Friday 13 January 2017


CALVIN Harris has finally spilled the beans on the time he was locked in a loo at Csmp Bestival by members of the band Madness.
Camp Bestival sources once revealed the Scots Dj and producer was locked into a VIP loo backstage at the festival by Suggs and co.
It was said Dumfries lad Calvin, real name Adam Wiles was trapped for ten minutes before managing to get security to open the door - and its said his face was like thunder even he got out.
At the time Calvin refused to comment only saying: "I'm in a place full of intolerable idiots. Can anyone guess where I am?"
Now Calvin has finally admitted the rumours were true after festival co founder Rob DaBank commented online: "My favourite moment last time @MadnessNews came to @CampBestival was them locking Calvin Harris in a portaloo... he wasn't impressed. I'll get Suggs back for you this year Adam... and turn it upside down for ya with him in."
After sending Rob a virtual hug,Calvin told fans online: "Revenge not required...also it wasn't Suggs it was the s***e one."
According to an eye witness it was Lee Thompson.

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