
Darius’ new role with the George and Annette Bell Foundation will see him and the charity help to give education and training to those who are in danger of becoming displaced in society.

Friday 14 June 2019


Beverley Lyons
A Scots Backstreet Boys fan ended up paying the taxi fayre for one of the US singing stars when he said he didn’t carry any cash.
Louise Hendry, 37, a financial services administrator from Glasgow was waiting outside the band’s city centre hotel when the bizarre incident happened.
And she admits she still can’t believe that she ended up paying up the cash for one of the I Want It That Way idols.
Louise was standing outside Glasgow’s Blythswood hotel trying to catch a glimpse of the lads who played the SSE Hydro last night when singer AJ McLean from the band arrived from a shopping trip in town in a black cab.
Louise, a Backsreet Boys superfan,  who walked down the aisle to the song Drowning, and even has a lyric from the song tattooed on her neck, said: “AJ had left to go shopping earlier and came back with his minder in a black hack a few hours later. He was carrying lots of shopping bags. There were two girls from Germany waiting for him outside the hotel as well as me and when he saw us he said: “‘I’ll see you in a minute. I haven’t got any cash to pay my cab.”
He went inside the hotel and I could see him asking the concierge about where he could try and get some money. He was told there was a bank machine across the road, but I  told his minder I would pay it to save him any hassle. I rushed over and although the meter said £5.10 I gave the driver £6.”
“When AJ came out the hotel I told him I paid his taxi and he said: “I really appreciate it” and gave me a kiss and a cuddle.”

“I’ve loved the band since I was 22 when my sister liked them and had their dvd in the house . Brian initially caught my eye but I’ve loved them all since”.
“I was so happy when AJ came over for a hug and it was absolutely worth more than the £5.10 taxi fayre. He said he’d enjoyed his day shopping but had bought ‘way too much s***’ as usual.  It was priceless and made my day. I met a Brian later too and had a laugh with him.”
The married mum of one laughed: “AJ has not paid me back yet and I’ve already bought my £93 front row ticket but you never know, I might get an upgrade on the tour.”
Louise said it was lucky she had cash on her as normally she only has her card on her too.
She explained: “I don’t tend to carry cash any more but  I had it because we going for a Chinese meal. I guess I had to miss a starter because of that but I don’t care cause I had a great day.”

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record - from Scotland with Love 

Wednesday 12 June 2019


A brand new Peri Peri chicken place is coming to Glasgow’s South Side  - and it’s the very first of a new Scots owned chain.
Signage is now up for Figo’s Peri Peri at 178 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands and according to owner Ahmed Iqbal, 38, it’s set to open its doors next week.
Ahmed, who previously owned Cafe Amirah on the same site, reckoned it was time to update his offering and now plans to roll out another five Figos restaurants and takeaways across Scotland over the next five years.
He said: “Over the last six months my business partner Adil Saleem and I have extensively travelled around the U.K. looking at different Peri Peri chicken restaurants and we think we have something exciting and new for our customers.
Our business is different from other chicken franchises because we have the option to change around the menu to suit our customer’s demands.  We can also be creative with our recipes and dishes and can offer specials at different times of the year. We are already looking at a second opening next year and for three to five venues around the West of Scotland and Edinburgh over the next five years.”
The flavourings for the Peri Peri chicken at Figo’s are made fresh daily which means they won’t lose their quality of taste.
Ahmed said: “Many restaurants use off the shelf flavourings which lose their quality of flavour after a few days of being opened but we use fresh ingredients every day. One of our unique flavours is our chilli, garlic and herb sauce which has been made to perfection.”
Ahmed added: “We want to create an atmosphere where people feel right at home when they come to eat here. It is not just a fast food joint and the experience is important. We have a very family friendly atmosphere and offers personal service with a bit of banter for our customers.”
Tables have been imported from France and other fittings have been specially made.
The full menu is still being finalised this week but Ahmed says there will be lots of loaded fries as well as steamed and grilled vegetable options for those who are diet conscious. All meat will be Halal.
He added: “We have our own unique style of doing things. One of the loaded fries options includes a chopped up hand crafted burger served up with a mix of our house made sauce, peppers, onions and melted cheese.
“Our burgers use locally sourced beef and are handmade from scratch using quality ingredients. We have lots of veggie options and are looking at gluten free and vegan options for the future too and our main dishes will average around the £5 to £7 mark.”
The venue seats twenty people and Figo’s will also be delivering via Uber and it’s own app on a few weeks time. (Sponsored)

From Scotland with Love

Thursday 6 June 2019


The Spice Girls said it ages ago and Girl Power truly reigns as TRNSMT festival announces its brand new stage.
Queen Tut’s Stage, a permanent new addition to the TRNSMT Festival, is set to pave the way for a new generation of female headliners, with organisers DF Concerts committed to breaking down the ‘Gender Play Gap’ at the event. and DF Concerts are also delighted Scottish Women Inventing Music (SWIM) will be onsite raising awareness of the organisation across the weekend.

Artists including Lauren Spiteri, LUNIR, ST MARTiiNS, Cara Rose, Chlobocop, Scarlett Randle will perform on Friday 12th July + Zoe Graham, CRYSTAL, Sahara, Tongue Trap, Wet Look, Swim School play on Saturday 13th July + The Eves, Zoee, Tamzene, Stephanie Cheape, Deni Smith, Baby Taylah join the bill on Sunday 14th July 2019.
SWIM is a community of music creators and industry professionals who identify as female, and welcome non-binary, trans, queer women. The organisation is committed to achieving a level playing field for women, pushing for gender equality across the music industry, which includes musicians, DJs, composers, photographers, journalists and tech staff. Across the weekend of TRNSMT, festival goers will have the chance to hear more about their important work and donate to support their mission.  

Speaking about the new stage at TRNSMT Festival, DF Concerts’ Aarti Joshi said: “The Queen Tut’s Stage is a very important addition to TRNSMT Festival. As a company, we are committed to helping to close the gender play gap and at TRNSMT specifically, we have focussed on providing a platform for core female acts at a grassroots level to help them become the bill toppers of the future. Of course, as an industry, we have a long way to go but we feel this is a real step in the right direction.”

“With what will now be three stages of exceptional music to choose from, TRNSMT fans have a lot to look forward to and we’re very excited about artists like ST.MARTiiNS, Cara Rose, Scarlett Randle, and Chlobocop to name a few - the talent on our doorstep is of such an incredible level and we’re looking forward to celebrating from 12-14 July at Glasgow Green”. 

Hilary Brooks (SWIM Founder) said: “Scottish Women Inventing Music is a grassroots organisation partly inspired by KEYCHANGE, the international music initiative pledging 50:50 gender representation on festival and concert stages by 2022. I’m delighted that DF Concerts have invited SWIM this year to promote, celebrate and support women artists at TRNSMT and to fuel the discussion of creating a more equal and collaborative industry.”

The announcement follows the success of the sold-out Queen Tut’s event back in March that saw the legendary venue King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut renamed in celebration of International Women’s Day. The new stage will give TRNSMT Festival fans the opportunity to check out some of the best emerging female acts the country has to offer across three days of incredible live music. 

Spanning a wide variety of genres and styles, the Queen Tut’s line-up is a brilliant snapshot of Scotland’s flourishing and incredibly diverse music scene. Bringing their wholly unique and deeply alluring brand of woozy alt-pop to Glasgow Green, Dundee duo ST.MARTiiNS will be sure to make their mark on the opening day of the festival. Having gained a strong foothold in the Scottish music scene, it is no surprise that the recent LAB Record signees have started to seize the attention of tastemakers down south. 

CRYSTAL will bring their raw, grungy anthems to TRNSMT for the first time on Saturday 13thJuly. Having made a lasting impression at the likes of Wide Days, TENEMENT TRAIL and more, they will go down a storm with TRNSMT fans this summer. All the way from the Scottish Highlands, Tamzene is sure to wow audiences with her incredibly soulful vocals and folk-inspired songs while fast-rising Glasgow artist Chlobocop will bring something entirely unique with her stylised, addictive pop tunes. 
The Queen Tut’s Stage artists will join a massive line-up for 2019 of Stormzy, Catfish and the Bottlemen, George Ezra, Gerry Cinnamon, Snow Patrol plus Richard AshcroftJess Glynne, Sigrid, Mabel, Sam Fender, Jade BirdCatherine McGrath and more. 
TRNSMT 2019 tickets are on sale NOW and available from WWW.TRNSMTFEST.COM