Tuesday 8 March 2016


SCOTLAND'S cult Wrestler Grado has looked to Michael Barrymore for inspiration in his new comedy show.
The unitard wearing banter merchant reckons Barrymore was good at involving everyone of all ages in his performance and he's planning lots of laughs for his two shows in the Kings Theatre at Glasgow Comedy Festival.
Grado who will perform stand up in his own show It's Masel' on Thursday April 17 and Friday April 18 said: "I've got two shows at the Glasgow Comedy Festival which starts on March 20. I've never done stand up before but I I like to think of it like Michael Barrymore in the nineties. He was good with the old yins."
Realising that Barrymore may be a bit of a controversial role model he added: "Obviously I don't want to be promoting it as the Michael Barrymore Show but it will be about the weird and wonderful celebs I've idolised and what happened to them. There's weird stuff including my gran's tights but she's passed."
Grado who is is still an active part of Insane Championship Wrestling and is the former world heavyweight champion reckons he might feel a bit of pressure to be funny.
He added: "I think I'm funny but don't put me under any pressure now. The wee guy who cut my hair today is taking a wee Cypriot burd to the show so that's good.
Grado also claimed he packs his unitard everywhere he goes just in case the occasion calls for it.
He explained: "I always pack my gear in case a match ever breaks out. It can happen if you are walking across the town in Glasgow. There's never any hassle actually. People want selfies and it's all good banter. I've never had to get the muddle maker out.

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