Sunday 30 April 2017


HE introduced acts including The Clash, The Jacksons, The Rolling Stones, Billy Connolly and Rod Stewart at Glasgows famous Apollo club, but the disco ball has finally stopped spinning for one of Glasgow's most enduring musical icons.
At the forever young age of sixty eight, little rotund Jet Mayfair, aka Glasgows Greatest Night Clubber, has passed away taking with him tales of a bygone era.
The man who became a good luck charm and mascot for most of the rock acts and clubs of the 1970s was discovered at his flat in Glasgow having passed away in his sleep.
Fittingly the pensioner, originally born Stanley Frossman was found after Scots clubowner Colin Barr who had welcomed him every single day into his bars and clubs, had raised the alarm to say he hadn't been in touch.
His passing came just a few months after that of his second wife Kwai.
Jet, to whom Billy Connolly paid tribute on the back cover of his first album, was never short of friends and often travelled to Florida to visit veteran club owner Frank and Linda Lynch and his family to reminisce over their dancing days.
He'd tell Colin and his staff all his tales as he drank his daily Diet Coke at the bar, keeping up the tradition of getting a free piece at anybody's door.
Colin said: "He was a dead cool guy with so many stories to tell. He was a wee iconic fella who loved discos and that scene and he was just part of the nightlife in those days. We loved his character. He was super intelligent and great to chat to and a lot of people thought he was weird. He used to tell them he was an undercover agent for a famous rail company."
Jet, who could be seen around venues sauntering in his gold lame suit, would at one time fly around the Apollo on high wire, dressed as a Christmas tree fairy.
He was the epitome of seventies cool whether he was spotted at The Electric Gardens, owned by Frank Lynch, or his other club The White Elephant disco wearing an archbishops outfit.
The years may have passed but Jet remained a lucky mascot for those on the clubscene with Colin Barr ensuring he'd be first on the mike at every opening.
He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Glasgow branch of the British Entertainment and Disco Owners Association and was humble as ever.
Jet passed away with no known next of kin, but Colin the rest of his night time friends say he will always be a member of their family.
Frank and Linda Lynch said: "We are so sad to lose our wee buddy Jet . He was a magical little guy who brought happiness to so may people . We were proud to be his friends . Our entire family will miss him."

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Saturday 29 April 2017


STILL Game's Jane McCarry, Gavin Mitchell and Mark Cox say they'd love to film in Vegas for the new series of Still Game.
Mark said:,"Its pretty much out there that we are going to be doing s new series and we'd probably like to see a filming in Las Vegas episode for the new series."
The trio were guests of the Young Scots awards in association with the Sunday Mail.
They presented the environmental award to young wild explorer Zeki Basan.
Gavin said: "It's been quite emotional. I'm environmental daft."
Rather than stay till the wee small hours Gavin joked they were going back to his to have some spicy soup.

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Tuesday 25 April 2017


STITCHES singer Shawn Mendes got hundreds of screaming youngsters to line up outside his hotel as he held an impromptu selfie session in Glasgow.
Heartthrob Shawn, who performs at the SSE Hydro on Thursday for the start of his 2017 world tour had spent the day inside the venue rehearsing with his team.

Shortly after eight pm he emerged from the back door of the venue and made his way to his hotel in his silver people carrier only to be met by a mob of fans.
Instead of shying away from them, they were asked to form an orderly queue while Shawn posed for selfies with each one of them.

Shawn, who has been here for a few days and even managed to check out some of the cities bars while he's been here said: "It's great to meet everyone in Glasgow. I love you guys."
The 18 year old Canadian singer has just streamed his new single There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back.

His tour will take in places including Manchester, London, Germany, Spain and Portugal before heading to Canada then Stateside.

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Saturday 22 April 2017


SCOTS singer Sheena Easton claims she'd have love to have been a wildlife photographer if she hadn't gone into the music business.
The Bellshill born Morning Train singer who collaborated with Prince and lives in Las Vegas said: "I love sci fi. If I had a time machine and could go back and take an alternative path I'd love to have been a wildlife and landscape photographer. That would be a fabulous way to live your life.
She added: "When I was at drama school, I was also doing the academic side so I could have gone on to teach."
Sheena is currently in London for a production of 42nd Street where she plays Dorothy Brock, whose understudy replaces her after she hurts her leg.
The 58 year old revealed she combats her nerves with a few rituals before she goes on stage.
She said: "I always say a prayer to my self before I go on stage. And before I enter I have to take my power posture: even if I'm terrified and butterflies and nerves are jumping all over the place I need to collect myself and bring the full centred thing onto the stage, no matter what."

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Wednesday 19 April 2017


GLASGOW art student Charlotte Flick is cooing for joy after her video of a pigeon getting mouth to mouth resuscitation went viral.
Charlotte, 19, who is originally from Leeds but lives in Glasgow came across the scene as she was walking along the city's Sauchiehall Street.

She said: "I was just outside Tesco when I saw a woman stopping in her path to pick up what looked like a dead pigeon. I started filming her because it just looked so weird."
Charlotte who says she is scared of birds after a pigeon once flew into her face admitted she was grossed out by the woman blowing into the pigeon's mouth.

She said: "The woman in her thirties was blowing from afar and then got closer and closer to its mouth until she was touching its beak with her lips. She tried pumping its chest too before putting it by a tree when she realised it was dead. It was awful but very nice of the lovely lady to try to save the bird. It would have been an Easter miracle if it had worked."

Charlotte who is studying at Glasgow school of art and goes under the name charlsarts on Instagram has been inundated with notifications on her phone since she posted the video on Twitter. She said: lt's been amazing and it would be great to know who the woman is. Sadly I walked by the pigeon later in the day and it had been ripped open by seagulls."

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Monday 17 April 2017


Ed Sheeran congratulated a Scots schoolboy on his Easter poem about him before signing it in person.
Harry Provan, 9 from Blairdardie met Ed outside his swish Scots hotel and showed him a school project he'd done over Easter.
Harry had designed an Easter Egg called Egg Sheeran along with new lyrics for his song Thinking Out Loud.
The humpty dumpty style poem included the lines 'When your shell don't work like it used to before, and I can't get you up on your feet'.

An amused Ed told him he loved it and signed it for him to show his friends.
Harry who was with his sister Jessica,12, said: "I gave him a photograph of my design which won the best egg competition in school. He seemed really chuffed with it and quite impressed."
The singer also talked about his first experience trying Buckfast when he was just fifteen during his visit.
Ed, who is known for enjoying whisky and has the Aberfeldy label tattooed on his arm, said: "My first actual night out properly my cousin took me to a dubstep club. I have a bunch of cousins who live here in Scotland.
They had these black bottles of Buckfast and were drinking sludge.
He added: "It really kicks you and you also know about it the next day."

Ed also revealed he was spooked out by an Easter Egg given to him by Capital Breakfast DJ Amy Irons.
The singer who played the SSE Hydro in Glasgow was given the Easter egg aka Easter Ed in the shape of his face after Amy's mum Fiona had spent the night icing it for him.
On seeing it he said: "Bloody hell. Look at that. It has icing on it in the shape of my face. I'm convinced the hotel I'm staying in in Scotland is haunted and so do my manager and security guard so if I put it in their room this will freak them out at night."
Ed added: "The most mad and obsessive I find are not the fans but the fan's mums cause they at all costs will sort it out for their daughter. They will grab you to get a picture and the daughter is always chilled and sorry about it.
Dads as well are always polite so it's always the dad and fan who are sorry about her. It's one in four hundred mum's but there's always one and they literally grab you by the scruff of the neck."
Ed also revealed he was worse for wear before playing the Scots gig.
Coughing frantically he said: "I've had a chest infection for ten days now and thought it would go. My girlfriend came out to visit in Amsterdam and said in I won't come. I always get I'll for a few days but it not even man flu. It's beyond that."

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Friday 14 April 2017


PHILLIP Schofield got his hands dirty on a trip to Islay after cutting the peat made to make the famous Laphroaig Whisky.
The telly presenter was in the isle of Islay as he continues his tour of Scotland during some time off from This Morning.
He said he was delighted with his trip on the ferry after comparing it to a cruise ship and was extra thrilled when some fans scrawled a welcome note on the dirty rear end of a lorry as he left the boat.

Phil, who posed with some thrilled fans along the way was keen to try out the famous peat smoked malt as he arrived at the distillery, and after a quick tour inside where he met the staff he ventured outside to do some dirty work.
He was rewarded with a sample of the hard stuff before heading on his way to Oban.

And he admitted he had so much to drink he had to be driven rather than take the wheel on his road trip.
The presenter was spotted earlier this week in Balloch park by local people and tourists as he and his wife, Steph, enjoyed a visit up north. Schofield, who was also spotted in the Lake District earlier this week, is on a break from the ITV show as Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford provide cover.

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Monday 10 April 2017


NEIL Lennon went over to the dark side quite literally after spotting Darth Vader actor Spencer Wilding at a Glasgow hotel.
The Hibs manager was hanging out at Glasgow's Hilton hotel when he decided to introduce himself to Star Wars actor and former British Welsh kickboxing champion Spencer and his wee pal Jimmy Vee who plays R2D2.
The two actors were in Glasgow for a Comic Convention at the city's Barrowlands and were chilling out before meeting fans in Saturday and Sunday.
Neil, whose team drew against Morton in a controversial decision on Saturday appeared to seek some enlightenment from the dynamic duo.
Glasgow born Jimmy Vee said: "We were at Spencer's hotel in Glasgow when Neil Lennon, who was with some of his friends, came over to us and asked I'd we would get our picture taken with him.
It turns out he know some people who Spencer knows Liverpool way and he was quite keen to say hello. I don't follow football at all and never have. I'm more into motors and bikes and fast things but it was nice to see him."
This week sees the fortieth anniversary of Star Wars.

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Wednesday 5 April 2017


SCOTS singer KT Tunstall has written about the blues of a different kind after penning a song for the new Smurfs movie.
KT from St Andrews who has just joined Simple Minds on their European tour admitted she was chuffed to bits for her music to feature in new movie Smurfs: The Lost Village.
She said: "I'm so proud to have written a song for the new The Smurfs Movie Smurfs: The Lost Village. You Will Always Find Me in Your Heart was co-written with the amazing Chris Lennertz- one of my favourite people in the world. It premieres next week."
KT who will play Kelvingrove bandstand on August 4 said she initially thought about singing on the song but decided it was better someone else featured on it.
She said: "I'm not singing on it. Shaley Scott is. - I gave it a go but sounded like Joan Jett- not quite what the scene needed. But don't worry, I did sing on a massive hands-in-the-air Ibiza remix version we did for fun."
The film was released nationwide on Friday April 7 and now KT, who recently signed to US label Rostrum Records Stateside is now on tour with Simple Minds.
She said: "I'm kind of overwhelmed that I head to Europe on Wednesday for seven weeks. Touring with Simple Minds Official is such a dream. I have really missed playing in Europe and haven't been over much in recent years, and not only can't wait to go, but also playing many places I have never played before. It's a true adventure."

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Sunday 2 April 2017


JUDY Murray has revealed her Wimbeldon winning son Andy used to go by the name of Mini Moo.
The tennis mum who coached both Andy and his older brother Jamie son to award winning level said the whole family were known on the circuit as The Moos with older brother Jamie being called Maxi Moo.
Judy, who until recently was known on Twitter under the name of Jud Moo explained: "When we went to tournaments overseas we were always called The Moorays. It became The Moos for short. There was Mini Moo - Andy, Maxi Moo - Jamie and Jud Moo - myself. A lot of kids and coaches used to call us by those names. That is how my Twitter name came about but I have changed it now to Judy Murray so more people know who I am."
Judy who recently won the top gong at Action For Children's Scotland's Woman Of Influence Awards admitted she was shocked to be given the trophy.
She said: "I'm thrilled to bits because as I was reading out all the nominations I thought 'I don't remember the last time I won something. I'm absolutely not used to winning anything. I'm quite used to going and picking up something for my kids when they're not in the bloody country after winning things.'
I think it was 1999 I last won something from the LTA - coach of the year.
When you're not ready to make a speech it reminds me of Strictly when I developed a look which Anton Du Beke got very used to and meant I have no idea what's coming next.'
It was a really strong pool of candidates and of course you're standing up in a whole room full of women and it meant a lot to me that I was voted by them. Action For Children is also a great charity and I really like what they do."
Judy is determined to provide more tennis facilities and coaching throughout the UK and beyond for young people before Andy and his brother retire.
She said they may only have a few years left to play. She explained: "I get tired sometimes but I'm really on a bit of a mission because I understand Jamie and Andy won't play forever. They may only play for another couple of years and then we won't have that leverage and excitement so you have to do something now. They've been playing on tour since 2005. It's their twelfth year already and it's a long time. Nothing goes on forever. You've got to prepare for some kind of legacy. The worst thing for me is that they retire and look back and nothing has changed."

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Saturday 1 April 2017


SCOTS BGT winner Jai McDowall says he is having to undergo nose surgery to help his singing career.
Jai who won the TV talent show in 2011 claims his performances have been affected by a deviated septum which has caused him nasal blockages resulting in pre show nerves.
He also says he's fed up with photographers photoshopping his nose.
Jai said: "I've been singing for twenty one years and broke my nose as a teenager before someone broke my nose again in a pub fight seven years ago. I went to the doctor at the time and he was going to break it again to reset it but it never happened. I thought everything was fine but in the last six months my nose has been getting blocked up all the time and
I've been waking up with a sore throat.

It's been making it hard to sing and I've suffered from anxiety about not being able to sing before performances."
He added:'"I've also had photo shoots, where the photographer has changed the appearance of my nose which has been a bit insulting."
Jai, who has been on a keep fit drive and is trying to get his career back on track, recently had an audition for Les Miserables in London's West end but was suffering from severe congestion beforehand.
He said: "I've recently been recording in LA and have a few big work things coming up so I have to get my nose seen to now."
The Ayrshire born singer who has just turned thirty admitted he contemplated getting surgery done abroad before friends talked him out of it.
He said: "I've missed several appointments in Ayrshire with an Ear nose and throat specialist through my doctor as a result of work commitments and can't afford too leave it any longer. I thought about going abroad to get it done privately but friends told me some horror stories and there is not necessarily proper after care
I've now been consulting with Mr Ray from Glasgows's Elanic Clinic. Mr Ray is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the UK with a specialist interest in Rhinoplasty and used to work at the world renowned Canniesburn Unit of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. He talked me through everything and also showed me how my nose would look from all angles on a specialist 3D Vectra simulation system.
I'm set to have surgery in the first week of April and will go to hospital to have it done. I am a bit nervous because my nose is a big part of me but I know it's the right thing to do. I'm hoping my nose will be all ready by the time the new series of BGT is aired next month."

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