Friday 29 June 2018


A Kevin Bridges doppelgänger is making fans laugh out loud when they go to see scary movie Hereditary. 
The little girl in the scary movie looks like a younger version of the thirty one year old stand up comedian from Clydebank - and fans can’t get over it. 
The young girl Charlie played by Milly Shapiro is meant to terrify audiences as she makes dolls from stray items that she finds including a birds head - and makes a strange clicking noise with her tongue. 
Even celebrities like Katy Perry have been unnerved watching the drama unfold. 
Instead, Scottish fans have come out giggling at her likeness  to ‘hoose rice’ jokemaker Kevin. 
Fans on Twitter were amongst the first to comment with Bethany Black saying: ”Saw an advert for that Movie Hereditary. Looks terrifying, imagine being haunted by Kevin Bridges? Doesn’t bear thinking about.”
Shannon added: “Watched hereditary last night and spent the whole film laughing at how much Charlie looks like a mini Kevin Bridges. It’s uncanny.”
Goal Pooch added: “Just seen 'Hereditary'. Two hours of a little girl who looks like Kevin Bridges creeping around the seemingly immortally preserved mum from 'The Sixth Sense'. Absolutely mind boggling.
Iain Riley joked: “Kevin Bridges' new stand-up show, Hereditary, looks terrifying.”
Catherine Kieley said: “Everyone’s tweeting about Hereditary but honestly I can’t get past how much that kid looks like Kevin Bridges.”
And Jade Milliken added: “See that “Hereditary” movie that’s getting called the scariest movie ever? I’m sorry but watch the trailer and tell me that the wee lassie isn’t Kevin Bridges wae a wig on and il tell you you’re a liar.”
 Ally Finnan also suggested Kevin might have a secret offspring. 
She laughed: “Here @kevinbridges86 have you seen that new horror Hereditary? The wee lassie in it is your ringer #secretwain”
So far Kevin whose favourite movie is Ghostbusters has not responded to their enquiries but were not sure we’d like to meet him in a dark night out.”

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