Tuesday 25 September 2018


I had my first taste of moon cake to celebrate the Chinese full moon festival at Lychee Oriental on Tuesday.  
(Please don’t confuse moon cake with space cake - they are both very different things! and the moon cake was sweet like a pastry made of tablet.)
I enjoyed a full five course banquet prepared by telly chef and all round good guy Jimmy Lee at the restaurant.
It was a real delight with everything from an incredible Ginger Broth Congee (like savoury porridge but so moreish) , to Crispy Wontons with Soy Butter Dip, Five Spice Beef Flank Stew with Pak Choi and Steamed Rice, and sweet dessert of Hong Kong Peanut Butter French Toast with Banana Fritter.
Jimmy is a a real whizz when it comes to cooking - and I’m so glad he quit his job in financial services to become a master chef.

This September, people around the world will celebrate China's Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival. As the last days of late summer fade and the leaves on the chestnut trees begin to turn a golden brown, families come together in the cool, crisp air to enjoy a feast under the glow of the full moon. Red lanterns strung with riddles dance in tree branches, while the sweet fragrance of osmanthus flowers wafts through the evening air.
Lychee Oriental Head Chef, Jimmy Lee has created an impressive five-dish 'Chinese Moon Festival' menu that includes, Ginger Broth Congee, Crispy Wontons with Soy Butter Dip, Five Spice Beef Flank Stew with Pak Choi and Steamed Rice, Hong Kong Peanut Butter French Toast with Banana Fritter and finally, Chinese Tea served with traditional Mooncake.  
It is available at £30 until October 25 and theshowbizlion.com gives it a massive thumbs up.

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