Wednesday 25 October 2017


MIDGE Ure says he’d love to go on tour with a classical orchestra but being a true Scotsman is worried about the cost.
The Ultravox singer is currently touring with an electro band but says he’d love to involve strings and brass next time round.
He said: “It would be lovely to do but I am Scottish and I’ve still got that thing of ‘how much is it going to cost going out on tour with an orchestra?’. That’s lots of money. We are looking at the possibilities of doing it next year.”
He added: “I’ve got a very versatile electronic band for this tour but I’ve got an album orchestrated and I’ve been working on it for eighteen months now and it came about because I’ve done a few performances over the last couple of years with orchestras and of course it transpires with what I’ve written in the past with Ultravox really suits orchestral treatments. It’s very cinematic, poignant, grandiose, very sad and next year we will look at the possibilities of a live tour off the back of the album.”
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