Friday 3 March 2017


FORMER Scottish Album of the Year winner RM Hubbert admitted he has been at an all time low after his depression stopped him from earning money.
Forty two year old Robert McArthur Hubbert affectionately known as Hubby picked up the prestigious award in 2013 and appears in new film Lost In France with his record label mates from Chemikal Underground.
This week he revealed he's been experiencing a tough twelve months after his illness got the better of him.
In a plea to his fans he wrote: "Basically, I haven't been coping well. My mental health deteriorated dramatically during last year after Telling the Trees came out, reaching breaking point this January when I finally did what I have always found hardest; I asked for help. The mental health crisis team at NHS South Ayrshire looked after me and did fucking brilliant job of it. I owe them my life. I'm getting better again. I've moved back to Glasgow to be closer to the many people that love and support me.
He added: "And now to the crux. The illness has stopped me working for the best part of a year. My savings are gone and I'm whilst I'm getting better, I'm not emotionally stable enough to return to a normal job. I'm slowly returning to music full time but in the meantime, I need to ask you for a little help."
Robert then put a plea on his social media asking people if they could buy a copy of his covers EP and let others know of his difficulties.
Since his appeal yesterday he's been inundated with responses online and lots of people have purchased his music.
He told fans: "Its been insane. I can't believe how generous you all are. Thank you so, so much. Apologies for not replying to all the messages, there's too many to handle right now. I will get into them tomorrow. I f***ing love you all."

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