Monday 8 July 2019


WHEN it comes to summer the showbizlion likes something lightweight, cool and comfortable on our feet. 
We were thrilled to get our hands or should we say paws on a brand new pair of Mahabis Flow to try them out. 
Mahabis are award-winning slippers that you can wear outdoors as well as in and they feature a light, 3D woven upper that gives you the freedom to move, without the weight.
The slippers have an adaptable foam insole that contours to your foot, and their now iconic neoprene heel for an ergonomic fit, and the durable, indoor/outdoor sole. All of which make the mahabis flow ideal for relaxing or exploring - home and away.  
We wore ours on some expeditions to Glasgow Green and around the city centre and it felt like we were walking on air. The shoes look really smart paired with some nice cotton or linen trousers or shorts for summer. 
With mahabis flow you can bring the comfort of home with you wherever you go. As well as functioning as your classic slipper, they also compress and comfort during flights, breathe and flex while you sightsee, and their minimalist design adds to any capsule wardrobe.
Mahabis told us: “We set out to design a slipper that gives you a feeling of freedom during your downtime. So we created our lightest, most flexible mahabis ever, using a custom-engineered, single-piece upper with a 3D open weave. It's not only ultra-lightweight, our team succeeded in constructing a glue-free upper so your feet get unobstructed airflow. We hope you'll love the lightweight comfort of the mahabis flow, whilst relaxing however you wish.”   The mahabis flow is available in seven eye-catching colours and we opted for sand because we are optimists that they won’t get dirty on the Glasgow streets. 

The Core Collection with Scandanivian-inspired colours features 

  • Larvik Light Grey upper with Larvik Light Grey sole
  • Nora Navy upper with Ilen Ivory sole
  • Nora Navy upper with Skien Black sole
  • Skien Black upper with Skien Black sole
The Pastels Collection, a reflection of this season’s colour trends
  • Fjord Green upper with Alta White sole
  • Andora Sand upper with Alta White sole
  • Hamara Pink upper with Hamara Pink sole

The mahabis flow range is available from for £79.00. (AD) 

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