Monday 3 July 2017


REVELLERS at TRNSMT festival are being advised not to bring bags to the event.
The festival kicks off later this week for three days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and event organisers DF Concert have issued a helpful guide with some top tips on how to make the most of the fest.
Bags larger than an A3 piece of paper (30cm  by 42cm) will not be allowed at the event and those who need to bring a bag will have to queue in separate lanes and may be delayed.
Other banned items at the fest include glass, flag poles, selfie sticks, nitrous oxide aka ‘laughing gas’, laser pens, air horns, multi-tools or flares.. (not the ones you wear).
Illegal drugs are obviously a no no and even “legal highs” are now against the law – so you'll have to get high on the atmosphere if you don't want to be stopped on the way in.
With a brilliant line up including Radiohead, Kasabian, The 1975 and Biffy Clyro over the three days it shouldn't be too hard.

Partner agencies Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, NHS, Glasgow City Council, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Transport Scotland, are also encouraging you to log onto ahead of the festival for answers to a variety of FAQ’s.
They'd like you to plan your journey in advance and where possible use public transport as there are limited car parking spaces in the city centre. There's a whole load of info regarding this on the site.
o Friday Doors Open 14.30 Curfew: 23.55
o Saturday Doors Open: 12.30 Curfew: 23.00
o Sunday Doors Open: 12.30 Curfew: 23.00
If you plan to drink alcohol – know your limits.
· Keep hydrated, well fed, and don’t leave your drink unattended. There are water points around the festival site and bottled water is available at bars. Drink between half a pint to a pint of water an hour.
· Check out for more information.
The Scottish weather is  ever unpredictable  so wear appropriate clothing (rain jacket, hat, sunglasses, diving suit etc) and apply sun-screen if necessary. If you need help with anything, there are Help Points. Stewards and welfare staff are there to help keep you safe. If you or your friends need assistance at any time, don’t hesitate to ask.
· Consider arranging a meeting point with friends within the festival site in case you get separated. For example, Nelson’s Monument in the middle of the festival site (although everyone might meet there now that we've said that)
· Look after your hearing. Take regular breaks from loud music, and don’t stand too close to the speakers. Disposable earplugs will be available from the welfare tent.
We're living in a funny ole world so if you see anything suspicious or anyone acting suspiciously then please report them to the nearest police officer, steward, or member of staff.
 There will be a significant security and police presence at TRNSMT. It’s possible that you will see some armed police, as in other locations around the city.

· There are two entrances to the festival, an EAST and WEST entrance. We expect the WEST entrance to be very busy so consider reducing your queuing time by using the EAST entrance if you can.
Obviously make sure you have all necessities on hand including any medication you need and aside from that brig enough money but not too much to get lost. There are ATM machines on site so you'll be able to use your card or Apple Pay if you're stuck. Your ticket is also required! You'd be amazed by how many people forget that.
Glasgow Green is a beautiful little oasis in the city centre so try to keep it as nice as you found it. There are enough toilets in town and at the site to use so you don't have to wee on the street - and remember that people live nearby too - so leave the really loud singing to the bands in the way home unless you want to give us a good giggle. We might even video you and embarrass you when you're sober.
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