Thursday 25 October 2018


CHRIS Pine skipped out of his film premiere in Edinburgh to spend time in the security office of Cineworld.
Fans of the star couldn’t believe it when they caught a glimpse of the star in the basement office of the cinema just half an hour after the film began.
One said: “We were having a nosey at the back of the building when we saw Chris Pine in the office with the security guards. He was about to come out for a smoke but when he saw us he turned round and went back in.”
Most of Edinburgh and beyond we’re thrilled when Chris walked the red carpet at the Edinburgh
Some fans had been out earlier in the day searching for him but Chris was too busy being interviewed in Borthwick Castle before heading to Edinburgh Castle afterwards for a reception.
The star has a huge love of history and spends a lot of his time exploring museums near where he is shooting.
I can now reveal that when he was in Glasgow shooting earlier this year he headed out to the transport museum where he almost went incognito.
Unfortunately for him he was spotted by own young fan as he  got a quick bite to eat in the museum cafe by the Riverside.
Chris is followed by fans wherever he goes and the collective name for them has always been Pine Nuts but since the film which features s full frontal of the star the term has er, coined a new meaning.