Monday 15 April 2024


SURVIVAL expert Grylls drank his own ‘urine’ in front of his audience on Glasgow on the first night of his nationwide tour. 
The award winning TV star, who will soon fly to Costa Rica to host new Netflix show Bear Hunt with Holly Willoughby, shared behind the scenes footage of his exploits and stories from his incredible life at the city’s Armadillo venue. 
Bear, who is also the youngest Chief Scout in the UK, talked about his early days in the 21 SAS to his survival on climbing Everest as well as his remarkable recovery following a near-fatal parachuting accident that left him with a broken back. 
And as part of his show he got some audience members up to interact with some of the challenges he’s faced in the past. 
Bear, who has had to drink his own urine to survive the wilderness in the past, invited a mother and her son up on stage and told them: “You’re about to hate me a whole lot more because for the next wilderness delicacy…”
He then climbed into a tent - zipped it up for privacy - and sighed with relief as the sound of water could be heard and he told the giggling audience: “Ok done” and emerged from the tent, showing off a glass tankard full of yellow liquid.  
He told the shocked mum and her son said: “Ok so this question is probably worth getting right.”
“If you get it wrong, this will be consumed. If you get it wrong you’re safe.”
“Four mountain ranges beginning with A”
As the lad and his mum looked scared that they didn’t know the answer, Bear told the audience  “Feel free to help them.”
Luckily they came up with four correct answers, Bear told them: “Well done. That was very close to a total disaster. But it wouldn’t be an evening if someone didn’t have to take one for the team so to speak.”
He then held the tankard up and said: “True never give upper, here’s to you guys”

As Bear drank the yellow liquid the little boy said: “That’s disgusting.”
During the night another mum and her son ate maggots.
He told them: “If you get the answer right, you don’t eat. If you get the answer wrong, you eat. Does that sounds alright?”
As he showed off a platter of maggots, themum said: “Gross.”
Bear said : “No cheating” then asked them to answer a multiple choice question about the height of Mount Everest.
The mum and her son replied correctly, and Bear replied: “That is the right answer. The thing is, right answers are really boring.”
He proceeded to ask them another question about Ben Nevis and another, until they got it wrong.
As he told the mum to pick up two maggots, she replied: “They’re crumbling…”
Crunching on them, alongside Bear, she then said: “Nutty.”
He added: “Sometimes the things we fear the most are not so bad.”