Sunday 1 September 2019


CORRIE actress Helen Flanagan has revealed that eating curry causes her face to swell up.
The Celtic wag also claims that drinking cow’s milk could be to blame for her acne outbreaks.
Soap star Helen, 29, lifted the lid on her dietary woes online.
The glamorous celeb who shares two children with fiancee, Hoops winger Scott Sinclair, was commenting on the results of a food intolerance test that highlighted her sensitivities.
She said: “My results came back showing that I am intolerant to cows milk! I’ve always suspected I was but it’s nice to have it finally confirmed.
“I’ve suffered with acne on and off for years and always worried if cows milk aggravated my skin.
“I was interested to see I had an intolerance to kale and curry leaves\ powder my face is always puffy the day after I have been out for a curry.”
Helen also posted a picture of her full results from food intolerance company YorkTest Laboratories.
Her other main trigger foods are crustaceans including lobsters, prawns and crabs, cardamom and bay leaves.
Chia seeds, turmeric, lemongrass, spirulina, dandelion and burdock and chardonnay wine grapes were also flagged as causing her a reaction.
Earlier this week mum-of-two Helen – who has daughters Matilda, four, and one-year-old Delilah with Celtic star Sinclair – went into more details about her eating regime.
She said: "We all have different body shapes and we should all celebrate and love our bodies."
The Coronation Street star, who played Rosie Webster on the famous cobbles before taking maternity leave last year, said she starts the day with porridge and coconut milk, snacks on hummus and crackers and eats fish, pasta and rice for her evening meals.

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