Tuesday 28 May 2024


CASINO chips used in Sean Connery’s first ever scene as James Bond are up for grabs at auction for the first time since the 60s. 
Sir Sean’s 007 was known for his panache and suave demeanour when it came to sitting by the roulette wheel or card table. 
The chips or gaming plaques are they are known were first used in the 1962 film Dr No at Le Cercle Casino, and can be seen clearly on the gaming table as Agent 007 (Sean Connery), acting as banker in the card game, memorably introduced himself with the iconic line, “Bond, James Bond” for the first time. 
Issued for £50 (number 0283) and £100 (numbered 0030), the betting plaques are genuine casino chips loaned by the Le Cercle Casino at Les Ambassadeurs Club in London. 
They came from the Mills family who owned the casino until 1992 and are estimated to go for £1400-1800 in Ewbank’s Entertainment & Memorabilia auction on May 30.
For those who have a smaller budget two £1 Le Cercle jetons from the film’s casino show are also available with estimates between £200-£400
Sean Connery memorabilia is always a big seller at auction with a two suits said to have been worn on screen by Sir Sean Connery in the 80s having sold for almost £7,000 in an online auction.
A grey suit, believed to have featured in The Untouchables, went for £1,625 at Lyon and Turnbull’s rare books, manuscripts, maps and photographs sale on Wednesday.
A cream suit Sir Sean is thought to have worn in either Five Days One Summer or Never Say Never Again sold for £5,250.

Sunday 19 May 2024


THE Daily Record’s Pride of Scotland event was full of glamour as celebrities graced the red carpet at Glasgow’s Hilton hotel. 
Love Island’s Laura Anderson, who looked resplendent in a figure hugging red dress, revealed she’d gone for sustainable fashion for the night. 
Laura, who was pregnant at last years awards, said: “ I’m very excited to be here. I’m the first one here. I feel like I’m the first at the party but it’s very exciting to meet everyone.”
Laura rented her dress from a website called HURR. She added: “It’s sustainable fashion and all that . It’s a little bit cheaper than buying which is always nice. I don’t know how many people have worn it but it smells nice.”
Laura who co presents the breakfast show on Capital radio said: “I’m just being a mum just now, getting up at four thirty in the morning.I don’t know how I manage it. 
My little girl is now eight months old. Last year she was in my belly. She’s got such a fun personality. She’s so funny and she does crack me up. I’m just trying to be present and work for her. ”
Comedians Janey Godley and daughter Ashley Storrie arrived at the same time at the hotel but as Ashley talked about her recent filming of her comedy series Dinosaur, Janey disappeared to find the mini horse that arrived from Therapy Ponies Scotland. 

Ashley said: “It’s so important to celebrate goodness in the world. We always go onabout the bad things that are happening but this is the good things and it’s important.”
Talking about her new BBC series she added: “ “I’m not a Dinosaur. I’m still a baby and not extinct.” 
As Janey disappeared to join the tiny horse further down the carpet, Ashley added: “It doesn’t matter. I could have won an Oscar but my ma has met a tiny horse.”
Janey said afterwards: “That wee pony was a like a real life My Little Pony. I was stroking its hair and everything. I loved it.”
She wasn’t the only one enamoured by the tiny horse. 
Asked if she might like to pose with it, or even take a shot at riding it, Susan Boyle who looked resplendent  in a pink dress from Frox of Falkirk laughed: “I’d probably buckle it.”

Another alternative for transport for the night was given by brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman, who offered to pick host of the night Elaine C Smith up on the red carpet. 
As Elaine ran for cover, they picked up theshowbizlion.Com’s Bev Lyons instead. 
The Three times world strongest man and two times European strongest man were thrilled to don their kilts for the occasion. 
Luke said: “We are giving out an award tonight which  is really special. It’s  great to see all the amazing people here.  It’s not going to be a drunken night tonight for Tom and I because we have a lot of competitions.”
Fellow heavyweight Sheli McCoy aka Gladiator’s Sabre was also providing strength on the red carpet. 
Sheli said: “I do feel a little bit like an imposter because there are some really amazing people tonight but I’m looking forward to enjoying the night and meeting everyone that deserves these awards. I’ve literally read some stories. I will need some tissues.”

Sheli from Dundee said of her role in the show: “My job is to meet force with force and to remind them again just why I’m there.”
As she was chatting, wrestler turned actor and presenter Grado joined her and revealed the two had never met before. 
As they swapped a strong handshake, she admitted she didn’t know who he was. 
Grado smiled and said: “She’s from the Gladiators and she doesn’t know who am are. Cmon. Ok there’s no lifting tonight.”
He added: “It’s good here cause I don’t think I’ve ever been at a Pride of Scotland awards. I’m excited I’m giving out an award. I’m with Mani from Scots Squad. I’ll get a night out with him and I’m sure the two of us will end up greeting.”

Saturday 4 May 2024


TRAITORS star Alan Cumming has revealed he had to take antibiotics to avoid the spread of Lyme disease after being bitten by two ticks on a photoshoot. 
Alan, who says he is a country boy at heart, currently lives in The Catskills in  New York and was doing a story about his life there for a magazine. 
However, as part of the shoot, Alan was seen climbing up ladders to trim hedging, and posing by a caravan in the woodlands surrounding his home. 
He has now told his followers he had to take antibiotics for four weeks after he noticed bites on himself following the photos. 
Alan, who posed for Upstate Diary magazine with his dog Lala, explained: “Lala and I are in the new issue of @upstate_diary.

Alan Cumming from Instagram
 Fun fact: I got two ticks during the shoot, one of which I didn't discover till a day or two later, and had to take a month of antibiotics to avoid getting Lyme's disease! Fashion and showbiz are perilous, people! 
Talking of which, all my clothes are by @paisleyandgray.”
Alan is currently in the highlands of Scotland where he is believed to be filming the latest series of Traitors. 

Monday 22 April 2024


AVENGERS: Infinity War director Joe Russo turned up by taxi to launch his own restaurant in Edinburgh after falling in love with the cuisine by Scots chef Sean Clark during a visit to the capital seven years ago. 
And Marvel filmmaker Joe who rushed to his new Under The Table restaurant from St Andrews where he was hanging out with Tom Holland for Sands International Film Festival,  said he and Scotland have a special bond - after his daughter and other family members also studied at St Andrews. 
Joe, who has invested in the venture alongside Sean and former wine merchant Paul O‘ Donoghue said: “It’s super exciting. This is my favourite chef in the world by the way so this is why I’m so glad he’s able to expand his experience from The Table onto a more informal every day event for the people of this town. 
Joe, who opened Simone restaurant in LA in 2018, added: “Anything I can do to get people support him and to get people to come and eat his food, because it’s some of the best food you are ever going to eat, it’s a good day.”
Talking of his love of Edinburgh, he added: “One I love the Scots and two I love these guys. I’ve been supporting this town for a long time. I’ve been supporting Scotland for a long time now. We shot Endgame Infinity War here at Waverley Station almost seven years ago now and my daughter graduated from St Andrews, and two nieces and a nephew graduated from St Andrews so, my family has a real foothold in Scotland.

“This town in particular is a very special town, a very artistic town, craft oriented, you have Iain Macpherson the cocktail panda who just won three awards, an incredible mixologist, on London this last week. And the Table is one of my favourite restaurant experiences in the world for many years now. So the fact that, like I said, we get to support them in opening a new venue, that’s now informal is a really good thing.”
Guests enjoyed a selection of canapés including venison and pigs ear ragu.

Monday 15 April 2024


SURVIVAL expert Grylls drank his own ‘urine’ in front of his audience on Glasgow on the first night of his nationwide tour. 
The award winning TV star, who will soon fly to Costa Rica to host new Netflix show Bear Hunt with Holly Willoughby, shared behind the scenes footage of his exploits and stories from his incredible life at the city’s Armadillo venue. 
Bear, who is also the youngest Chief Scout in the UK, talked about his early days in the 21 SAS to his survival on climbing Everest as well as his remarkable recovery following a near-fatal parachuting accident that left him with a broken back. 
And as part of his show he got some audience members up to interact with some of the challenges he’s faced in the past. 
Bear, who has had to drink his own urine to survive the wilderness in the past, invited a mother and her son up on stage and told them: “You’re about to hate me a whole lot more because for the next wilderness delicacy…”
He then climbed into a tent - zipped it up for privacy - and sighed with relief as the sound of water could be heard and he told the giggling audience: “Ok done” and emerged from the tent, showing off a glass tankard full of yellow liquid.  
He told the shocked mum and her son said: “Ok so this question is probably worth getting right.”
“If you get it wrong, this will be consumed. If you get it wrong you’re safe.”
“Four mountain ranges beginning with A”
As the lad and his mum looked scared that they didn’t know the answer, Bear told the audience  “Feel free to help them.”
Luckily they came up with four correct answers, Bear told them: “Well done. That was very close to a total disaster. But it wouldn’t be an evening if someone didn’t have to take one for the team so to speak.”
He then held the tankard up and said: “True never give upper, here’s to you guys”

As Bear drank the yellow liquid the little boy said: “That’s disgusting.”
During the night another mum and her son ate maggots.
He told them: “If you get the answer right, you don’t eat. If you get the answer wrong, you eat. Does that sounds alright?”
As he showed off a platter of maggots, themum said: “Gross.”
Bear said : “No cheating” then asked them to answer a multiple choice question about the height of Mount Everest.
The mum and her son replied correctly, and Bear replied: “That is the right answer. The thing is, right answers are really boring.”
He proceeded to ask them another question about Ben Nevis and another, until they got it wrong.
As he told the mum to pick up two maggots, she replied: “They’re crumbling…”
Crunching on them, alongside Bear, she then said: “Nutty.”
He added: “Sometimes the things we fear the most are not so bad.”

Friday 12 April 2024


HERE’S the moment Line of Duty cast member Vicky McClure aka DI Kate Fleming was reunited with cast members Martin Compston (DI Steve Arnott) and Craig Parkinson who plays DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan at a Glasgow club.
Punters couldn’t believe their eyes as stars of the hit BBC police show took to the stage to dance to ABBA, The Proclaimers, Madness and more on Saturday afternoon.
Vicky and her writer and producer husband Jonny Owen were hosting their daytime nightclub Day Fever UK alongside Reverend and the Maker’s Jon McClure in Glasgow’s BAad centre in the East end and didn’t hold back when it came to dancing to the classics.
Martin and Craig couldn’t resist joining in for what turned out to be a massive reunion in front of over 800 people.

Martin crowdsurfed and climbed on his friend’s shoulders while Vicky danced to all the songs, kissing punters and laughing away as she watched the crowd in front of her.
Craig also giggled as he swigged from his bottle.
The cast joined others on stage for a huge rendition of Loch Lomond by Runrig.
Anthony Boyle from Masters of The Air also joined the party and A Place In The Sun’s Jean Johansson was also in attendance.
Vicky arrived on Friday night with her husband and their ten strong party and they headed out for a curry at Glasgow’s The Dhabba restaurant as well as popping into the Horseshoe Bar.
She said she loved her visit to Glasgow and the food in The Dhabba.

Martin also said: ”Genuinely one of the best days out I’ve  had in years. Edinburgh you’re in for a treat.”
Fans loved seeing the trio back together with some questioning if they were meeting for another Line of Duty comeback in mind.

Tuesday 9 April 2024


SCOTS band The Ronains have had the seal of approval from a legendary singer after their new single attracted more than 1.8 million views on YouTube. 
Rockers Jim Reid and Debi Ronain and their band first recorded House of The Rising Sun in 2019 and their atmospheric video even features their guitarist and ‘brother’ Shaun Scott who sadly passed away not long after the band released the iconic video by Partickular films which can be seen on YouTube. 
After notching up millions of views across their social media platforms online, and after it was picked up for Netflix by gangster documentary Faces, the band decided to release it officially for download this week.
They’ve now received a message from original lead singer of The Animals Eric Burdon who had a hit with the song in 1964. 
And Eric who is now 82 years old didn’t hold back on how great he thought their version was, with fans now calling it the ‘best version ever’.
After hearing Debi’s vocals Eric wrote in an email: “She's absolutely magnificent, raw and the harsh and acidic qualities you're hearing might just be the result of her unique vocal style and the raw emotion she pours into the song. 
That being said, music is subjective, and what matters most is how it connects with the listener.
 I Ioved it and loved the style of how the track flowed from start to finish.
This song is nearly 60 years old and it really hits my heart strings, makes me so proud to know young bands are still singing it. Great job. Up The Ronains.”
Eric’s manager also commented: “I let Eric hear your version of the song and I have to say he absolutely loved it. There's been a variety of covers over the years but certainly none as unique as this one and the vocals of the singer are incredible.”
Jim Reid said: ”We’ve had a lot of comments from all over the world saying it’s very possibly the best version ever. We teamed up with Simple Mind’s Gordon Goudie and Rolling Stone’s producer Matt Colton on this which was amazing and we changed the song up a bit at the start and end, adding some extra lyrics. To have the seal of approval from Eric Burden takes things to a different level and we are buzzing. 
Debi added: “When I heard the news Eric had listened to the song i was speechless. It’s such an iconic song, thats been covered a million times over so the very fact he heard it and  took the time to even email us left me gobsmacked. 
He described my vocals exactly the way I wanted them to be received. When I sing that song I do so from the pit of my stomach and feel every word, those lyrics are mighty and if even one person can be moved by them, well then my job is done.”

House of the Rising Sun is available for download on all music platforms now.



Tuesday 26 March 2024


Glasgow’s renowned South East Asian Bar & Brasserie, Mamasan, begins a new chapter as it transforms into Scotland’s first listening bar with a programme of impressive global DJs and exceptional sound quality set to soundtrack the city.  

Starting this weekend (Good Friday, 29th March), it reinvents itself as an audio bar, following a comprehensive hi-fi overhaul and the installation of a bespoke, state-of-the-art sound system designed by sound engineers to elevate late-night cocktails and dining to an unparalleled auditory experience - a first for Scotland. With DJs from Belle & Sebastian and Sub Club already signed up to play, Mamasan enters a new era as the country’s first dedicated listening bar.

Despite being named the vinyl-collecting capital of the UK, Glasgow hasn’t had an audio bar concept to call its own. Until now.  Originating from 1950s Japan, the listening bar concept blends intimate dining with audiophile-grade music listening. These venues, which emerged in Tokyo's small bars, cafes, and record stores, serve as a hub for music lovers seeking a relaxed environment to appreciate high-fidelity sound.

Catering to a change in nightlife habits and a love for high-fidelity audio, the new Mamasan direction introduces a trio of new core pillars Bar, BBQ and Records. With an exciting roster of programming set to play: Chris Geddes of Belle & Sebastianfame as well as Harri from Glasgow’s iconic Sub Club, & Nick Peacock from The Buff Club and session drummer & DJ Toni McVey, who plays with Joesef, and recently completed a tour with Jungle. Curated by music specialists, Open Ear, guests can expect an interesting lineup of global musicians playing vinyl in the heart of Glasgow. This auditory feast is complemented with a brand new cooked over fire casual sharing menu crafted in partnership between top Scottish chef, Finn Steel-Perkins, and Great British Menu star, Ali Borer, alongside innovative cocktails from the bar.

The cutting-edge sound technology in Mamasan, complete with Danley’s renowned audio file quality, ensures every record is played back with the integrity and richness it was originally intended to convey. The venue has collaborated with leading music-tech brands including Technics, Pioneer, Master Sounds, Small Town Audio and Danley to unlock the full potential of recorded music, to elevate the guest experience for audiophiles and vinyl lovers alike. 

Alongside the music, guests can indulge in experimental cocktails from Mamasan’s bar or enjoy a brand-new Thai BBQ menu, featuring innovative sharing dishes, all cooked over coal on a bespoke grill. With fire at the heart of so many South East Asian flavours, Ali Borer of London’s renowned Thai BBQ restaurant, The Smoking Goat, and Mamasan head chef Finn Steel Perkinshave crafted the menu together in an unique collaboration that pushes boundaries with flavour. All of Mamasan’s fish, meat and produce are slowly cooked or smoked over fire, using a combination of charcoal, wood and freshly pressed coconut husks to develop a real depth of flavour. 

Brad Stevens, Founder of Mamasan, commented: “When Mamasan opened in 2020, our vision was to create a stylish dining concept that was as much about the drinks and music as the food. Due to the restrictions in place throughout the pandemic, we couldn’t finish the job we started. Now our new state-of-the-art sound equipment, combined with incredible Thai BBQ food and drinks means we’ve elevated the guest experience and we can’t wait for Glasgow to join us at Scotland’s first dedicated listening bar for an outstanding line-up of music.

Speaking about programming, Kevin McCrorie of Open Ear Music and DJ Matthew K said: “It’s a great honour to curate the lineup for Scotland's first audiophile bar. In a world where any song is available to anyone at the click of a button, it's important to have a place where music can be heard as it was intended. People will get the opportunity to hear music, with clear, pristine sound on an amazing system, yet will still be able to hold a conversation without the volume being overpowering. For a music loving city such as Glasgow, this is a much welcome addition.  Look out for some special names over the next few months.”

Mamasan Bar, BBQ & Records is open seven days a week from noon until 1am, with curated DJs spinning vinyl from Friday + Saturday from 9pm, and Sunday from 2pm.   The spring music programme is below, to book your table please visit mamamasan.co.uk.

Sunday 17 March 2024


Having celebrated his 70th birthday with a sold out show at the historic Royal Albert Hall in October 2023, Midge Ure is keen to continue the celebration of his life in music by announcing a new 23 date UK tour for November and December 2024.
The tour will give Midge the opportunity to showcase the musical breadth and versatility of his extensive song catalogue written during the past 50 years; giving old and new fans alike a truly remarkable night of hits and rarely heard gems.  
Midge says “I performed live long before I was ever allowed anywhere near a recording studio and as much as I love spending time writing and recording, live music remains my first love. This ‘Catalogue’ tour will allow me to not only play a wide selection of hits from my past but perform some of the most requested favourites. Revisiting these moments from my musical life is something I am really looking forward to sharing”.
Midge Ure has had an unrivalled career earning him Ivor Novello, Grammy and BASCAP awards along with a flotilla of gold and platinum records during the past five decades. His story includes the early teen glam rock of Silk, his foray with The Sex Pistols Glen Matlock for The Rich Kids into the 80’s which saw him secure his place in musical history not just as part of Ultravox and Visage who helped shape the new romantic and electro-pop era, but as producer and co-writer of Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ which led to Live Aid, the summer 1985 global concert that, all exaggeration aside, spoke for a generation.
15-Nov-24                  Bournemouth Pavilion
17-Nov-24                  Truro               Hall For Cornwall
18-Nov-24                  Torquay          Princess Theatre
19-Nov-24                  London           Palladium
22-Nov-24                  Portsmouth    Guildhall
23-Nov-24                  Oxford             New Theatre
24-Nov-24                  Cardiff             New Theatre
25-Nov-24                  Leicester         De Montfort Hall
27-Nov-24                  Ipswich           Regent Theatre
29-Nov-24                  Guildford        G-Live
30-Nov-24                  Sheffield         City Hall
1-Dec-24                     Birmingham   Symphony Hall
3-Dec-24                     Hull                 City Hall
4-Dec-24                     Gateshead     Glasshouse
5-Dec-24                     Scarborough  Spa Theatre
7-Dec-24                     Liverpool        M&S Bank Arena Auditorium
8-Dec-24                     Leeds              Grand Theatre
9-Dec-24                     Manchester    Bridgewater Hall
12-Dec-24                   Aberdeen        Music Hall
13-Dec-24                   Perth               Concert Hall
14-Dec-24                   Edinburgh       Usher Hall
18-Dec-24                   Glasgow          Royal Concert Hall

Tuesday 12 March 2024


Pic: Propstore
Beverley Lyons 
MEL Gibsons’s performance as William Wallace in iconic Scots film Braveheart would not have been the same without his trusty Claymore and now those with deep pockets have the chance to own one of the movie world’s most famed weapons. 
As legendary as Luke Skywalker’s original Star Wars light sabre, and arguably as important on screen as the protagonist himself, the signature Claymore was designed by noted armorer Simon Atherton and constructed with Del Tin blades based on real-world medieval-era Scottish broadswords.
It is now going on sale in auction from March 12 with a predicted price of between $60,000 - 120,000. 
The sword’s metal handle is said to be the only ‘screen match’ to that used by Gibson in the Award winning medieval biopic which first reached our cinemas on May 24 1995.
As the real Wallace was believed by some scholars to have wielded a customised sword of his own design, Atherton's version is similarly distinguished by personalised, yet historically accurate, detailing on its pommel and grip.
The Claymore is not perfect - as you would expect from one used in the movie which was best picture winner in 1996. 
The blade has been restored but the nicks and production distressing on this sword's pommel screen-match to when Wallace thrust his sword into the ground during the Battle of Falkirk.
Images from the fan-favourite moment later inspired the film's promotional campaign.
The handle features a distinctive cruciform crossguard, a matching scalloped pommel, and a brown leather ricasso and grip. 
According to auctioneers at Propstore, at an indeterminable time, the sword's original blade was removed just below the leather-wrapped ricasso, possibly for a specific effects shot. 
The sword has been restored to its original appearance by welding a replica metal blade to the ricasso. The replica blade was created from the exact dimensions of another production-used Wallace sword. 
The sword was intentionally distressed by production with nicks in the guard and pommel and discoloration to the ricasso to appear well-used in battle. It also exhibits some tearing from use. 
Propstore COO, Brandon Alinger added: “What makes this such a great piece is that we are able to match the sword to a specific scene in the movie.  The handle and all leatherwork is original and screen matches to Willaim Wallace thrusting the sword into the ground during an epic battle scene. It was that scene that inspired the film’s entire promotional campaign – so this one prop has multiple reasons to be prized and valued.”
The Claymore is not the only prized piece from the film that is up for grabs. 
The double bladed buckler used by Scots actor David O’Hara’s as Stephen of Ireland in the film is also for sale at a lesser estimate of $2,000 - 4,000.
Stephen wielded his signature buckler against the English as he battled alongside William Wallace. 
Constructed from metal and wood wrapped in red leatherette with solid metal blades extending from either side to create the double-bladed effect, the leatherette is studded with metal and a piece of tape across the front is hand-marked "Stephen." 
The weapon is intentionally distressed by production to give it a battle-worn appearance with nicks and grime applied to the metal. The buckler exhibits some discolouration from age and the blade was dulled by production.
Stewart's (Donal Gibson) bloodied stunt Battle of Stirling Bridge dagger which was used to slit the throats of English soldiers while fighting alongside William Wallace l in the Battle of Stirling Bridge is also for sale. 
The rubber stunt dagger is hand-painted silver and brown to resemble metal and wood, blood-stained, and erroneously labeled "MacGregor Stirling" on a piece of tape wrapped around the handle. It exhibits flaking paint and exposed rubber from production use and age and is estimated to sell for between $1,000 - 2,000. 
Those who also want to spend more on something less aggressive can get a vital piece from the historic wedding scene between William Wallace and Murron MacClannough (Catherine McCormack).

Pic: Propstore
William and Murron wrapped a wedding tartan around their hands when the priest (Robert Paterson) wed them in secret.
The red, black, and green wool tartan features a sewn straw "W and "M" for William and Murron alongside a flower-patterned arabesque design sewn with straw. 
The tartan exhibits intentionally frayed edges and loose thread from production use and is expected to sell for between $12,000 - 24,000.
Widely considered one of the greatest war epics of all time, Braveheart received 10 Academy Award nominations and won five, including Best Picture and Best Director for Gibson. 
The film also generated a great deal of tourism for Scotland and piqued interest in Scottish history, including into the real lives of Wallace and MacClannough.

Tuesday 27 February 2024


A Scots postman is punching above his weight after starting up his  own designer sportswear business in his bedroom - and now his creations are being worn by the world’s champion boxers. 
Robbie Campbell , 23, who was born in Alexandria but now lives in Edinburgh began his own sports company ActiveLine wear in late 2022.
The year before he’d started reselling Nike and UnderArmour sportswear online and felt there was a gap in the market for a more affordable designer sports and outerwear brand.
Robbie, who is himself a keen footballer, explained: “I didn’t agree with the pricing of some of the items I was selling like jackets that cost £120 and felt that I could sell my own quality brand for less. 
“I got a logo made and went for a brand and then I began looking for manufacturers. I work with a designer so we are always coming up with new ideas and everything we do is reflective so they are visible if you are running in the dark.”

He added: “I was selling a lot of items through Instagram but learned how to do a website myself and how to make the most of social media.”
I’ve now seen it grow from something small to getting more traction and I’ve been approached by online retailers who now want to stock my clothing.  I’m also supplying to a shop in Glasgow’s Re-Up clothing in the St Enoch Centre. 
Robbie’s new collection will mean he has more than thirty items on his website and he’s  also going to be offering women’s summer collections.
At the moment his shorts and T-shirts are his biggest seller alongside his jackets.
He said: “We’ve got bright colours and a mint range just now that everyone seems to be loving as well as black and grey that anyone can wear. We try and get the balance between bright colours and neutral colours so it will appeal to different people and I do think the price point is a major selling point.  Nike and UnderArmour are selling windbreaker jackets for three or four times the price and it’s too much for a lot of young people.”
Robbie was keen his brand would be taken seriously by sportspeople so reached out to some boxers to see if they’d be interested in being ambassadors for his clothing. 
His designs are now proving to be a knockout with two of them fighting on the biggest stage of them all in coming weeks.
Robbie said: “I chanced my luck and it paid off. We've now got Raymond Ford who is based in New Jersey and is going for the WBA  featherweight world title shot on March 2 in New York.  If he wins he will be the world title holder for the featherweight championship 
He seems to love the clothes and posts him wearing them all the time.”

EBU Champion Gavin Gwynne who will defend his lightweight title against Mark Chamberlain in March 8 in Saudi as the undercard of Anthony Joshua's fight with Francis Ngannou is also regularly seen in Robbie’s brand. 
Middleweight Liam Williams also wears ActiveLine and Welterweight champ Chris Kongo is also an ambassador. 
The brand has gained traction and Robbie is selling across the Uk and Republic of Ireland with other customers in Australia, Amsterdam, Netherlands and beyond. 
He said: “More retailers are approaching us daily and we have doubled our order numbers every month.”
Robbie would love to target footballers and other sports people but acknowledges it might be harder to muscle in on that market. 
He added: “We are focusing on real sportspeople and my hope is that I will soon be able to concentrate on this full time.” 
As he prepares to jet out to the States and Saudi Arabia next month, Robbie said “It’s very early days yet but I’m very excited. If I could attain a fraction of the success of Sir Tom Hunter as a Scot in the sportswear market I’d be over the moon.”

Sunday 18 February 2024


MICHELLE Keegan and Mark Wright spent the weekend partying at a Scots estate and country club to celebrate her grandfather Michael’s 90th birthday.
Michelle and her family including Scots born dad Mike, and her brother Andrew booked their three day long celebration at Ingliston Estate and Country Club in Bishopton, near Glasgow Airport.
Mark, who had also been booked to DJ at the venues Galentine’s lunch party in their grand marquee on Saturday, had initially asked Michelle to join him as an extension of their own Valentines Day celebrations. 
But, according to insiders, when Mark showed her the swish venue, the couple thought it would be perfect for her grandfathers own party and ended up booking Ingliston’s boutique hotel, function room and some lodges exclusively for their use. 
Michelle and Mark are believed to have hosted fifty of their own guests at the venue, which also saw Mark party with over five hundred revellers.

The three day long celebration began on  Friday when Michelle and Mark were spotted by fellow diners enjoying a meal at the resort’s Palominos restaurant.  
As she and Mark tucked into their food order from a menu which includes dishes like haggis croquettes, and prawn tempura, they were joined by other Scots born family members who soon took over a large section of the restaurant. 
The following day Michelle was spotted enjoying time with the horses on-site at the 100 acre country club twenty minutes from Glasgow centre. 

She also posted a picture of herself beside her grandfather as they tucked into a pint of Guinness following her breakfast of some square sausage, and told her followers online: “Let the weekend celebrations begin. Happy 90th birthday grandad.”
Michelle also made a brief appearance onstage with Mark, her dad, grandad  and other family members as revellers chanted her name at the venue during his set, but the star became overwhelmed as she was swamped for pictures from adoring fans. 

Later the couple and their relatives and friends headed to the art deco Salerno Suite, which boasts furniture from the Savoy hotel, to carry on with their celebrations. 
They are believed to have carried on until the wee small hours and left the venue today. 
An Ingliston spokesperson said: “We were delighted to host Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan and their family for what turned out to be a momentous occasion. It’s not everyday you get to celebrate your grandfathers 90th birthday and we are delighted such a high profile and much loved couple decided to spend his birthday with us. It made our Galentine’s event even more special.” 
The couple plan a return to the venue which says it has other ‘big name’ announcements coming soon.

Saturday 3 February 2024


NATHAN Evans might be celebrating being at number three on the iTunes chart but he says life has become even more hectic since he became a dad. 
The Scots charttopper, whose hit sea shanty Wellerman has now been played around the world and even got him on the US Kelly Clarkson show has been wowing fans with his new song Heather On The Hill and he’s juggling performances in between family life.
Following an appearance on This Morning Nathan, whose wife Holly gave birth to Hunter in July, told theshowbizlion.com : “It’s been hectic hectic and if it wasn't hectic before it's definitely more hectic when you have a baby, but it’s been incredible.”
Following a complicated C section Hunter had to be put on a CPAP machine (which provides air pressure to stop the airways collapsing) and oxygen and was in ICU for two weeks. 
Nathan said he’s now making brilliant progress. 
He explained: “He is so good and is amazing, sleeping well, eating well and checking off all the checklist and milestones he needs to hit.”
He added: “I think he’s got a musical mind already. Every time I crack out the guitar he's instantly interested, he's trying to touch it, he’s trying to  strum the strings, and if I’m just sitting playing songs or whatever, he just sits and watches and listens.
“And he’s dead calm so I don't know if I'm just being optimistic but I think he's got a bit of musical ability in him. I might be optimistic right enough.”

Former Aidrie postman Nathan first went viral in 2021 after he posted a sixty second clip of himself in TikTok singing a sea shanty whaling song. 
Within days the clip had gone viral with Queen guitarist Brian May, composer Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Gary Barlow, Ronan Keating and US chat show king Jimmy Fallon all posting their own versions of his track.
Since then he’s been signed and has released an album with a second in the works, as well as performed to legions of fans across Europe. 
He said: “I've been in Germany quite a lot from playing influencer charity football matches to playing big massive influencer shows to 15,000 people. At New Year's Eve I was the one to bring in the bells for a New Year's Eve at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin which had between 65 to 80,000 people there, which is ridiculous. Luckily the lights were brilliant  and I could only see maybe five rows so that was good. It wasn't until I came back and saw it on the screen and I was like, wow that’s a lot of people. That's probably the biggest show I've ever done and it was absolutely crazy. But it's incredible.”
Nathan’s latest song Heather on The Hill with its Scottish folk undertones has gained him even more fans.
Nathan said: “It's been absolutely mental. So on Wednesday, I had some filming during the day. I first straight from there down to London when I stayed over on Wednesday night, went straight to film on This Morning and then fresh, flew straight home. 

I got home, had a shower for 20 minutes and went straight back out for two shows and now I’m doing more filming . It's been a mad couple of weeks but it's been incredible.
The new song is upbeat, it's happy, it's like it gets everybody off the feet and dancing and it has that kind of vibe.  I wrote it with the boys from Saint Phnx and we just had an idea for a Scottish traditional song. It just makes you feel good so that's kind of why it resonates so much for everybody.” 

Monday 29 January 2024


ELAINE C Smith says she will never put her comedian daughter Hannah Morton on stage with her at The Kings Theatre unless someone else has auditioned her for the part. 

The Two Doors Down actress and much loved Scots comedian will this year play the Kings Theatre as part of the Glasgow International festival which celebrates its 21st birthday with over 500 acts this March while her daughter Hannah,30, also performs her self penned Sad Girls Club appearing at Strathclyde Union. 

And Elaine, now 65, has always tried to ensure that Hannah is not a nepo baby.

She said: “I've said to her, there will never be a time that I will put you on the stage of the Kings with me unless someone else has auditioned you and thinks you're right for the part. 

“I can't do that to her. I remember it happened to Sophia Coppola in The Godfather Three and Francis Ford Coppola put her in and apparently Al Pacino who had known her since she was a baby always said ‘Don't do this. She's not ready’. It exposed her to the worst criticism and it was awful.

She added: “Not that she wasn’t talented, but she had to plough her own furrow and I think that's really important. I'll always encourage Hannah and always say ‘Yeah, I think that you should do that, but there's no ‘Oh, here's my daughter. She should be in this.’

Elaine said she made sure Hannah experienced the unglamorous side of the business before embarking her her comedy career.

She said: “She  didn't have rose tinted specs, thinking ‘I'm going to be an overnight success like you’. She saw the graft and it was really important to me. 

“The first job she took was a schools tour of Highland and Island schools where you built the set, travelled in a bus and stayed in rotten digs and all of that. I thought ‘If she survives this, then she does want to do it. She realises it's not glamorous. I started out doing that. I also did say to her ‘Write what you want to do’. Don't sit around waiting for a guy to come along going ‘Yes, you are brilliant’.”

Elaine herself says it has been a hard journey to become the well kent face she is today. 

She said: “It's been a hard climb, a hard journey and I took lots of risks, setting up my own company and everything like that. So it has not been easy as a woman in this city in the over the last 40 years of doing this. As soon as you get to a part in the climb up the mountain and sit there and just survey the view, you think, wow, I've come a long way.”

Talents at this years fest which runs from March 13-34 include viral sensation Zara Gladman (west end mum), Mark Nelson Susie McCabe, Frankie Boyle, Some Laugh Live and Old Firm Facts Live,  alongside Frank Skinner, Reginald D Hunter and Caroline Rhea. 

More at www.glasgowcomedyfestival.com 

Thursday 18 January 2024


THE Scottish Influencer Awards return for a second time to recognise Scotland’s stars of social media. 
And this year presenter and broadcaster Danni Menzies will host the event on Sunday March 3 at the city’s Radisson RED Glasgow, with the country’s top influencers – individuals or collectives – honoured for their endeavours in the digital world.

The inaugural Awards, in October 2022, which theshowbizlion.com was honoured to witness in the flesh, saw 75 of the country’s most successful and influential social media talents shortlisted across 15 prestigious categories, and reaching an audience of 60 million+ in the process.

Aiming to recognise inspirational, distinct and original storytelling, the Scottish Influencer Awards highlights the positive contribution many influencers are making. 
In 2022 this was reflected in the breadth and oozing-with-quality shortlisted talent and winners. 

From entertainment reporter Laura Boyd (@lauraanneboyd) whose journey through cancer, surrogacy, charity campaigning and celebrity saw her named Scotland’s overall Influencer of the Year, to Emily Shak (@emilyshak) whose 1.7 million style-hungry followers accelerated her to Superinfluencer status. 

The refreshingly inclusive roll call of winners also included eco-warrior Laura Young (@lesswastelaura) who was recognised for her Inspiration in using the power of social to help save the environment, Jack Jamieson (@scottishmixology) whose tips for home imbibing won him Drinks Influencer of the Year, Rona McMillan (@ronamcmillan) whose dreamy nature and active outdoors-led content saw her named Health & Wellbeing Influencer of the Year, to Graeme Johncock and Molly The Lab (@scotlands_stories) whose exceptional social feed of Scottish tales and legends saw him honoured by VisitScotland: Year of Stories.

Now, with the 2024 ceremony announced, camera phone flashbulbs are set to pop as 500 guests walk the red carpet to a dramatic digital photo wall at Radisson RED Glasgow; a truly insta-worthy arrival. 
A drinks reception, presented in celebration with Rock Angel, will follow thereafter along with The Laings Lunch; a sparkling affair toasting this year’s trusted influencer voices and trendsetters.

Fifteen award categories, supported by a raft of prestigious partners and assessed by a panel of illustrious judges, will once again be presented across the afternoon, spanning Food, Drink, Health & Wellbeing, Family and Lifestyle, as well as Travel, Interiors & Design, Arts & Culture, Style, Beauty and Visual.

Special recognition will be made to those influencers who define Inspiration and whose social endeavours are underpinned with a positive contribution to diversity, equality, and/or inclusivity.
One individual or enterprise will be named overall Influencer of the Year 2024.

Each winner will receive a highly covetable and 100% sustainable art-collectable sculpture by renowned Argyll design innovators Midton, plus a magnum of Rock Angel.
To be eligible as a potential nominee, Scottish-born or Scottish-based influencers must have shared compelling, informative, original and creative content in 2023 across one or more of the award categories. 

All forms of social mediums including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, podcasts or other innovative and publicly accessible digital platforms will be considered. Influencers may nominate themselves or invite others to do so on their behalf through the entry form found on the official website: www.scottishinfluencerawards.com. There is no fee to nominate.
The Radisson RED Glasgow will also have a hot-ticket Rock Angel Official After Party the same night with Special Guest Billy Woods of Supermax - a sizzling kaleidoscopic soundtrack from past, present and future.
Tickets are on sale now to the Scottish Influencer Awards 2024 at £45 per person and include red carpet arrivals, Rock Angel reception, awards ceremony with Danni Menzies and Rock Angel Official After Party with Supermax. Available via https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/scottish-influencer-awards-2024-tickets-802548794047

Mary McGowne, Founder, Scottish Influencer Awards said: ““Delighted to announce the return of the Scottish Influencer Awards in Glasgow, in celebration with a host of prestigious partners, and following the success of our inaugural year. The Awards recognise the best of Scotland’s social media community, and the positive contribution so many are making towards the country’s image and appeal at home and internationally.
“Nominees will once again be trusted voices; independent and passionate arbiters of good taste in their respective fields with the power to propel messaging to their highly engaged followers. These stars of social play an important role in bringing stories and campaigns to life, and we are pleased to be shining a spotlight on the best of Scotland’s influencer talents. It promises to be another memorable afternoon.”

Danni Menzies, Host, Scottish Influencer Awards added: “I am delighted, thrilled, to be coming home to host the Scottish Influencer Awards.
“It is an incredible celebration of the country’s most influential stars of social and an unforgettable occasion.
“It will be a pleasure to toast Scotland’s wealth of outstanding digital talent and I can’t wait to see everyone in March.

Wednesday 17 January 2024


WHEN it comes to Burns night there are few venues in Scotland as impressive as the famed Gleneagles, nestled in the heart of the Ochil Hills in Perthshire. 
The revered hotel which has captivated travellers for nigh on 100 years is inviting discerning customers to indulge their Burns night this month at The American Bar, winners of the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award at The World's 50 Best Bars. 

The showbizlion.com believes there is nothing better than a luxury hotel which offers both adventure and outdoor pursuits combined with fine dining and a drinks menu to challenge your tastebuds. 
In keeping with true Scottish tradition, Gleneagles are pleased to present the Honeyberry cocktail - an elevated Scottish Whisky cocktail using  Aberfeldy 12 year whisky, Honeyberry and Kefir 13. 
Combined together the liquid is a perfect complement to whisky and when combined, results in an Alexander-style cocktail – creamy but deceptively light with a spicy finish. 
Renowned Head of Bars, Michele Mariotti, has taken its luxury offerings to the next level, focusing on locality and taking an innovative approach to incorporate ingredients sourced from the Gleneagles’ rolling hills of Perthshire, resulting in a truly unique bar experience. 
Whether guests choose to visit The American Bar or The Century Bar, they can indulge in the most tantalising and inventive cocktails crafted with the finest ingredients found both locally and within the hotel's existing ecosystem.
Gleneagles' American Bar offers beautiful decor that playfully evokes the glamour of the 1920s and ‘30s.  The walls of the bar exude opulence, wrapped in a unique Scottish heather dyed cashmere, woven exclusively for Gleneagles.

The stunning original fireplaces, restored to their former glory, boast lilac marble and custom-made brass mirrors, while vintage glass column wall lights add a touch of old-world charm to the luxurious cashmere panelling. This bar is a visual feast for the senses, transporting you to a world of excitement and elegance. 
The bar team is passionate about creating imaginative and exciting drinks, as demonstrated by their highly anticipated Book of Berries menu launched in 2022. Inspired by the 20th-century Observer Books, this menu features eighteen cocktails, each dedicated to a single botanical berry sourced from the local area and produced sustainably.

The Book of Berries menu is not only a celebration of the classic cocktail, but also a statement of Gleneagles' commitment to creativity and sustainability. By using waste and non-prime parts of produce, the bar team has created an extraordinary cocktail menu that showcases the diversity of botanicals and their origins.
The menu's hero serve is the Juniper Martini. 
To showcase how the different varieties of juniper can enhance the taste of this ultimate classic, the team partnered with South Loch Distillery in Edinburgh to create three bespoke gins, each using only one botanical - juniper. 
In addition to the Martini, the Book of Berries menu boasts a range of exciting cocktails, such as Blueberry, which uses Gleneagles’ Garden Café blueberry muffins to create a vodka-based cocktail, and Avocado, which incorporates leftover avocado seeds to create an orgeat, which is then combined with white rum and Amaro to make a Mai Tai-style cocktail. 
Another standout cocktail is Banana, which uses leftover peels that are caramelised to infuse bourbon, creating the ultimate twist on a classic Old Fashioned.
Gleneagles Hotel's Century Bar, designed by David Collins Studio, is a masterpiece of artistry and sophistication, inspired by the changing seasons of Scotland. The bar's elegant interiors feature garnet red as the central theme, with locally sourced accents that pay homage to the country's rich heritage. By day, the bar is the perfect spot to rendezvous with family and friends over coffee or a bite to eat. By night, the Century Bar transforms into an alluring space where guests can indulge in a glass of champagne or a rare malt whisky from Scotland's finest collection.

At the Century Bar, where a journey of flavour awaits, the menu features four categories of cocktails, each with its distinct style and essence. 
The Great Adventure Book menu seeks to celebrate the contrasting landscape of Scottish countryside, split into four sections The Lochs, The Seas, The Forests, and The Glens.The menu dives into a wild and beautiful world of the great outdoors, encouraging guests to embark on their next big adventure. Though for those who would prefer less adventure and more sipping, a ‘Too Long Didn't Read’ summary is a perfect place to pick the tipple from. Visit the Century Bar and indulge in a full sensory experience that's wild, beautiful and uniquely Scottish.
Burns, if her were alive today, would surely choose to sit and take in all the opulent surroundings as he wrote his wit and wisdom.