Tuesday 25 July 2017


Chesney Hawkes said playing Rewind Festival in Scotland ended up making him randy.
The hunky One and Only singer who recently shocked GMB viewers with his youthful looks was playing the eighties and nineties Rewind Festival at Scone Palace in Perth when he admitted he was getting a bit hot under the collar.
He explained: "I've been doing lots of these kind of festivals up and down the country and it's been great fun.
There's been a lot of nudity actually and it's been quite sunny, not as sunny today but you never know, I might feel a bit frisky. We'll see how it goes. I've not had a chance to see nudity yet but I will be searching it out."
Chesney who later had dinner with Go West and Nik Kershaw back at his hotel revealed he is also planning a new track with Nik in a forthcoming album. He said: " I'm working on an Americana style album cause I live in LA now so I've been working with more country stuff. That's my passion when Im not sitting in a tent getting wet in the rain. I'm halfway though and there's not a Nick song on it yet but there will be. It could be inspired by the rain and nudity in Scotland."
From Scotland with Love - theshowbizlion.com

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