Wednesday 25 January 2017


STILL Game's Isa reckons Rabbie Burns would love a night out at The Clansman with the rest of the Craiglang pensioners.
Actress Jane McCarry who plays the gossipy shop cleaner in Navid's corner shop appeared at Ayr racecourse Burns Supper to reply on behalf of the lassies.
Speaking of Scotland's National Bard who has brought us gems like Tam O' Shanter and Ae Fond Kiss, she said: "Rabbie would love a night at the Clansman. With a wee goldie in his hand, one of Boabby's microwaved pies and the bonny Isa and Peggy to gaze at over the puggy."

Jane even reckons Still Game creators Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill should make a special edition of the show dedicated to the Ayrshire lad.
She said: "A Burns night Still Game special would be a great idea. Boabby would mix up some tinned haggis with some pedigree Chum and we would all be happy. Jack and Victor would do the immortal memory, Winston would toast and Isa would reply."
The Ploughman Poet and his tartan bunnet might well fit in perfectly to the surroundings of Osprey Heights - and we could see him having a good old chinwag with Isa and her pals.
Jane who appeared at the bash with Grant Stott, said: "My favourite Burns night tradition has to be the immortal long as it's not too long. I genuinely love Burns and I've heard so many different versions of the immortal memory over the years and I've always come away with some new information. That and the haggis of course."

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