Sunday 8 July 2018


US superstar Marlon Jackson broke down in tears on stage during the band’s first gig since his father’s death.
The Jacksons were headlining at Scotfest in Ingliston’s Royal Highland Centre for their first performance since burying their father Joseph on Monday.
Putting on a brave face earlier in the day, Marlon and his three brothers Tito, Jackie and Jermaine had said that they were keen for the show to go on, just as their father and mentor would have wanted.
Marlon who proudly wore his daddy’s striped jacket backstage said: “Doing a show like this uplifts us especially at this time, especially during these times. It’s all about having a good time so we’re going to have a Jackson party tonight. We are taking our memories on stage with us. Edinburgh means love peace and harmony with our fans.”
Tito added: “We’re dedicating this performance to our late father.  This is our first performance since his passing so tonight’s show is his.”
The ABC, I’ll Be There, and Blame It On The Boogie hitmakers thanked their fans on stage for their support and prayers.
Throughout the set emotions were high as a video of Joe talking about the early days was played, but it was the performance of Gone Too Soon that proved too much for Marlon.
The ballad, sung by Jermaine  is normally a tribute to their late brother Michael, but the brothers had already admitted to friends that they knew it would be hard to sing it with their father’s funeral fresh in their mind.
As Jermaine ended his heartfelt rendition, Marlon couldn’t help breaking down into tears and put his hands to his face or wipe away the tears. He ended up having to turn his back on the audience to wipe his face with a towel before turning back to them.
Later Jackie said: “A lot of people thought we weren’t coming to Scotfest because of my father’s passing but this is something my father would want us to come and do and perform in front of the fans so that’s what we do. We continue.”
Jermaine: “There are moments where it is hard to sing certain songs and when there is a lot of music we won’t be doing which we could do and we will do at another time.”
The nostalgia fest also saw Bay City Roller Les McKeown pay tribute to late band mate Alan Longmuir as he told fans that Alan will be ‘singing with the angels’ .
S Club 3 and Five Star also played while
Boyzone and B*witched performed at the fest yesterday. 

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