Monday 6 August 2018


ANDY and Jamie Murray’s famous mum Judy was at the centre of a blaze drama this week. 
The famous mummy who is also a Strictly Star was giving her talk to an audience at the Theatre Royal when the alarm went off at the venue. 
I was in the crowd and there was sudden panic on everyone’s faces as it dawned on everyone they had to get out of their seats. 
As Judy and her interviewer rushed off the stage, we scrambled to get to an exit and the safety curtain came down on the stage. It was all very rushed and as we exited the theatre we were told to stand in the other side of the road. 
Judy herself remained composed as she stood beside the fire engine that arrived on the scene. 
Thankfully it was a false alarm  and after thirty minutes of waiting outside we were ushered back in. 
Judy and her interviewer joked that someone might write a headline about her being carried to safety by six burly fire fighters. They also joked that more people had entered the building than had left. 

She told later: “We've had a great evening even though the fire alarm went off midway through the second half which was a bit of a challenge but they came really quickly and we sorted it out and everyone got back in.”