Monday 22 April 2024


AVENGERS: Infinity War director Joe Russo turned up by taxi to launch his own restaurant in Edinburgh after falling in love with the cuisine by Scots chef Sean Clark during a visit to the capital seven years ago. 
And Marvel filmmaker Joe who rushed to his new Under The Table restaurant from St Andrews where he was hanging out with Tom Holland for Sands International Film Festival,  said he and Scotland have a special bond - after his daughter and other family members also studied at St Andrews. 
Joe, who has invested in the venture alongside Sean and former wine merchant Paul O‘ Donoghue said: “It’s super exciting. This is my favourite chef in the world by the way so this is why I’m so glad he’s able to expand his experience from The Table onto a more informal every day event for the people of this town. 
Joe, who opened Simone restaurant in LA in 2018, added: “Anything I can do to get people support him and to get people to come and eat his food, because it’s some of the best food you are ever going to eat, it’s a good day.”
Talking of his love of Edinburgh, he added: “One I love the Scots and two I love these guys. I’ve been supporting this town for a long time. I’ve been supporting Scotland for a long time now. We shot Endgame Infinity War here at Waverley Station almost seven years ago now and my daughter graduated from St Andrews, and two nieces and a nephew graduated from St Andrews so, my family has a real foothold in Scotland.

“This town in particular is a very special town, a very artistic town, craft oriented, you have Iain Macpherson the cocktail panda who just won three awards, an incredible mixologist, on London this last week. And the Table is one of my favourite restaurant experiences in the world for many years now. So the fact that, like I said, we get to support them in opening a new venue, that’s now informal is a really good thing.”
Guests enjoyed a selection of canapés including venison and pigs ear ragu.

Monday 15 April 2024


SURVIVAL expert Grylls drank his own ‘urine’ in front of his audience on Glasgow on the first night of his nationwide tour. 
The award winning TV star, who will soon fly to Costa Rica to host new Netflix show Bear Hunt with Holly Willoughby, shared behind the scenes footage of his exploits and stories from his incredible life at the city’s Armadillo venue. 
Bear, who is also the youngest Chief Scout in the UK, talked about his early days in the 21 SAS to his survival on climbing Everest as well as his remarkable recovery following a near-fatal parachuting accident that left him with a broken back. 
And as part of his show he got some audience members up to interact with some of the challenges he’s faced in the past. 
Bear, who has had to drink his own urine to survive the wilderness in the past, invited a mother and her son up on stage and told them: “You’re about to hate me a whole lot more because for the next wilderness delicacy…”
He then climbed into a tent - zipped it up for privacy - and sighed with relief as the sound of water could be heard and he told the giggling audience: “Ok done” and emerged from the tent, showing off a glass tankard full of yellow liquid.  
He told the shocked mum and her son said: “Ok so this question is probably worth getting right.”
“If you get it wrong, this will be consumed. If you get it wrong you’re safe.”
“Four mountain ranges beginning with A”
As the lad and his mum looked scared that they didn’t know the answer, Bear told the audience  “Feel free to help them.”
Luckily they came up with four correct answers, Bear told them: “Well done. That was very close to a total disaster. But it wouldn’t be an evening if someone didn’t have to take one for the team so to speak.”
He then held the tankard up and said: “True never give upper, here’s to you guys”

As Bear drank the yellow liquid the little boy said: “That’s disgusting.”
During the night another mum and her son ate maggots.
He told them: “If you get the answer right, you don’t eat. If you get the answer wrong, you eat. Does that sounds alright?”
As he showed off a platter of maggots, themum said: “Gross.”
Bear said : “No cheating” then asked them to answer a multiple choice question about the height of Mount Everest.
The mum and her son replied correctly, and Bear replied: “That is the right answer. The thing is, right answers are really boring.”
He proceeded to ask them another question about Ben Nevis and another, until they got it wrong.
As he told the mum to pick up two maggots, she replied: “They’re crumbling…”
Crunching on them, alongside Bear, she then said: “Nutty.”
He added: “Sometimes the things we fear the most are not so bad.”

Friday 12 April 2024


HERE’S the moment Line of Duty cast member Vicky McClure aka DI Kate Fleming was reunited with cast members Martin Compston (DI Steve Arnott) and Craig Parkinson who plays DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan at a Glasgow club.
Punters couldn’t believe their eyes as stars of the hit BBC police show took to the stage to dance to ABBA, The Proclaimers, Madness and more on Saturday afternoon.
Vicky and her writer and producer husband Jonny Owen were hosting their daytime nightclub Day Fever UK alongside Reverend and the Maker’s Jon McClure in Glasgow’s BAad centre in the East end and didn’t hold back when it came to dancing to the classics.
Martin and Craig couldn’t resist joining in for what turned out to be a massive reunion in front of over 800 people.

Martin crowdsurfed and climbed on his friend’s shoulders while Vicky danced to all the songs, kissing punters and laughing away as she watched the crowd in front of her.
Craig also giggled as he swigged from his bottle.
The cast joined others on stage for a huge rendition of Loch Lomond by Runrig.
Anthony Boyle from Masters of The Air also joined the party and A Place In The Sun’s Jean Johansson was also in attendance.
Vicky arrived on Friday night with her husband and their ten strong party and they headed out for a curry at Glasgow’s The Dhabba restaurant as well as popping into the Horseshoe Bar.
She said she loved her visit to Glasgow and the food in The Dhabba.

Martin also said: ”Genuinely one of the best days out I’ve  had in years. Edinburgh you’re in for a treat.”
Fans loved seeing the trio back together with some questioning if they were meeting for another Line of Duty comeback in mind.

Tuesday 9 April 2024


SCOTS band The Ronains have had the seal of approval from a legendary singer after their new single attracted more than 1.8 million views on YouTube. 
Rockers Jim Reid and Debi Ronain and their band first recorded House of The Rising Sun in 2019 and their atmospheric video even features their guitarist and ‘brother’ Shaun Scott who sadly passed away not long after the band released the iconic video by Partickular films which can be seen on YouTube. 
After notching up millions of views across their social media platforms online, and after it was picked up for Netflix by gangster documentary Faces, the band decided to release it officially for download this week.
They’ve now received a message from original lead singer of The Animals Eric Burdon who had a hit with the song in 1964. 
And Eric who is now 82 years old didn’t hold back on how great he thought their version was, with fans now calling it the ‘best version ever’.
After hearing Debi’s vocals Eric wrote in an email: “She's absolutely magnificent, raw and the harsh and acidic qualities you're hearing might just be the result of her unique vocal style and the raw emotion she pours into the song. 
That being said, music is subjective, and what matters most is how it connects with the listener.
 I Ioved it and loved the style of how the track flowed from start to finish.
This song is nearly 60 years old and it really hits my heart strings, makes me so proud to know young bands are still singing it. Great job. Up The Ronains.”
Eric’s manager also commented: “I let Eric hear your version of the song and I have to say he absolutely loved it. There's been a variety of covers over the years but certainly none as unique as this one and the vocals of the singer are incredible.”
Jim Reid said: ”We’ve had a lot of comments from all over the world saying it’s very possibly the best version ever. We teamed up with Simple Mind’s Gordon Goudie and Rolling Stone’s producer Matt Colton on this which was amazing and we changed the song up a bit at the start and end, adding some extra lyrics. To have the seal of approval from Eric Burden takes things to a different level and we are buzzing. 
Debi added: “When I heard the news Eric had listened to the song i was speechless. It’s such an iconic song, thats been covered a million times over so the very fact he heard it and  took the time to even email us left me gobsmacked. 
He described my vocals exactly the way I wanted them to be received. When I sing that song I do so from the pit of my stomach and feel every word, those lyrics are mighty and if even one person can be moved by them, well then my job is done.”

House of the Rising Sun is available for download on all music platforms now.