Tuesday 28 May 2024


CASINO chips used in Sean Connery’s first ever scene as James Bond are up for grabs at auction for the first time since the 60s. 
Sir Sean’s 007 was known for his panache and suave demeanour when it came to sitting by the roulette wheel or card table. 
The chips or gaming plaques are they are known were first used in the 1962 film Dr No at Le Cercle Casino, and can be seen clearly on the gaming table as Agent 007 (Sean Connery), acting as banker in the card game, memorably introduced himself with the iconic line, “Bond, James Bond” for the first time. 
Issued for £50 (number 0283) and £100 (numbered 0030), the betting plaques are genuine casino chips loaned by the Le Cercle Casino at Les Ambassadeurs Club in London. 
They came from the Mills family who owned the casino until 1992 and are estimated to go for £1400-1800 in Ewbank’s Entertainment & Memorabilia auction on May 30.
For those who have a smaller budget two £1 Le Cercle jetons from the film’s casino show are also available with estimates between £200-£400
Sean Connery memorabilia is always a big seller at auction with a two suits said to have been worn on screen by Sir Sean Connery in the 80s having sold for almost £7,000 in an online auction.
A grey suit, believed to have featured in The Untouchables, went for £1,625 at Lyon and Turnbull’s rare books, manuscripts, maps and photographs sale on Wednesday.
A cream suit Sir Sean is thought to have worn in either Five Days One Summer or Never Say Never Again sold for £5,250.

Sunday 19 May 2024


THE Daily Record’s Pride of Scotland event was full of glamour as celebrities graced the red carpet at Glasgow’s Hilton hotel. 
Love Island’s Laura Anderson, who looked resplendent in a figure hugging red dress, revealed she’d gone for sustainable fashion for the night. 
Laura, who was pregnant at last years awards, said: “ I’m very excited to be here. I’m the first one here. I feel like I’m the first at the party but it’s very exciting to meet everyone.”
Laura rented her dress from a website called HURR. She added: “It’s sustainable fashion and all that . It’s a little bit cheaper than buying which is always nice. I don’t know how many people have worn it but it smells nice.”
Laura who co presents the breakfast show on Capital radio said: “I’m just being a mum just now, getting up at four thirty in the morning.I don’t know how I manage it. 
My little girl is now eight months old. Last year she was in my belly. She’s got such a fun personality. She’s so funny and she does crack me up. I’m just trying to be present and work for her. ”
Comedians Janey Godley and daughter Ashley Storrie arrived at the same time at the hotel but as Ashley talked about her recent filming of her comedy series Dinosaur, Janey disappeared to find the mini horse that arrived from Therapy Ponies Scotland. 

Ashley said: “It’s so important to celebrate goodness in the world. We always go onabout the bad things that are happening but this is the good things and it’s important.”
Talking about her new BBC series she added: “ “I’m not a Dinosaur. I’m still a baby and not extinct.” 
As Janey disappeared to join the tiny horse further down the carpet, Ashley added: “It doesn’t matter. I could have won an Oscar but my ma has met a tiny horse.”
Janey said afterwards: “That wee pony was a like a real life My Little Pony. I was stroking its hair and everything. I loved it.”
She wasn’t the only one enamoured by the tiny horse. 
Asked if she might like to pose with it, or even take a shot at riding it, Susan Boyle who looked resplendent  in a pink dress from Frox of Falkirk laughed: “I’d probably buckle it.”

Another alternative for transport for the night was given by brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman, who offered to pick host of the night Elaine C Smith up on the red carpet. 
As Elaine ran for cover, they picked up theshowbizlion.Com’s Bev Lyons instead. 
The Three times world strongest man and two times European strongest man were thrilled to don their kilts for the occasion. 
Luke said: “We are giving out an award tonight which  is really special. It’s  great to see all the amazing people here.  It’s not going to be a drunken night tonight for Tom and I because we have a lot of competitions.”
Fellow heavyweight Sheli McCoy aka Gladiator’s Sabre was also providing strength on the red carpet. 
Sheli said: “I do feel a little bit like an imposter because there are some really amazing people tonight but I’m looking forward to enjoying the night and meeting everyone that deserves these awards. I’ve literally read some stories. I will need some tissues.”

Sheli from Dundee said of her role in the show: “My job is to meet force with force and to remind them again just why I’m there.”
As she was chatting, wrestler turned actor and presenter Grado joined her and revealed the two had never met before. 
As they swapped a strong handshake, she admitted she didn’t know who he was. 
Grado smiled and said: “She’s from the Gladiators and she doesn’t know who am are. Cmon. Ok there’s no lifting tonight.”
He added: “It’s good here cause I don’t think I’ve ever been at a Pride of Scotland awards. I’m excited I’m giving out an award. I’m with Mani from Scots Squad. I’ll get a night out with him and I’m sure the two of us will end up greeting.”

Saturday 4 May 2024


TRAITORS star Alan Cumming has revealed he had to take antibiotics to avoid the spread of Lyme disease after being bitten by two ticks on a photoshoot. 
Alan, who says he is a country boy at heart, currently lives in The Catskills in  New York and was doing a story about his life there for a magazine. 
However, as part of the shoot, Alan was seen climbing up ladders to trim hedging, and posing by a caravan in the woodlands surrounding his home. 
He has now told his followers he had to take antibiotics for four weeks after he noticed bites on himself following the photos. 
Alan, who posed for Upstate Diary magazine with his dog Lala, explained: “Lala and I are in the new issue of @upstate_diary.

Alan Cumming from Instagram
 Fun fact: I got two ticks during the shoot, one of which I didn't discover till a day or two later, and had to take a month of antibiotics to avoid getting Lyme's disease! Fashion and showbiz are perilous, people! 
Talking of which, all my clothes are by @paisleyandgray.”
Alan is currently in the highlands of Scotland where he is believed to be filming the latest series of Traitors.