Tuesday 21 February 2017


LAUREN Laverne can't wait to host the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival in Glasgow - and get back to her Scottish roots.
The Dj and presenter who this morning hosted her own show from The Glasgow School of Art revealed that her father was born in Dingwall and that she was brought up on a diet of Scottish folk music.
She enthused: "I am really excited we are in Glasgow. I spent so much time here over the years. Last time I was here I was covering the Turner Prize last year.
I've loved this city since I was a teenager and had nights out here with my pals in the nineties - hazy nights at Optimo and I loved it. You couldn't get a more vibrant misic scene to plug into and art and music are beautifully integrated in this festival.
She added: "Dad was brought up in Dingwall and so I'm half Scottish and proud of it. His name is Les. He is a bit musical actually - he does play guitar and is an academic these days but the house was full of music so that's the reason I'm here.
We listened to lots of folk music which was a big passion of his and a lot of Scottish folk music like Davey Graham and Burt Jansch. I knew the difference between Scottish then Glaswegian music when I was growing up and being a nineties child Primal Scream was an incredibly important band and I thought 'Who did the cover art for Screamedelica?' and everything intertwined into everything else and being a musician myself in the nineties I made friends with Mogwai and Arab Strap and going to Arches and discovering music there was fabulous and I went to Barrowlands this morning. I'm pretty sure last time I was there was watching Underworld and there's a fantastic bill at the festival and obviously we are broadcasting live today."
Lauren can't wait to get stuck into the bill at the festival and even do some of the after parties.
She said: "We did an episode of the show in the art school before and it's great to be back. We have something like thirty six acts across four venues and it's quite complicated. I'm not sure I can simplify the weekend. It's full of music by day and there's a portion of festival talks and interviews and some elements of music and film. We are screening Lost in France by day and then there's the evening portion of live gigs and some late night sessions.
I used to go to Optimo when it was still at the Sub Club and it was the first place I heard Zombie Nation."
6 Music Festival takes place Fri 24–Sun 26 Mar 2017.

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