Tuesday 14 February 2017


AMY Macdonald managed to cook up the perfect treat for loved ones on Valentines Day - a deep fried Mars Bar!
The Scots singer who is about to release her fourth album Under Stars this week, was in Germany appearing on a telly show there when they asked her if she'd make the 'traditional' Scots dish.
Although she was more than a tad amused, she obliged by cutting the bar into tiny pieces before putting it in a deep fat frier they supplied.
She then garnished it with some cocktail umbrellas.
She said: "On German TV this morning they had me deep frying a mars bar for Valentine's Day. I love Germany."
After some fans accused the dish as being stereotypical, she added: "Ha! I did tell them that in my 30 years in Scotland I had yet to meet anyone that had ever tried it."
Amy, who appeared in Hamburg to perform a gig, travelled to Berlin for her cook off on Fruhstuckfernsehen which means Breakfast TV on Germany's SAT 1 channel.
She is returning to Glasgow this Friday for an appearance at HMV Argyle Street and Edinburgh's Ocean Terminal the following day

- Posted with love from Scotland by theShowbizLion.com