Monday 13 January 2020


SCOTS reality star Brian Matthews claims he missed out on a date with Love Island’s Paige Turley after being warned off by her music management. 
Lovely Paige, who we know well at the after helping out with videos and media training when she was in pop band G side, is vying for the prize on Love Island. 
Brian said: “I first met Paige when she was performing with her band G side and she certainly turned my head. You could say she was a real Paige turner. I watched her perform at a few places and met her outside my old bar Liqr in Candleriggs when she was walking to Glasgow’s Dhabba restaurant for a curry. She was hot stuff herself.”
Our chief lioness Bev Lyons was actually there when Brian fired into Paige on a night out in Glasgow’s now defunct Vapiano restaurant.   
Brian said: “We also partied together at Vapiano restaurant opening in Glasgow and we were a bit flirty. 
Paige was asking me what it was like to be on reality TV because I’d done quite a lot of it myself. We wanted to carry on the party somewhere else but I was warned on the night not to go there by her manager Kasey Monroe at Monroe Management.”
He added: “I got another chance when she was at the panto in Glasgow’s Armadillo at the same time I was and she went to get  an ice cream and realised she didn’t have any cash on her. Being ever the gentleman I offered to get her one but realised I had no money on me either. I blew it and I regret it to this day. I look at her as one of the only few that got away.“
We hope Paige does really well on the show because she’s a lovely girl with great singing talent.