Wednesday 24 April 2019


Beverley Lyons 
GLOW’S Brian Matthews and Victoria Obahor have made a new TV programme which will show them having raunchy sex. 
The Scottish reality couple who were last seen on Couples Come Dine With Me after giving one another ‘terrible tattoos’ on Just Tattoo Of Us have been trying to keep hush about the sexy new show for Channel 4.
We can now reveal that the show called Sex Tape will see the often fighting couple cosying up in the bedroom in adult scenes while their love life is filmed for the viewing public. 
The show starts Friday 26th April at 10pm on Channel 4 and the couple told friends that they will see a different side to them. 
A close friend of the couple said: “Brian and Victoria have been boasting about their antics. From the sounds of it there are no holds barred for their sex tape.”
Brian admitted he and Victoria’s love life has gone from wild to woeful. He said: “At first we went through the Kama Sutra, but now there’s no spontaneity when it comes to our relationship anymore, especially when it comes to the sex. We need help because we used to have an amazing sex life and it’s flipped the opposite way now.”

According to a spokesperson for the show arguing couples will have their home rigged with cameras to capture everything from the heated rows and the reconciliation – to the sex.In each episode, the couples hoping to fix their relationships meet each other, along with a sex therapist, for a “new therapy”. Executive producer Gary Chippington said the show was a “ground-breaking series”. “Sex Tape promises to be a perceptive, revealing and surprising social experiment offering a fascinating insight into intimacy.”


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