Sunday 10 April 2016


VAMPS singer and lead guitarist James McVey claims his first novel is along the lines of Maze Runner or The Island.
The talented musician has been writing his debut work of fiction in between tour dates and studio time.
Balancing some spoons on his face, he said: "I'm writing a book at the moment. It is a science fiction adventure story if you like things, not like the Hunger Games but if you like things slightly peculiar and have to think a lot about things like the Maze Runner or Island film, it's along those lines. Hopefully you'll be able to read it soon. I'm on chapter seven and have still got a lot to tell. I'm halfway through."

James, who wowed the crowd at the SSE Hydro for two nights at the weekend with his Vamps bandmates, also revealed his big phobia of sharks.
He explained: "Sharks are my biggest phobia. Imagine if you are swimming in a really deep sea with sharks underneath. You'll see I don't go into the sea when I'm with the band or friends, even though there are no sharks, even in England."
James, Tristan, Connor and Brad thrilled their Scots crowd with an energetic set which saw them perform anthems like Can We Dance, Wild Heart, Volcano and Wake Up.

Connor Maynard joined in live for I Found A Girl while New Hope Club popped up randomly for Oh Cecilia.
Everyone got up on their feet as the boys ran down their runway to blast out their catchy tracks and James and Connor impressed with a short acoustic spot for Written Off and Risk It All.
Showing off their skills on guitar and piano the lads showed they have got the stamina to go the distance as they chatted and flirted with fans.
The Vamps have what it takes to go from arenas to stadiums. This time last year they played the SSE Hydro for the first arena tour and next year there'll be no stopping them. They're on fire.

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