Thursday 22 August 2019


Beverley Lyons 
FORMER Bake off presenter Sue Perkins claims she has been asked to go to Iran, Iraq and Saudi for telly work - but won’t go because she’s a gay woman. 
Sue was speaking at Edinburgh Book Festival when she revealed she refused to travel to the countries which would put her in personal danger. 
She said: “I’ve been offered of late some dangerous places to go to for tv.
“I don’t think there is anywhere that ethically I’d find difficult because I would challenge it.
“I’d have no problem in going into difficult regimes or places and posing questions.
But increasingly, and it’s an age thing, I’ve bewilderingly at this stage in life become quite fond of personal safety and I’ve always been very very reckless, very very cavalier.
I’ve been offered to go to Iran, Iraq, and Saudi, and I’ve said no because as a gay woman it would be, for me, too dangerous. I’d love to go because there are so many questions I have and people I’d like to meet.”
Sue who has written a book about her experiences in Cambodia called East of Croydon, also revealed her next telly travel show will see her travelling to Mexico. 
She added: “We’re going to Mexico - we’re not touching hugely on cartel land but there are some cartel issues and I belt and braces check I’m going to be safe, because what’s the point of me not being safe? What you as a viewer are looking at is a presenter who is stressed, not some interesting Mexican people.
My job is to show you interesting Mexican people.  
The presenter also revealed she considered adopting a Kolkatan child with her partner Naked attraction star Anna Richardson in 2017. 
The presenter, who has since sponsored Rakhi, who she met while making a show about street kids - and got Rakhi into boarding school so she is looked after for the rest of her life said: “It’s too dark for me to discuss here but it was one of the most profoundly painful things I’ve been through  in life. Had she been orphaned I used to have dreams of adopting her. Every night she would have been most welcome in my spare room.”