Wednesday 2 March 2016


US singer Tori Kelly admits she's missing her Scots fans already after playing her last  date of her UK tour in Glasgow.
The Grammy nominee who performed at the Grammies with James Bay was gutted to say good bye to the city after she met up with fans at the 02 ABC.
Unbreakable Smile star Tori, 23,  who rocked with tracks like Falling Slow, Should've Been Us, and First Heartbreak at the gig  finished her tour with a flourish in Scotland  and  said: "Missing you already."
 She'd earlier said of her visit to the venue: "I love you Glasgow.You ended this tour with a bang. Thankyou."
Tori managed to see around some of the city before her gig at the O2 and even passed by the Clydeside to pop into BBC Scotland where she met up with  presenter Janice Forsyth.
During her visit her she explained it had been surreal being nominated for a Grammy. 
She laughed: "All the nominations go out at one time and since I was  in Califorinia it was five am for me when it came out and I was still in bed and I got waken up by a phone call from my publicist. It was hard for me to process everything and it felt too surreal."
Tori, who duetted with Ed Sheeran on I Was Made For Loving You, has been making music since she was twelve and was encouraged to do so by her parents.
She said: "Both my parents are pretty musical and mum played piano and dad played bass and sings so singing was like second nature and my parents nurtured that . A family friend taught me a couple of chords and although singing was my main instrument I  got sick of relying on others to play guitar for me and I learned a couple of chords and it just kind of stuck."
Tori also claimed she had to go through some setbacks before she discovered what kind of artist she was.
 She added: "I got signed to a record label and went through all the motions and did what I was asked . I  didn't know who I was as a an artist and didn't really have a voice. I guess it took me being knocked down a few times to have a thick skin and put that emotion into songs now. There are so many opinions you are tempted to listen to everybody else and it can be tricky but as long as you stick with your gut deep down you know its right."


  1. I was at the Glasgow concert, the photo she uploaded saying "missing you already" wasn't taken from that show

  2. Hey Stacey - we stand corrected. Hope you enjoyed the gig. Have a nice day :)