Saturday 24 August 2019


TV and radio presenter Mariella Frostrup says she loves whisky but feels the opposite about Scottish food.
Norwegian Scottish Mariella who currently hosts Radio 4 Open Book was in Edinburgh to interview Hugh Lawrie at the TV festival when she revealed: “My mums Scottish. My mum was born in Dumfries and Galloway. She now lives in Ayrshire and in fact I went to visit her before I came here. I love so many things about Scotland. The landscape is fantastic, the people great, so much -  I love Scotland. I didn’t mention that I loved the food did I, slightly on purpose. I like the whisky though.”
Mariella used to own a holiday home in Ayrshire nearby her mother. She used the 49 acre farm as a rural retreat away from London but decided to sell it a few years ago. 
She said at the time: “My
favourite thing is our house in Ayrshire. It’s the only place I can really
Mariella was also once married to Kirkcaldy born Richard Jobson

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