Tuesday 7 March 2017


SCOTS actor John Barrowman has had a mixed reaction after doing a Phillip Schofield and becoming a silver fox.
The Doctor Who and Torchwood star decided to go au natural for his fiftieth birthday on March 11 and shaved off any remaining colour on his head.
Posing in a picture he told fans: "March 11 it's my Big Birthday! Wanted 2 see what I look like with my natural hair colour. Shaved the colour off Thursday What d'ya think?"
Fans around the globe have gone into meltdown at the new look asking if it's real or been photoshopped.
Stephen Wilson asked: "JohnBarrowman Is this a wind-up? I'm waiting for you to laugh at us all and say it's photoshopped."
Sanna Aloha said: "I call you 'Grandpa John' from now on! U want an honest opinion? Don't do it! NOT yet, LOL."
Nicola was kinder and said: "I read something a few years ago about your natural colour, and reckoned it'd look good with your blue eyes. I wasn't wrong!"
And Jénnifer Miller Fisher referred to his co star on Arrow and said: "You and Neal McDonough could be brothers."

- Posted with love from Scotland by theShowbizLion.com


FEMALE drivers could be in for a treat as Outlander star Sam Heughan says he'd consider being the voice of a Sat Nav system.
The Scots star was at a fan convention Stateside when he revealed: "I wouldn't take any directions from me. I think you might find yourself in the local river. Has anyone got any of these Alexa things? I don't trust them but I would lend my voice to that."
Sam's co-star Caitriona Balfe added: "I've seen how he drives. You do not want him leading you in a car."
During the visit Sam and Caitriona talked about how they almost killed an actor with a pack of dogs and Sam declared his favourite word in Scottish slang is Bawheid.
He said: "Bawheid is good."
Caitriona added: "You also have Boaby."
He also said filming emotional scenes with Caitrionia had particular challenges.
During the fan convention Sam met up with actors from other sci fi shows including Star Trek's Gates McFadden and Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown.
Sam flew directly from the States to South Africa where he was met by fans as he begins filming for the new season of Outlander.

- Posted with love from Scotland by theShowbizLion.com