Wednesday 31 July 2019


Glasgow’s Dhabba restaurant is launching a brand new tapas style Small Bowl menu. 
The North Indian venue in Glasgow’s Candleriggs is introducing Laghu Kund to its discerning customers from Sunday July 21. 
The menu is designed for groups of diners who want to sample a whole load of dishes or curious individuals who want to try out more than one dish.
Owner Navdeep Basi said: “Small plate menus offer a greater choice for customers and can lead to a more communal dining experience too. You can order one of two dishes with a drink or go all out with five or six bowls for full on dining. Everything on our menu is cooked freshly to order and we wanted people to be able to try some new dishes as well as old favourites. We had fun making a little promo video to go along with it although obviously our small bowls are a bit larger than the ones we made for the video.” 

On the new Laghu Kund (Small Bowl) menu you can try anything from Street Food dishes like Koliwada Jheenga with crispy king prawns, Hariyali Mokal with basil and lemon chicken and Dahi Bhalla lentil dumplings to Seafood like Rasedar Macchli Seabass fillet and Ajwaini Macchli Scottish monkfish. 
The restaurant also has a whole lamb section with delights like Laal Maas including red chillis, onions and poppy seeds and Paneer, Chicken and Vegetarian sections to the menu. 
Diners can then choose accompanying breads, rice, salads and pickles to complement their dishes. 
Bowls range in price from £3.45 to £9.95 and Dhabba’s kitchen is nut free with some gluten free options too.

Tuesday 30 July 2019


Beverley Lyons 
EIGHTIES Star Owen Paul cracked his ribs, sprained his wrist and lost his memory when he fell off the stage and plunged six feet head first onto the ground at a festival last weekend. 
And the My Favourite Waste of Time singer  who hit fame with the catchy song in 1986 claims that time slowed down as he fell to the ground with an almighty thud three songs into his performance at Tropicana Nights Eighties Festival in Southend. 
Glasgow born Owen, who is now out of hospital where he had scans, x rays and treatment following the incident said he was trying to stand on a speaker to get nearer the audience when he realised too late that it wasn’t supported by anything. 
He said: “Everything seemed to be in slow motion so I knew I was in trouble. .when I had expected to be be standing freely on a speaker. Then of course I hit the ground full in the face with an almighty thud..then the slow motion was gone. I used my superpowers lol.”
Remarkably, Owen who fractured two ribs during the fall continued singing his song Crowded House’s Weather With You as his manager and backing singer Lynne watched on in amazement. 

He said: ”It wasn’t sore at all in the thirty or so minutes during the rest of my show. I told my manager and backing vocalist on stage that I thought I had broken my ribs but that we should carry on. It wasn't until I was in the ambulance at the side of the stage that the pain arrived..such is adrenalin.”
“I actually have little or no recollection of anything afterwards until I saw the footage, but in reality it's probably the experience of thousands of gigs I've performed at since I was a teenager that made me react in such a way.”
Owen, who says he once fell of the stage in 1986  at the Manchester Apollo on his first UK tour and was grabbed at the time by the mainly teenage audience before security stepped in, was rushed straight to hospital by ambulance. 
Medics told him he could easily have broken his neck with the fall. 
He said: “I truly had no idea what had happened until I was shown the footage that the paramedics had seen which is why they were ready when I completed the show. I actually managed to sing another seven songs before I left the stage. My family thought it was quite funny and attention seeking until they saw what happened. .as my mum and the doctors said, I could easily have broken my neck and worse. Apparently I bounced off speakers a bit on the way down.I have no recollection of that. My bruised legs and back know I did though so I’m very lucky.”
Owen has found it excruciating to sing since the weekend but managed to fight through the pain to appear on stage again at Lets Rock Liverpool on Saturday. 
He said: “Clearly as my rib cage is right up against my lungs and diaphragm it’s  excruciating just to breathe never mind sing...but I will heal. I was lucky. Unfortunately I was due to perform at Hale Barns carnival the day after the fall, but I could neither speak sing, stand up sit down or anything without squealing lol true. .so we had to pull out. I have barely moved for days but have had visits from my children and friends etc..all that has cheered me up. I'm desperate to get all this out of the way so I can get on with completing my new Americana/country/folk album. I want to get back in the studio.”
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Daily Record 
From Scotland with Love - 

Monday 29 July 2019


PAOLO Nutini has saved  the day by purchasing Lewis Capaldi’s now famous Chewbacca  mask after the top bidders pulled out. 

Paolo has donated £10,000 toTiny Changes and has plans to raffle the mask to raise even more funds for the incredible Tiny Changes charity. 

Paolo has now set up a ‘text to enter’ competition to give the Chewbacca mask away whilst raising more money for Tiny Changes

From 9am on Monday 29th July fans can be in with a chance of winning the Chewbacca mask worn and signed by Lewis Capaldi atTRNSMT

All they need to do is text TC to 84902Texts cost £1 and all money goes towards Tiny Changes. The competition will close at midnight on Monday 5th August 2019.

The original auction was set up by a TRNSMTfestival staff member who lent Lewis his Chewbacca mask for his now-legendary walk on stage at this year’s show.

After Noel Gallagher said that Lewis should 'enjoy his 15 minutes' of fame as well as calling him 'f***ing Chewbacca', Capaldi changed his social media profile picture and name to ‘Chewis Capaldi’.  

Then, live on the TRNSMT Main Stage on Sunday 14th July, he walked on to a tongue-in-cheek video montage wearing the Chewbacca mask. Taking it all on the chin and making everybody laugh while doing it, Lewis also gave a shout out to Noel by covering ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ – changed to ‘Don’t Chewback in Anger’. Delighting thousands of fans with his set, the Scottish superstar put on a huge performance packed with hits from his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ including ‘Grace’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Bruises’, ‘Hold Me While You Wait’ and ‘Someone You Loved’.

Tiny Changes is a charity that support efforts to improve mental health in children and young people in Scotland, and was launched following the death of Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison in May 2018. The charity takes its name from a lyric from the Frightened Rabbit song “Head Rolls Off” (“While I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to Earth”).

Paolo commented: "I really wanted to find a way to help out the Tiny Changes Charity. Not only am I a big fan of Frightened Rabbit but I was lucky enough to share the stage with them on various occasions - most memorably for me on Hogmanay in Edinburgh 2017.

“Scott was such a great and honest songwriter who was not afraid to convey what he was going through in such a beautiful and honest way. People could hear and read their troubles in his lyrics and be reminded that they were not alone in how they were feeling. That really is the power of music.

“When I found out what happened regarding the money raised for the kind donation from the team at DF Concerts and Lewis Capaldi, I felt like I could help. The idea is now to give people another chance to take it home and contribute to this very important cause. Big Love”

Scott’s family added: "Once again we’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who has gone above and beyond to make this happen. We’d like to thank DF concerts, Paolo Nutini and his team and of course Lewis Capaldi and his face. We hope you can all be a part of this wonderfully weird little story and get your name in the pot to win this mask. Many tiny changes can start the movement for massive changes."

A DF Concerts spokesperson said: “Despite the original bidders pulling out, an amazing amount has now been donated to the brilliant and important Tiny Changes charity. It’s fitting that fellow Scottish singer Paolo Nutini is the one who has saved the day and amazing that fans can now get the chance to enter a raffle to win this piece of memorabilia whilst donating to a fantastic cause.”

Wednesday 24 July 2019


THESE are the first on set pictures in Glasgow of Alan McGee’s new Creation Stories movie about his life and signing of Britain’s biggest Rock band of all time Oasis.
The film which documents the story of how East Kilbride born former British Rail store clerk Alan, now 58, rose to fame as  Scotland’s most successful music mogul working with bands like Jesus and The Mary Chain and Primal Scream began shooting its famous scenes in Glasgow this week with Trainspotting actor Ewen Bremner in the lead role of McGee. 
As well as filming at music venue King Tuts Wah Wah Hut where Alan first discovered Manchester lads Liam and Noel Gallagher in May 1993 after they demanded to be added to the line up alongside the band Alan was meant to be seeing, scenes also took place at Glasgow’s Necropolis graveyard and the city centre’s Hope Street. 
The biopic produced by Danny Boyle with a script by Irvine Welsh will follow the life of Alan and the highs and lows of a career that took him to 10 Downing Street as an ambassador for Cool Britannia but also saw him nearly die from a drugs overdose.
It will also tell of his bemusement at having US President Bill Clinton staying over at his home – and his encounter with disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile at the Chequers residence of the Prime Minister.
Far from portraying a sanitised version of his life, the new film depicts beatings McGee received from his father as well as his preoccupation with the occult.
In scenes shot in the Necropolis this week Ewen Bremner can be seen carrying a book of rituals after performing a ceremony in his cloak and hat at the graveyard. 
Alan has long had a fixation with occultist Alistair Crowley and said: ”It’s like religion to me. Everyone told me not to get into him. And then I went away and read the books and found he was a genius. I started doing magic and it started working for me. So I was like: F*ck, this is amazing.”
It also sees a young McGee played by former Waterloo actor Leo Flannigan strolling through the graveyard alongside his young wife to be played by Irish actress Seana Kerslake. 
Later scenes also see Ewen outside King Tuts embroiled in deep conversation following his discovery of Oasis. 
Jason Isaac's, Ed Byrne, Paul Kaye, Perry Benson and Suki Waterhouse also feature in the movie. 


Beverley Lyons 
SKIDS singer and actor Richard Jobson got the crowd at Rewind festival chanting  Boris Johnson Is A W****r.
The outspoken singer who had already had a go at Leo Sayer for blocking him from the top spot of the charts and even called him a little midget s*** last year for denying the band a number one album was in high spirits. 
As he performed Into The Valley, Masquerade, and Ever Fallen In Love at the nostalgia fest he couldn’t resist having a go at Boris. 
Talking of the possible prime minister to be, Richard said to  the crowd ‘Boris Johnson is a wanker and he’s not welcome in Scotland.” As the lively crowd cheered on, he baited them: “Altogether now. Boris Johnston Is A Wanker.”
The crowd of thirteen thousand revellers gave a rousing rendition of the chant.
Richard joined other stars from the eighties and nineties af Rewind in Perthshire’s Scone Palace including Toyah, Midge Ure, Hazel O Connor, Bjorn Again and Belinda Carlisle. 
Revellers dressed as Rubik Cubes, Wonderwomen, The Krankies and other eighties and nineties icons for the occasion. 

From Scotland with Love

Friday 19 July 2019


Beverley Lyons
ANTON Danyluk’s mum Sherie Ann said she wanted to head butt her son after he kissed Anna during Love Island.
Anton has been seeing Belle Hassan in the series but the two had a fall out after he kissed Anna during a game of Kiss, Marry, Pie.
Sherie Ann who has just joined Instagram as ‘Anton’s mum who shaves his bum’ told Scottish TV: “I felt wow, Anton, out of order when he kissed Anna. It wasn’t kissing Anna because I believe the two of them are really really close. It was when he turned around and said that she was the best kisser. I don’t think he actually realised what he was saying  and I’ll tell you Belle, she handles him well. I was proud of her. A lot of people took it a different way of she was just too much on his face. Quite honestly kissing Anna - I would have gave Anton a Glasgow kiss.”
Sherie Ann also said that Antons bum hair is so long you could put rollers in it!
She laughed: “What’s wrong with my shaving his bum. I’ll say to him go and have a bath son and he’ll go in and he'll have a bath and he’ll come out and I’ll just shave his bum. That hair, you could put rollers in that hair.”
Sherie Ann who lives with Anton and his mum on a ranch where he las his keep fot business said Anton is at the age now where he needs to become a man.
She said: “I’ve been called a helicopter mum. I’m one of those mothers that when I see him going off the rails I fly down and just pick him back up. Now he’s at an age and stage, that I’ve got to let him go and be a man and do the things he wants to do now because Antons all about helping people. In the villa every morning he’s training everybody. He spends three hours of his day just making sure that everybody does their training. He naturally loves to see people doing the best that they can do and being the best that they can be.”
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in the Mail Online. 
From Scotland with Love - 


FORGET the rollercoasters...As I dangled from the ledge of the Blackpool Tower watching the tiny match box cars below I felt like a true daredevil. 
Ok, there might have been some ultra durable glass in between me and the 600 foot drop onto the people below but it made for a great picture.
The Tower wasn't the only thrill on my three day trip to the seaside resort.

There was the time I ate bugs at Madame Tussauds complete with wax effigies of Ant and Dec in the jungle in between posing with a variety of stars like Bruce Forsyth, Alan Carr, Susan Boyle, the cast of Corrie and The Queen.
And who could forget my face to face encounter with a shark and the chance to stroke a starfish at Blackpool Sea Life and the thrill of crashing into the waves at indoor seaside resort Sandcastle.

Ok so I might have woosed out of going on the Big One ( whiplash can sometimes be a handy excuse) and perhaps I didn't do the most exciting of water slides at Sandcastle but I definitely gave Blackpool my all - and I got it back, big time.
'Blackpool has it all' is Visit Blackpool's slogan and it would be hard to argue otherwise.
No, it doesn't have the designer shops of Miami or Paris (unless you count the cheeky replicas) but it has a unique character that you can't find elsewhere.
It's one of the cheeky picture postcards of old, the kiss me quick innocence of a bygone age, the simple pleasures that a stick of rock can bring.

There is no pretension in Blackpool. You take it as you find it and an open mind is necessary to make the most of your time there.
The weather, on a good day, can rival anything overseas and the seaside side will refresh even the most jaded of minds.
There are so many hotels, guest houses and B and Bs to choose from depending on your budget and your requirements. We opted for the South Shore Carousel hotel on the recommendation of a friend and it had everything we needed during our three day stay.
Although it is officially an AA rated three star it has 92 comfortable, clean and modern rooms with ensuite facilities, an English and continental breakfast (complete with vegetarian and gluten free options) and a well priced all day menu for families wanting to snack or dine throughout their stay.

Prices range from £60 -130 a night depending on the time of year and it is a popular venue for weddings.
As it's on the South Shore five minutes away from the Pleasure Beach and other colourful attractions it is frequented by a lot of families so is bustling at night.
We made the most of our time in Blackpool with the brilliant Blackpool Resort Pass which allowed us to visit major attractions over a seven day period.
There are two available types - the original resort pass for £55 which gives you up to six amazing attractions - the Pleasure Beach and Nickelodeon Land, the Blackpool Tower Eye and 4D experience, the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Sea Life Blackpool and Madame Tussauds.
The £80 pass gives you all that as well as Blackpool Zoo, Sandcastle Water Park and Blackpool Model Village and Gardens. You can also pay extra for bolt ons like afternoon tea, Funny Girls and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
Blackpool has plenty going on this year and if you miss the summer season there's an air show this August, the Blackpool Illuminations Switch On Weekend from September 1-3, the World Fireworks Championship throughout selected dates in September and Nickelodeon's SLIMEFEST on October 21, 22 and 23.
For more info check out

Monday 15 July 2019


Beverley Lyons
BRITAINS Got Talent winner Jai McDowall says he will back Susan Boyle on BGT The Champions - and wants to thank Simon Cowell in person for giving him his big break.
Ayrshire born Jai, who won the fifth series of the telly talent show in 2011, and is on a mammoth Les Musicals 60 date tour  with G4’s Jonathan Ansell, says he is team Susan all the way.
Jai, who will visit Glasgow this week as a guest of the Lord Provost for Mardi Gla celebrations, before returning on September 14 at the Kings Theatre said: “After Susan’s performance on America’s Got Talent I’m definitely backing Susan all the way to be the British champion. She’s the ultimate success story of BGT and the biggest star to come out of the show. I think if anyone deserves to be the champ it should be her.”
Jai would love to go down to London to watch Susan perform and if he had the opportunity, thank Simon Cowell in person for his big break eight years ago on the show.
He said: “I'd love to go down there and support Susan in the  audience and it would be the perfect opportunity to go shake Simons hand and thank him for the career I now have. Without Simon and BGT I wouldn’t have the lifestyle I’ve got. He’s been a real dreammaker for many contestants including me. I still get to do what I love doing.”
Jai was misquoted at the time of winning as saying that Simon was anti Scottish.
The reports caused Simon to hit back at the star at the time but a now older and wiser Jai says: “It was a complete misunderstanding. I’ve always had a real respect and admiration for Simon. I'd love an opportunity to look him in the eye and tell him how grateful I am.”
Jai’s career has seen him perform around the world and there is now interest in him from America.
He has kept in touch with Susan Boyle and said he would love like to sing with her in a supergroup. He said: “Lewis Capaldi said he wanted to make a supergroup with Susan Boyle and Leon Jackson, I want in..where do I sign!. Maybe there's a record there for comic relief."

Monday 8 July 2019


WHEN it comes to summer the showbizlion likes something lightweight, cool and comfortable on our feet. 
We were thrilled to get our hands or should we say paws on a brand new pair of Mahabis Flow to try them out. 
Mahabis are award-winning slippers that you can wear outdoors as well as in and they feature a light, 3D woven upper that gives you the freedom to move, without the weight.
The slippers have an adaptable foam insole that contours to your foot, and their now iconic neoprene heel for an ergonomic fit, and the durable, indoor/outdoor sole. All of which make the mahabis flow ideal for relaxing or exploring - home and away.  
We wore ours on some expeditions to Glasgow Green and around the city centre and it felt like we were walking on air. The shoes look really smart paired with some nice cotton or linen trousers or shorts for summer. 
With mahabis flow you can bring the comfort of home with you wherever you go. As well as functioning as your classic slipper, they also compress and comfort during flights, breathe and flex while you sightsee, and their minimalist design adds to any capsule wardrobe.
Mahabis told us: “We set out to design a slipper that gives you a feeling of freedom during your downtime. So we created our lightest, most flexible mahabis ever, using a custom-engineered, single-piece upper with a 3D open weave. It's not only ultra-lightweight, our team succeeded in constructing a glue-free upper so your feet get unobstructed airflow. We hope you'll love the lightweight comfort of the mahabis flow, whilst relaxing however you wish.”   The mahabis flow is available in seven eye-catching colours and we opted for sand because we are optimists that they won’t get dirty on the Glasgow streets. 

The Core Collection with Scandanivian-inspired colours features 

  • Larvik Light Grey upper with Larvik Light Grey sole
  • Nora Navy upper with Ilen Ivory sole
  • Nora Navy upper with Skien Black sole
  • Skien Black upper with Skien Black sole
The Pastels Collection, a reflection of this season’s colour trends
  • Fjord Green upper with Alta White sole
  • Andora Sand upper with Alta White sole
  • Hamara Pink upper with Hamara Pink sole

The mahabis flow range is available from for £79.00. (AD)