Saturday 28 May 2016


POP Rockers Single By Sunday reckon they suffered at the hands of Mariah Carey after they had to cancel a gig earlier this year on her request.
The Scots group were planning to launch their new sounds at the SSE Hydro in mid March but claim her divaness Mariah requested that no other acts perform at the venue in the run up week to her gig.
Lead guitarist Johnny said: "Mariah Carey was playing here just after March 10 and she wanted the whole week to herself and we got shunted out."
Vocalist Josh added: "It spoiled our dreams."
Johnny however reckons Mariah can sweeten them up by following him on Twitter. He added: "Follow me on Twitter and we will get you back. We are coming for you."
The lads, who also include drummer George and bassist Jack, are managed by former Specials musician Kendell Smith. Having performed at the KiltWalk and played Stereofunk festival and Montrose festival in May they can't wait to headline at King Tuts on June 2.
Josh said: "We've been together for eight months and knew one another from school and colleges and other bands. We all write together and contribute."
The lads have taken advice from The Specials Neville Staple who they met in Coventry and added: "It's great to be affiliated with The Specials and we are taking on everything advice wise."
Their repertoire features songs like Cold - a slower paced number full of emotion but Johnny claims that they are also keen in the future to write a track about Katie Hopkins.
He said: "We were going to write a song about Katy Hopkins and all the stuff she says. We think she writes ridiculous stuff and she is outrageous. We wanna take some of the hurtful things she says and turn it on its head. We'd all love to do a collaboration with Paolo Nutini as well. He's worlds apart from Katie. World class."
They have released one EP with songs Get Up Get Out and Single By Sunday with another EP, Atom Bomb on June 3.

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