Saturday 26 May 2018


Beverley Lyons 
AMY Macdonald claims she’s opted for a low key wedding and asked that friends give her no presents for the big day. 
The Under Star and Mr Rock N Roll singer revealed she’s anything but a Bridezilla as she prepares for the big day. 
Speaking backstage at Scone Palace for BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend she said: “I’m very laidback. I’m not the big crazy who wants this that or the other. It’ll just be casual fun with loads of laughs and loads of cocktails.”
Asked if her dog would play a part in the proceedings she replied: “He might do. He is so cute.”
I’ve specified that I don’t want anything from anyone. Having them there is present enough.”
Amy who has already hosted her hen weekend for friends holds them close. 
She has even written songs about her girlie gang in the past. 
She said: “Under Stars was written about my best mate who moved to New York and that song was about her. Dream On was about my other mate so they always give me ideas.”
Amy’s appearance at Scone kicked off her U.K. festival season but she claimed she started them as early as April in Europe -halfway up a Swiss mountain.  
She said :”We seem to start earlier and earlier now but the best weather is in Scotland. This is the first of my UK festivals. It’s obviously a bit more exciting when you’re home and it feels a bit more magical. 
I’ve been so lucky with the support I’ve got all round Europe. I do kind of feel like I’m at home in places like Germany and Switzerland now.
I have had such a loyal fan base for such a long time so it’s always the same faces there but there is something very special playing a home crowd.”

Amy also suggested anyone wanting to follow In her footsteps would have to play Toilet Tours. 
She explained: “Just perform as much as possible, that’s the thing. I just constantly went to open mic nights and did millions of little gigs and it meant that when the time came that suddenly I was meant to be professional and doing proper gigs that I was used to doing it. Whereas a lot of younger artists are kind of thrust in to the limelight with no experience of actually performing live, and to me that’s the most important part. That’s where you really prove that you can do it and I think with so many people they don’t get that experience early on and it’s a bit harder for them to sustain it. So for me I would just say just keep playing and play anywhere really. They call them the toilet tours - they’re the ones that you do at the beginning, so do as many toilet tours as you can.”
She loved playing the Biggest Weekend which is also taking place in Swansea, Belfast and Coventry with headliners like Ed SheeranSnow PatrolLiam Gallagher - and his brother Noel In Scotland.
She said: “It’s great to be part of this, obviously Squeeze started us off and it sounded absolutely brilliant. Obviously Noel Gallagher is an amazing headline. I think that we’ve really lucked out with the Perth leg of the festival because I think we’ve probably got one of the strongest headline acts. I saw him perform at Bellahouston Park I think last year and it was an amazing set so I think it will be more of the same tonight.”

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