Tuesday 11 July 2017


THE TRNSMT reveller who climbed up a flag pole before it dropped dramatically to the ground has been left on crutches - and remorsefully joked they are the only poles he'll be going near for a while.
Alloa lad Connor McNeill was approached by the police before being taken away in a wheelchair by paramedics and left on crutches following his attempt at scaling the flagpole on Glasgow Green.
The festival crowd had screamed and then cheered as they watched him hang one-handed from the 20 ft high pole.
A crowd video showed the moment Connor barely clung to the giant flag as it descended suddenly to the ground at Glasgow Green.
 Connor who dropped rapidly to the ground with it was surrounded by police and paramedics following his stunt.
As he sat on the ground and winced in pain he asked his pals: "Has my face went white?"
He told paramedics: "I was holding onto the pole and landed on my ankle and the pole hit my head."
He tired to joke about getting 'a big shoe' as he tucked into some chips.
He also said: "See compared to everyone else, I was rapid."
As he was led away to first aid by wheelchair he joked: "VIP here I come."
He showed remorse afterwards when he put up a picture on his social media of his crutches and his big foot saying: "The only poles I'll be going anywhere near for a while
Excerpts of this article have since appeared in The Daily Record
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