Friday 25 August 2023


His Glenrothes Fife born dad is best known for his roles in Mission: Impossible II, Desperate Housewives, and My Week with Marilyn, and now Gabriel Trevis Scott is going to star alongside him - in the latest series of Irvine Welsh’s hit book to TV adaptation Crime. 
 Twenty five year old Gabriel will play the nephew of Dougray’s much tormented character Lothian and Borders detective inspector Ray Lennox who attempts to recover from a mental breakdown induced by stress, cocaine and alcohol abuse and a child murder case in Edinburgh  in the series which made its debut in 2021.
And Gabriel’s role of Fraser, who is described by Dougray as ‘a young man searching for his identity’, will be one of his biggest yet following previous parts in House of the Dragon as Jerrel Bracken and His Dark Materials as Father Heyst. 
Gabriel, whose mother is Dougray’s former wife Sarah Trevis, is twin brother to his sister Eden and shares the same smouldering looks as his 57 year old father.
He is brother to Dougray’s son Milo who the actor adopted with his new wife actress Claire Forlani. 
 Like his dad who studied from 1984 to 1987, where he received the Most Promising Drama Student Award, Gabriel who was born in Hammersmith, West London, also attended Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, and graduated there in 2020. 
During his time at drama school he worked as a Stunt fighter and horse-rider on an action film The Lady of Heaven. 
Before going to RWCMD, he also attended courses at the National Youth Theatre of GB and Drama Centre, London and according to his IMDB profile, Gabriel also worked at a Refugee camp teaching children English and basic computer skills as well as learning basic Thai to become a trained Elephant Handler.
Dougray, who appeared at Edinburgh Television Festival to talk about the new season of ITVX show Crime alongside actress Joanna Vanderham and writer Irvine Welsh was clearly proud of his sons’s achievements as he talked about him during a Q and A. 
And he was keen to dispel any talk of nepotism around his casting. 
After watching a clip how his son in action, he told the audience: “My son Gabriel - he was great. He was great. He won the role against a lot of people. He played my nephew and went through that whole process.”
“He was terrific and brought a great sense of vulnerability to that character.  
He added: “He plays a kid, a young man who is growing up and searching for identity, which is very sort of relevant to today. 

“We live in a time now where quite rightly and wonderfully we are all starting to be allowed to breathe as human beings in a sense and call ourselves whoever we want to be and this character is going through that and who is he? Am I this or that? I don’t know who I am  and that sense of confusion or struggle and he brought something quite genuine and authentic to the character. He did a fantastic job.”
Asked what his son would say about acting with him he joked: “He would say I’m a f***ing... I know I am. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not.”
Dougray divorced Gabriel and Eden’s mother Sarah in 2005 and she was given full custody of the twins, something which Dougray was vocal about at the time which led to antagonism between the two. 
He previously said that he never tried to tell his children what to do in life while they were growing up.
He revealed that they grew up very close and supported one another, but there was also a lot of fight between them.
Keen to let them make their own mistakes he said: "When I felt I needed to step in and take a tough line, I did, but I was reluctant to do that because I never wanted to be an overbearing parent," he said, hoping he managed to find that balance he had planned.”
The new season’s story, which will feature a transgender character and is based on the novel The Long Knives, will see Lennox lead an investigation into a case about “vengeance, identity and social justice.”
Dougray, who  won an Emmy for his role in series one, said: “The second series delves deeper into his background, his relationship with his family and his abuse as a child."The resonance and rawness of the character unfolds even greater. It is an examination of how grown men cope with that.”
Irvine Welsh who reckons season two is a superior piece of television to season one and hopes to build on its success, said Gabriel had unsurprisingly ‘great chemistry’ with his real life dad during the making of the series.
He exclusively told “Gabriel well he just auditioned and he was absolutely fabulous and the benefit is that he is Dougays son but has to play his nephew in it and obviously he looks like his nephew because he looks like his son. And he was brilliant just an incredible actor and he brought a lot of sensitivity and a lot of feeling to quite a challenging role. The chemistry with him and Dougray was fabulous and he just really gave it an extra dimension so hats off to Gabriel.”

Wednesday 16 August 2023


SOHO House have now confirmed they will open their first venue in Scotland with Soho House Glasgow expected to open in Glasgow next year.

Located just off George Square, Soho House Glasgow will have various spaces for members to eat, drink and socialise across four floors including a roof terrace.

The redevelopment of the former Glasgow Parish Council Chambers and Collectors Hall form part of the Love Loan urban regeneration project which is taking shape in Glasgow’s city centre.


Soho House & Co CEO Andrew Carnie said: “From its renowned School of Art to its rich architectural heritage and the city’s lively music scene, Glasgow has a creative energy which makes it an exciting choice for our first Scottish location. Over the last year, we’ve been building a diverse and creative community of members in Glasgow with Cities Without Houses and can now confirm that we’re bringing a Soho House to the city. We couldn’t be more humbled by the warm reaction we’ve received so far.”


Glasgow-based creatives who are interested in joining Soho House’s existing community in the city can apply for Cities Without Houses membership – giving access to local events hosted by Soho House as well as entry to Soho House locations globally when they travel.


The announcement comes as Soho House hosted an intimate dinner to celebrate the House coming to the city with CWH members from Glasgow and Edinburgh and the local creative community on the roof of The Schoolhouse building in Glasgow’s southside, which is home to the Indestructible Language installation by artist Mary Ellen Carroll. 

Commissioned for COP26 in 2021, the artwork consists of a series of eight-foot-high red neon characters which illuminate Glasgow’s skyline.

Theshowbizlion.Com had the pleasure of attending the event to catch up with Scotland’s creative talent including Jean Johansson, Sanjeev Kohli, Martin Compston and Gerard Butler. 

Conversations we’re as sparkling as the champagne and cocktails on offer and there was a definite buzz on the air. 

We can’t wait to tell you more as the venue is launched properly next year. 

Friday 11 August 2023


BESTSELLING Scots author Sophie Gravia reckons Mark Wright would make a ‘mighty fine’ romantic lead in any potential future production based on her racy books.
The Scots nurse, who has become Amazon’s number one author and has had major interest from production companies about the filming of her novels, including A Glasgow Kiss, met Mark at a ladies day in Ingliston Estate and Country Club in Bishopton near Glasgow.
After enjoying her afternoon tea at the venue which also welcomes Denise Van Outen for a Discolicious lunch on August 27, the two talents met up backstage and posed together for a picture.
Sophie told fans who are desperate for an adaptation of her book of her meeting with the former TOWIE star : “I can't be the only one thinking @wrighty_ would play a mighty fine Tom Adams?
“Had THE BEST day @inglistoncountryclub for ladies day! The most stunning venue and only 20mins from the city centre.
“Mark was unbelievable and the full place was buzzing!”
#aglasgowkiss #whathappensindubai #meetmeinmilan #sophiegravia #markwright #inglistoncountryclub #ladiesday #party #glasgow #scotland

Fans of the author were quick to add their own thoughts about her new casting.
One said: “ Sugar Daddy right there.”
Another added: “ Pleaseee let this be a teaser of a film or series!!!”
And a third replied: “ Well..... there's a thought.”
But a fourth added: “No please don't ruin his image in my head.”
Sophie’s debut novel, A Glasgow Kiss, published in December 2020, quickly became a word-of-mouth global sensation, reaching the number one spot on Amazon and surpassing the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Gray.

Following the tremendous success of her first book, Sophie released What Happens in Dubai, in August 2022 which also soared to the top of the charts and her latest Meet Me In Milan has reached the number one top spot again in pre orders ahead of August 17.

Wednesday 9 August 2023


SABRINA the Teenage Witch star Aunt Hilda herself is headed to Edinburgh for the famous Fringe festival. 
 Canadian actress and stand-up comedian Caroline Rhea who has attended the fest in previous years has announces a brand new Fringe show at Gilded Balloon - 'I Identify As A Witch'.
 Best known for hit roles which also include  Phineas and Ferb, Caroline will perform a limited run from 15th - 18th August, at Gilded Balloon Teviot from 8.45pm with a show filled with comedy, improv and star-studded Hollywood tales. 

With 5 star reviews the last time Caroline played the Festival in 2013, the Hollywood star's four night run is sure to be unmissable, especially for fans of cult classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch where she made her name as Aunt Hilda for seven years or as Linda Flynn Fletcher on Phineas and Ferb for over 10 seasons. 
The stand-up comedian has also had numerous comedy specials on Comedy Central, HBO and Showtime, marking 30 years as a comic. 

Caroline Rhea said, "Hi, it’s me, Caroline Rhea. I’m thrilled to return to Scotland, my part-time childhood home, and not just because it’s the only place you can get tablet and no salad. 

Yes, you know me as Aunt Hilda on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and I’ve been a standup comedian for 34 years. I’m here to do my new show, “I Identify as a Witch” because at this point I seriously do, so does my 14 year old daughter. My new show covers everything from parenting a teenager to dating (it’s super fun at this age), outrageous stories of life in Hollywood like when I met Taylor Swift, and a lot of improv."

Don't miss Caroline Rhea : I Identify As A Witch at Gilded Balloon Teviot, 15th - 18th August from 8.45pm. 

Tuesday 8 August 2023


Loose Women is hitting the road for the very first time this autumn with Loose Women Live and Kaye Adams reckons it could be the ultimate girls night out. can’t wait to be there as the gals swap the studio for the stage to bring laughter, never-before-heard stories and backstage secrets. 

It’s been twenty four years since the show began and the women will be truly let loose for the tour. 
Kicking off at Birmingham Symphony Hall on Friday September 01, the tour will visit 16 spectacular venues throughout the month and include a night at the world-famous London Palladium.
Joining Loose Women Live will be Brenda Edwards, Charlene White, Christine Lampard, Dame Kelly Holmes, Denise Welch, Frankie Bridge, Gloria Hunniford, Jane Moore, Janet Street-Porter, Judi Love, Katie Piper, Kaye Adams, Kelle Bryan, Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha and Sunetra Sarker.
Tickets are on sale now via

Panellists Kaye Adams  reckons things will be a bit different from the weekday show? 
She told us: “I'm really, really looking forward to it actually. Obviously, we love the show. It feels like your favourite pair of slippers, in the best possible way, but we're going to have to get our tap shoes on for the tour! Just to take it into a different arena is going to be interesting but also just to feel that buzz in a large theatre of all those people. 
We're going to mix things up a lot more, which I think we're all looking forward to. I think we can be a little freer when we're in a live theatre situation. I think people can expect it to be a ‘very loose’ Loose Women. We want it to be fun and for people to have a great time!”

A live audience will also offer a different dimension to Kaye and the panel. 
She explained: “I think it's just going to be amazing on the tour because we obviously have an audience when we’re recording Loose Women and it’s a huge part of the show. It really does give the show a lot of energy. It gives you a lot of information because you can see what resonates with people and what doesn't resonate with them, and the different kinds of reactions to different topics. So to be able to do that on a large scale and just give people a really good night is great. We want the audience to feel part of the experience, rather than watching an experience. That’s 100 per cent what we’re going to be focused on.”
Kaye also reckons there could be extra carnage on tour. She said: “How many times are you going to go on tour with a bunch of your mates?  Even for me, who's usually known as the sort of sober one, I think to be in bed at 11 o'clock would be a bit of a tragedy! So hopefully, this will be the ultimate girls’ night out! 
“With Judi, Jane and Nadia, [who I’m opening the tour alongside] we know each other very well. We've been away together, for weekends and things. We went to the Cotswolds last year for four nights, which was a riot, I can tell you. So I think you can expect us to be even less discreet than we would normally be!”

Kaye admits she is a tad nervous about going on stage. 
She said: “I expect to be absolutely bricking it. You know, I've got a podcast called ‘How To Be 60’ and we're doing three live shows at the Edinburgh Festival in August. We did a couple last year and I am a bag of nerves because you want people to have a good time and you want to be able to enable that. But also you do need nervous energy because I'm quite a laid back kind of person. I have to almost purposely wind myself up just to give myself that level of energy or it would be dull!”

She said she’ll also be ensuring she brings her dressing gown on tour. 
She said: “I got it when I did Strictly and it’s fabulous and fluffy with my name in gold on the back, so I’ll bring that. 
“One of the dates I’m doing will be in Glasgow, where I live, so I’ll sleep in my own bed that night but I will be sleeping in a different bed for the others, which will make me feel 25 again! I have heard that you can get a bus that you can sleep in overnight and, oh my god, that is where I want to be because I want the full Spinal Tap experience. I want to be on the top bunk! I don't think Judi will want the top bunk? Denise might… She is an absolute riot!”
For Glasgow Kaye plans of os something extra special. 

She said: “Yes, I’m sure I’ll do something special with the other panellists. Glasgow has been my home for such a long time. I feel so comfortable here. Often it's just the way you speak, the references that you make, and stuff like that. The panel that night are welcome to stay in my house and I will give them very competitive rates for that! 
“Do my children really want to come and see their mum cavorting on the stage? I'm not entirely sure…  And Ian would definitely rather be playing tennis. I know I don't watch him play [tennis] so I don't really expect him to come and watch me! “
And she said she’ll miss  Bea, her Cockapoo when she is not at home. 
She said: “Bonnie will look after her and Ian takes Bea to the tennis club and she runs about and chases tennis balls all day so she’s quite happy. 
Ian and I are both away for work a lot though and it wouldn't work for everybody but I think it works for us. You know, we've been together for 30 years plus… We're never entirely sure because it's so long and can't remember… But it's definitely 30 years plus! We've just always been like that, we've always had our own thing going on and before I had the kids and I was doing Loose Women I was in Manchester from Monday to Friday for a long time and he works a lot in Italy doing tennis stuff so it's just the way that we are. Whether it strengthens us or not I don’t know but I do know that it certainly doesn't damage it [the relationship] because it's just our rhythm!”

Fri 01 Sept
Birmingham, Symphony Hall
Sat 02 Sept
Cardiff, St. David's Hall
Sun 03 Sept
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Wed 06 Sept
O2 City Hall Newcastle
Thu 07 Sept
Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall
Fri 08 Sept
Opera House Manchester
Sat 09 Sept
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Thu 14 Sept
Sheffield City Hall
Fri 15 Sept
Leicester, De Montfort Hall
Sat 16 Sept
Ipswich Regent Theatre
Mon 18 Sept
The London Palladium
Thu 21 Sept
Bath, The Forum
Sat 23 Sept
Plymouth Pavilions
Sun 24 Sept
Southampton, Mayflower Theatre
Mon 25 Sept
New Theatre Oxford
Wed 27 Sept
Southend, Cliffs Pavilion