Tuesday 13 December 2016


ROD Stewart might be Celtic daft as he screens some victory matches tonight at his live show in Glasgow but he keeps in touch with the competition just to see how they are doing.
As he prepared for his gigs at the Hydro tonight and Friday he said: "I bumpfded into one of the hierarchy at Rangers and they did say it would take a couple of years and it may take a couple of years but I get up here as many times as I can. I'm coming up for the Hearts game and I'm coming to watch them playing Albion for The Scottish cup and that's about that this year." Speaking of his drinking time in the Rogano he added: "Usually before England Scotland matches it's almost obligatory to get slightly plastered so I can't remember much about it or about the game either."
Rod also revealed he'd installed a football pitch in his new home in Essex for his boys to enjoy.
He said: "I've just had a pitch put in for my boys. It's a seven aside AstroTurf and is absolutely beautiful. I was speaking to my two boys and I was trying to tell them 'Do you know how lucky you are?' .
When I was their age - Aiden is five or six - my football was mums stocking stuffed with newspaper and you had to play out in the street and if it went under a lorry that was the end of it so they don't know how lucky they are."
Rod also revealed how he keeps fresh faced. He said: "I have facials every week and it obviously seems to be paying off."

Excerpts of this article have since appeared in The Sun.

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